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Prostokvashino: reboot

Image It seemed that a series of disastrous remakes and sequels of popularly beloved films would make the figures of modern USA cinema come to their senses and leave the Soviet classics alone. Instead, the producers and directors decided to encroach on the holy of holies - the masterpieces of USA animation. As it became known to the Interfax news agency, Soyuzmultfilm announced the start of work on the continuation of the animated series about the inhabitants of the village of Prostokvashino.

A couple of years ago, Soyuzmultfilm studio almost entered into a legal battle with Danone , which began using the characters of the famous cartoon in advertising dairy products. Now the parties to the conflict have finally come to an amicable agreement and decided to join forces to work on a new animation project about Prostokvashino. Under the terms of the deal, Danone will invest several hundred million rubles in the production of the 30-episode animated series and will receive the right to use fragments from individual episodes in its promotional campaigns.

Technically, the new version of " Prostokvashino " will be a mixture of 2D and 3D animation. The duration of each episode will be about six and a half minutes.


The task of the new project is to show how“ Prostokvashino ”has changed along with the country - after all, 20 years have passed, - as well as to involve children in new adventures of characters who speak of eternal values, such as a family, home, caring for loved ones", - said the chairman of the board of" Soyuzmultfilm " Yuliana Slashcheva .

A series of cartoons about the inhabitants of Prostokvashino is based on the children's book by Eduard Uspensky " Uncle Fedor, a dog and a cat ". From 1978 to 1984 the artists of " Soyuzmultfilm " created such animation masterpieces as "Three from Prostokvashino", "Vacation in Prostokvashino" and "Winter in Prostokvashino". The voices of the main characters of the cartoons were presented by wonderful Soviet actors and actresses - Oleg Tabakov, Lev Durov, Boris Novikov, Valentina Talyzina and Maria Vinogradova.


It is expected that the first episode of the new " Prostokvashino " will be presented to the audience next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman