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HUAWEI MatePad Pro Review


Experts believe the tablet market is prone to exhaustion. Smartphones are fiercely competing with these devices. To survive, you need to adapt and fight. An example of such a struggle is the HUAWEI MatePad Pro tablet.

This device has a top-end processor, wireless charging, stereo speakers and good photo capabilities.

Let's tell you more about everything.

Following the latest trends

Tablet design meets modern requirements. It has narrow bezels (less than 5mm), a thin body, and a front camera in the corner of the panel.


The novelty could be mistaken for a smartphone, if it did not have tablet screen proportions.

The back cover won't leave many prints, thanks to its matte surface.

There is a lock button on the right side. This is for ease of use. There is a slot for SIM and memory cards. You should be careful here: the format is not microSD, but Nano Memory.

The device does not have an audio jack, which will not please fans of headphones. They will need to use a wireless headset or adapter.

Not only the LTE version of the tablet will be on sale, but also a more affordable version - with Wi-Fi support, without a SIM card.

In order to improve the functionality of the gadget, the manufacturer has developed various accessories for it. Lovers of graphics and work with images will love the electronic pen, which supports 4096 degrees of pressure. It can be used to create a simple note or sketch on the screen.


The second addition to the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is a wireless keyboard case. After connecting it, you get a laptop like an ultrabook. It will allow you to type content comfortably.

It is important to understand that all add-ons are not included in the package, they are purchased separately. If you pre-order them, they will be sent for free.

Without Google services, but with conveniences

All processes in the tablet are controlled by the Android 10 OS with the proprietary shell EMUI 10.0.1. There are some changes in the interface compared to the old firmware.

So, the main menu is now located in the left corner. On the right, we found a place to display additional sub-items.

Each user can now customize the appearance and navigation methods to their liking. There are several "chips" from the developer. These include the HUAWEI Share technology and the "Multiscreen" function. They provide seamless software for HUAWEI devices. It is now easy to share files between your tablet and your smartphone, for example.


It is clear that there are no Google services here. But this is not critical: the HUAWEI AppGallery application received all the necessary programs, including instant messengers, banking services and popular games.

Those who wish can still install the services of the American tech giant. There are many ways to do this, described on the Internet. Only nobody guarantees their performance.

Top stuffing

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro uses the same hardware as the Chinese vendor's premium smartphones. All hardware processes here are controlled by a Kirin 990 chipset with a Mali-G76 graphics chip and 6 GB of RAM.

This allowed us to obtain high performance indicators. The gadget is able not only to simultaneously open and keep more than ten tabs in memory without unloading, but also to ensure the participation of gamers in resource-intensive game processes.

At the same time, smoothness and performance are not affected.

Another advantage of the gadget is its high-quality stereo sound. Music lovers will appreciate it, especially since Harman / Kardon speakers are installed here.

Camera & Charger

HUAWEI MatePad Pro is equipped with two cameras: a front one with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a 13-megapixel main one. The latter has an aperture of f / 1.8. It supports AI-recognition of scenes in the frame, can shoot in different modes. Among them are HDR and Night.

Lovers of independent settings can use manual adjustments. It is not a problem to change the focus, shutter speed and exposure to your liking.

Early tablet users and testers claim that its photo capabilities are not the same as those of camera phones, but they allow you to get decent footage with good detail. The resulting images are not ashamed to be shown or posted on social networks.


The device is equipped with a 7250 mAh battery. It comes with a 20W adapter, but there is the option to use 40W fast charging. Those interested can purchase it separately.

One battery charge will last for 12 hours at average load.

Other equipment is interesting and unusual for such devices. We are talking about 15W wireless charging. No other similar product has such functionality yet.

HUAWEI MatePad Pro can also act as a power bank. During one of the tests of this functionality, the device charged a smartphone with a 3300 mAh battery up to 4% in 10 minutes. This small, but still the result.


HUAWEI engineers have developed a balanced tablet. It lacks Google services, but this is not critical. This disadvantage is covered by other advantages of the gadget: the presence of productive filling, a high-quality screen, good sound. It will have almost no competitors in its price segment on the market.

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Author: Jake Pinkman