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What is Instagram Lite


A version of the Instagram app has been released on the Google Play Store, and even though it is less than 1MB in size, the developers still managed to squeeze all the core features we know and love from a fully functional app Instagram.

Instagram Lite is a 573kb app, while the default Instagram app is around 83MB on average. Doesn't that mean a complete lack of functionality? Not. The Lite app lets you send photos and add filters as you'd expect, and create Instagram Stories.


Only text can be added to history. You cannot add GIFs and animations in this application.

The application has also lost private messages and video recordings, although the developers promise to add them soon.

This application is a good option for those users who are experiencing problems with free space on their smartphone.

Facebook isn't the only company making Lite apps. There are lite versions of many other well-known applications, including Twitter, Skype, and Linked In. Google itself is promoting small, light applications with the Android Go operating system that comes with them.

At the moment, the application is in the final stage of testing and is available only for a part of US users. But as the developers promise, within a couple of weeks we will see its release to the whole world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman