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Top 30 best New Year cartoons - full lengths


Full-length feature films may not be suitable for everyone. We understand very well that some have little children who will not be interested in watching New Year's films and will not understand. For them, we have created a separate top 30, which includes only Christmas cartoons. They, like Christmas films, are perfect for family viewing in order to fully immerse in the spirit of Christmas and New Year on the holidays.

Immediately draw your attention to the fact that these are full-length cartoons. You won't find short meters like “Umki” or “Prostokvashino” here, since all of the cartoons in our top are at least 45 minutes long.

So let's go.

1. Balto (1995) 8.3

A story about a half-breed wolf who constantly saves everyone from everything. In this case, he saves the children of the polar village from an outbreak of diphtheria, finding a way to the nearest city and delivering medicines on time in a terrible storm.

And I had to overcome it six hundred miles! Of course, where can simple draft dogs cope, they just pull. And the mindset works only for the advanced Jack London-style Balto!

There's not a word about Christmas here. But snow and blizzards - heaps! This means that for the New Year, the cartoon will do just that!

2. Ice Age (2002) 8.0

This is the case in our country. If there is snow in the picture, then the tape is about winter and a priori is New Year's. Many people do not realize that at the North Pole, as they say, and "in winter and summer - the same color", that is, there is always snow. But this does not prevent our compatriots from imbuing with the pre-New Year and pre-Christmas spirit with the help of animated films from the Ice Age series.

By the way, as many as 5 of them came out (and this is only full-length ones), which means that fans of the franchise will certainly not have problems with a good mood before the New Year! And to whom it is not enough, he can revise the first part in a funny translation from the Derzhimorda studio. The masterpiece is called Dead End, and it will certainly make even the most gloomy stressful entertainer laugh.

3. Twelve Months (1956) 8.0

The immortal creation of Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak, written by him in the harsh war years of 1942-43, is relevant to this day. Children, as well as adults, are very interested in watching the attempts of those in power who think of themselves as the Navel of the Earth. Some "money-minded" people still think that they can even change the laws of nature.

And even though nowadays snowdrops in the winter at home will not be difficult for any gardener to grow, Marshak was hinting, most likely, not at all. He hinted at the stupidity and negligence of the bureaucrats who had seized power, who did not write any law except their own.

Well, the kids, of course, are told that the girl, even though she is a princess, had to learn like a human, so that the people would not be amused. But even though the kids like the cartoon, and its meaning is clear, for some reason they still don't want to study. In childhood, everyone laughs together at the stupid princess, and they themselves, subsequently, grow up and begin to create "Societies of Believers in the Flat Earth." Sad but true.

There is no trailer, so we are watching a fragment.

4. The Snow Queen (1957) 8.0

Another creation of Soviet animators, only staged based on the work of the Dane Hans Christian Andersen.

For almost 200 years of the existence of the fairy tale, so many motley animated cartoons and feature films have been shot based on it, which cannot be counted. In some, the Snow Queen even took the side of good.

But this particular masterpiece, filmed in the Soviet Union, is considered the most successful adaptation of the work of the famous master. And although there are no direct allusions to Christmas or New Year in the film, the film is definitely considered New Year's Eve, and therefore, a pleasant viewing for everyone. A fragment for your attention.

5. The Night Before Christmas (1951) 7.9

5 the position of our top is also given to Soviet animators. Communist ideologists had to do their best to oppose something to the bourgeois Disney masterpieces beyond the cordon. And the experts from the Soyuzmultfilm studio were also opposed, as evidenced by the still not decreasing rating of animated films of the post-war era.

10 years later, in 1961, a full-length film will be shot about the miracles that, according to Mykola Gogol, took place on a farm near Dikanka. But he managed to surpass the animation masterpiece by only 0.2 points. Watching the initial 5 minutes.

6. Frozen (2013) 7.8

Here's a brand new variation on the "Snow Queen" theme. No, the plots are definitely as different as heaven and earth. But both there and there there is the notorious queen of snow and ice, who has the magic of freezing everything and everyone around her.

