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Top 5 best cartoons of September 2020


Let's not forget the smallest ones. For them, in September, domestic filmmakers and distributors also prepared a lot of new things. We present to parents a review of the top 5 best cartoons of September 2020, which you can take your child to.

1. Tales of the Gray Wolf (UK)

September 3

The first on our list of the best September cartoons is a feature film from English animators. It looks like a kind of "cartoon collection", which includes several of the most famous fairy tales. Only the development of plots and endings will be alternative.

Who in childhood did not like to lie. I remember that we just watched a cool cartoon or movie, and in the yard there is already a guy who managed to see a sequel, which he himself composed, and walks around telling everyone. He knows more about everything that happens around him and is always ready to give his friends in the yard a more believable version of any events with all the details. Moreover, each time it gives out exactly a new version, since the past lies have already been forgotten, as it should be with lies, invented on the fly.

The local storyteller, the Gray Wolf, is just one of those "would-be writers" who was never lucky enough to grow up. He has his own interpretation for any story. According to him, it is he who knows how everything really happened in the most popular fairy tales among the people.

Well, the kids will surely be very interested in laughing at what the Gray Wolf was thinking up there.

2. Bamsi Bear (Sweden)

September 3

Comics are extremely popular. Especially among children, those who still have difficulty reading. Bamsey the bear comics are extremely popular in Sweden. That is why it would be strange if their hero, sooner or later, did not descend from the pages of children's graphic stories into the magical world of animation. The next cartoon of September 2020 will be about him.

This is the third full-length cartoon about everyone's favorite hero. In the first part, Bamsi dealt with the robbers, in the second - he was looking for flowers of a thunder bell, without which it is impossible to prepare a miraculous elixir of superpower. This time our hero will have to compete with his rival - the fox Reynard.

Reynard conceived something unkind, namely, to remove Bamsey the bear from his post as "the main superhero of the city." Foxes are by nature cunning. And this one is three times more cunning than the most cunning. And how let him curry favor and swagger in front of everyone in the city. And he did it so well that with his flattery and deception he dragged the lion's share of the bestial "electorate" to his side.

To top it off, the robbers here work for him. Will Bamsey Bear open everyone's eyes and catch his opponent in lies and selfish intentions? Probably. After all, he has loyal friends who are always ready to help him in everything.

3. Barboskins at the dacha (USA)

September 10

Next in the list of the best cartoons of September 2020 is the domestic full-length animated masterpiece. This is the first full film about the heroes of the popular TV series among children - the Barboskins, an irrepressible family that cannot live a day without adventures.

Near the Barboskins 'dacha, cats' apartments were seen, with which even dogs would not mind playing. But how will the cats themselves react to this? Not all of their company will agree to make friends with the dogs. As well as among the Barboskins, there are those who are all against this kind of dating.

As a result, unpredictable and intriguing events begin to take place at the dacha, the echoes of which even reach the royal palace.

4. Howard and the Frozen Kingdom (Canada)

September 10

In fact, Walt Disney's studio has already released three full-length cartoons about little Howard Loughcraft, based on, again, graphic novels. Inveterate "comics artist" Bruce Brown thought for a long time and decided why not make the famous mystic writer a hero of stories, in which he would appear to children as an irrepressible adventurer, who personally, in his youth, visited all his "Loughcraft worlds."

This is how a series of comics about little Howard was born, for some reason, with dark circles under his eyes, but a very inquisitive and overly active little boy who can put on his ears any of his imaginary ones, but here, as it turned out, quite real, parallel worlds.

This is the first cartoon of the three-part franchise, which will tell how petty Howard, delving into the things of his daddy, suspiciously similar to Edgar Alan Poe, found the book "Necronomicon", which opened the doors for him to magical otherworldly worlds. p>

The cartoon is very specific. Any adult who has read Loughcraft will be able to find here a lot of references and characters from the works of the master of horror. Only they are presented here with humor and fervor. But without parents it is still better for young children not to go to the cinema, which is what the "PG" rating warns about.

Actually, in English, the cartoon is called "Howard Loughcraft and the Frozen Kingdom." Our distributors hurried in advance and excluded the name "Lufcraft" from the name, so as not to embarrass the parents, who, out of fear, may not take the child to the session.

Probably did the right thing.

5. Belka and Strelka: Caribbean Mystery (USA)

September 24

About Belka and Strelka, the greatest famous canine cosmonauts of all times and peoples, since 2011 domestic animators have already filmed three series and a couple of feature films. The turn of the third has come.

This time our heroines will have to deal with mysterious intruders who have set up a giant funnel in the center of the Caribbean Gulf, sucking water from our world to no one knows where.

Who knows, maybe no attackers have anything to do with it. Maybe the anomaly was organized by chance and a combination of various factors and circumstances of a universal scale?

One way or another, we will soon learn about it from the kids who will watch this cartoon with great interest.


This concludes our short review of the top 5 best cartoons of September 2020. Next week, we'll take a look at which series will have sequels in the first month of autumn. In the meantime, we say goodbye to you. We wish you and your child a fun trip to the cinema and more standing cartoons and films on the Internet!

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