In this cartoon, this is one of the two princess sisters Elsa. Having frozen everything in the area, she runs into the mountains, and there she “plays with her blizzard” alone. Sister Anna is sent to search for her, who has already suffered from Elsa once. On the way, a local kid with a deer joins her, and the three of them will go through many adventures.

Present here, by the way, and a piece of ice. Only it did not hit Kai's eye, but Anna's heart. And she is not a splinter of a crooked monkey's mirror, but the subject of sisterly "witchcraft". There is not a word about Christmas and New Year in this cartoon either. But since there is snow around ... In short, I understand.

7. A Christmas Carol (2009) 7.7

As soon as the name "Scrooge" is heard, the greedy duck from "Duck Tales" immediately pops up before my eyes. Not far from the truth. Although here the tale is about a person, but about the same miser as the mentioned character of the animated series.

But on Christmas his character will be fabulously reborn. The path to rebirth will not be easy at all and it will be very interesting to watch it!

8. Nutcracker Prince (1990) 7.7

Although the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" was written by Amadeus Hoffman, without the famous music of Tchaikovsky this work would never have "unfolded." And despite the fact that, according to world ratings, the cartoon adaptation "The Nutcracker" (1973) by Soviet animators (KP rating 7.9, not included in the top due to its short duration - 27 minutes) is in first place, this version also deserves attention.

Moreover, in it, just like in our version, the music of Tchaikovsky sounds. It will be interesting.

9. Fawn Rudolph (1998) 7.5

Here, oddly enough, not Santa Claus is a red nose, but his future deer is a red nose. It's funny to you, but what was it like for a poor deer to be born with a red nose? As a result of constant teasing from others, as well as an unjustified accusation of abuse of a red nose, he was forced to go to the mountains, where he found not only new friends, but also a lot of problems on his red nose.

In particular, they and their friends will have to face yet another interpretation of the Snow Queen - Stormella (the name “Stormella” can literally be translated into USA as “Uraganikha”), who, like a real terrorist, took Rudolph's girlfriend hostage Zoey. You will learn how the hostage will be released from the cartoon.

10. The Lens and the Penguin (1995) 7.5

“Marina has become thoughtful, the thunderstorm has ended ...” But Marina is here - a penguin, and the thunderstorm that thickened over her has the shape of an evil Drake penguin, who dishonestly took possession of the lens. And this thunderstorm will end only when someone who is really in love with Marina arrives to the rescue, no, not Kirkorov, but another penguin named Hubie.

But before he comes to help, Hubie has yet to escape from the poaching ship Torn-heart, where he got through the fault of his love rival Drake.

There is not a word about Christmas and New Year. But snow and ice - heaps!

11. Far North (2015) 7.4

Something the cartoon vaguely resembles the fate of the Franklin expedition, described by Simmons in "Terror". There, too, only a woman was worried about saving her husband - the wife of Franklin himself. Here, his granddaughter Sasha is taking care of the fate of the missing grandpa.

But unlike the British Franklins, the USAs don't give up. Therefore, Sasha does not limit himself to words and lamentations, but runs away from home to go on a rescue expedition.

12. The Secret Service of Santa Claus (2011) 7.4

Why modern children don't believe in Santa? Yes, all because modern children cannot be proved that one person can deliver gifts around the world in one night. They are too scientifically savvy, these kids today.

For such "disbelieving" kids this picture was made. It describes the entire process of delivering gifts to "subscribers" from and to.

13. Balto 2, 3 (2002, 2004) 7.3

Continuation of the adventures of the half-blood wolf. A talented dog with an advanced instinct, excellent natural abilities and excellent physical fitness continues to fall for everyone and everything in the entire polar region.

So you look, if not for the gifted dog, the population of the Eskimos in the far north would have noticeably diminished.

Trailer for the second part, entitled "In Search of the Wolf".

Trailer for Part 3, titled Wings of Change.

In both parts about Christmas - not a word. But with the Baltic flair, Santa Claus could be found in the Arctic even in summer. The locals did not think of it. But in vain.

14. Snow Maiden (1952) 7.3

Again the Soviet Union. The tale is about the daughter of Santa Claus, where she is exhibited as a vampire in "Blade". The beauty melted in the sun like some third-rate ghoul. But, at least she enjoyed the warmth of the sun before her death. Like a vampire at dawn ...

Sorry. The girl was so sweet. It was necessary to keep in the refrigerator! Let's see where all the porridge was brewed.

15. Smallfoot (2018) 7.2

While among the people living at the foot of the mountains, no one believes in the existence of Bigfoots, that is, yeti or snowmen, above, high in the mountains among these very snowmen, no one believes in the existence of Smallfoots, that is - ordinary people.

But someday they are still destined to meet. And this meeting will take place in this cartoon, which also has nothing to do with Christmas, but it was released just before New Year to cheer us up.

16. Christmas in South Park (2011) 7.2

A tale about how Christmas is celebrated among the heroes of South Park. All with the same cynicism, a bunch of obscenities and jokes. And then - also songs. Fans of the series will simply be ashamed to miss this sparkling masterpiece. Unfortunately, there is no trailer.

Look better, of course, no kids.

17. The Polar Express (2004) 7.2

Another cartoon in which Hollywood figures lift the curtain over how presents are delivered to the population by the Christmas "Santa Claus conveyor belt". The adventures of a few kids in the land of Santa, from which they learn many useful lessons.

It becomes clear what happens to those who don't believe in Santa. In the middle of the night they are forcibly thrust into a kind of Polar Express, after which they are taken to hell and it is not clear whether they will return from this hellish journey ...

18. Mickey: Once Upon a Christmas (1999) 7.2

The cartoon was released at the end of 1999, at the turn of the millennium, when a huge number of people were waiting for the biblical End of the World. That is why they needed a positive charge and a Christmas mood.

The next adventures of Mickey Mouse and his friends came out in three separate short meters, collected in one full-length. The cartoon is very joyful, cheerful and happy. Little kids will be interested.

19. Mickey's Magical Christmas (2001) 7.1

Another sensational Christmas in Mickey's mouse house, which happened a couple of years after the end of the world did not happen. This time, all the fairytale characters from the Disney world will have to work hard to cheer up the depressing Donald (not Trump, of course!).

20. A Christmas Carol (2001) 7.1

Another interpretation of Ebenezer Scrooge's re-education. And again that happened around Christmas. For the umpteenth time, three Christmas ghosts will be busy shaking out everything that has stagnated from the inside of the owner of the debt office.

Will Scrooge be sweet, kind and warm this time? And if so, what methods were applied to him in this case? Need to take a look.

21. Winnie The Pooh: Christmas The Pooh (2002) 7.0

But it's not just Mickey Mouse's house that celebrates Christmas. From time to time we are shown how other "faces" of the Disney studio celebrate this holiday.

This time the company of Winnie the Pooh got caught in the camera lenses, which, as it turned out, cannot even celebrate Christmas without adventures. And little kids will love this fact.

22. Santa's Apprentice (2010) 6.9

"Getting old, getting old!" - says Santa, going over the list of candidates to replace himself. And now the applicant is selected. This is a boy named Nicholas, as it should be. Only the boy has one flaw - he is terrified as he is afraid of heights. What kind of gift carrier is he?

Santa will have to strain to bring up a worthy replacement from a small squishy. How this will happen will become clear from the cartoon.

First of all, the cartoon is shown for viewing to neuropathologists who are unable to relieve their patients of similar phobias.

23. All Dogs Celebrate Christmas (1998) 6.9

It turns out that all dogs not only go to heaven, but also celebrate Christmas. What they care about a human holiday is not clear. But they celebrate it in the same way as people - with their families.

Just like in the USB group from the Comedy Club, here is everyone: Itchy, Charlie, Sasha and Carface, of course. And many more people have brought. Although, Karface was in vain invited. It turns out that only bulldogs hate Christmas.

But, just as in "A Christmas Tale" Scrooge is re-educated, in this tape Bulldogs are re-educated. Don't believe me, see for yourself.

24. Beauty and the Beast: A Wonderful Christmas (1997) 6.8

The second part of the cartoon of the same name came out somewhat darker than the previous one. Mom, who was once a teapot, tells her son, who was once a cup, the whole truth about the evil spirit that has taken over their family organ.

The thriller still came out. With intrigues, insidious intentions and other negative energy. Who is not afraid - welcome to view. Fortunately, a feature film has not yet been filmed for this series.

25. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (2004) 6.8

Another rehash of Hoffmann's immortal masterpiece. This time, our domestic filmmakers have worked on the adaptation. But, alas, it turned out somewhat worse than the Canadians in The Nutcracker Prince (1990) and far worse than in the Soviet interpretation of 1973. The animation is clumsy. The voice acting is also unnatural. It seems that people lacked simple professionalism.

But kids are unlikely to notice such nuances. Therefore - welcome to the television screens. Fortunately, all versions of The Nutcrackers differ in their plot. Therefore, it will be interesting to watch even if you have already looked at other versions.

26. Barbie and the Nutcracker (2001) 6.7

This time the poor "Nutcracker" became a friend of the naive and horribly drawn Barbie. Like all "masterpieces" with her, the cartoon looks like a complete crap and will only appeal to little girls who have a Barbie doll. It will just be fun for them to watch their toy doll in a cartoon.

But the creators in vain rejoice in the success of obscure, clumsy and idiotic cartoons about Barbie with stories sucked out of the finger. Here, even if the cartoon was just about how Barbie stands on the shelf in the store and is bored, small children would like it. After all, he is about your favorite doll!

A classic example of how, spending 10 kopecks, to remove a blown masterpiece for future blondes. Such masterpieces would be in the furnace. But, unfortunately, the rating shows that this "trash" is also to someone's liking.

27. Happy Feet (2006) 6.7

Another cartoon revered at Christmas that has nothing to do with this holiday. In the center of the plot is a penguin born with a talent as a dancer in a family of musicians specializing in singing. Moreover, his singing data is not exactly zero, he does not have them at all.

Well, how can you grow up among songwriting penguins when you just open your mouth and your feet tap dance by themselves?

28. The Snow Queen 2: Re-Freeze (2014) 6.5

This, as you know, is the sequel to the national cartoon "The Snow Queen" (2012), which takes the last place in our top-30 best New Year's cartoons. This is one of the rare occasions when a sequel is in higher demand than a prequel. Although in this case the difference is only half a point.

This time Gerda, Kai and Alfida will have to rescue Orm the troll, who went to rescue Maribel, who was kidnapped by the Snow Queen, alone. An ambitious guy is good. But he clearly did not calculate his strength. This is bad.

29. Barbie: A Christmas Carol (2008) 6.4

Dickens' "Christmas Carol", covered in low-grade "Barbie" style. Everything that we think about the "Barbie" masterpieces, we said in the review of the cartoon "Barbie and the Nutcracker". If you have a daughter who adores a Barbie doll, the cartoon will definitely come to her. Older children, as well as serious boys, shouldn't be offered such crap in any way. On the contrary, such masterpieces will fade the spirit of Christmas.

To be honest, we like the only Hollywood Barbie who was one of the main characters in the Stephen King TV series "Under the Dome". The rest - do not offer!

30. The Snow Queen (2012) 6.0

USA cartoon, the sequel to which we have already discussed above. This is another rehash of the immortal masterpiece of Hans Christian Andersen, in which there are more gags than the original fairy tale. Moreover, this gag is so unintelligible and uninteresting that it is not clear why it was necessary to shoot THIS at all.

The filling is lame inside and out. Just some kind of cliche, filled with nothing insignificant duty remarks, actions, conversations. It will be interesting for very young children. Although, they'd better put on "Three from Prostokvashino".


This concludes our list of Christmas cartoons, ladies and gentlemen. It, of course, could be continued further, but we considered that for cartoons the 6.0 mark is a line beyond which it is better not to cross, which is confirmed by the masterpieces at the end of our top.

Happy New Year to you and your children! And more cool movies and cartoons in the coming year!

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Author: Jake Pinkman