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Interesting Apps from Apple and Cloudflare


Cloudflare is an American company that has made a name for itself in developing various web service applications and providing CDN services.

The direction of Apple is now known to almost everyone. From time to time the world learns not only about the new gadgets of this company, but also about the programs it is developing. In this review, we will tell you about the new features of Siri - the voice assistant for Apple users and the app from Cloudflare.

How Siri Controls Volkswagen Cars

Volkswagen decided that Siri is capable of controlling their products. Recently, the capabilities of the voice assistant have expanded. He can now start or stop the engine, adjust the climate control, and also perform a number of other operations related to driving the cars of the concern.

The program is called Siri Shortcuts and runs in the VW Car-Net app.

Volkswagen has a range of infotainment systems that incorporate the latest developments. For example, a similar tandem has already been used on the Tiguan.


VW Car-Net can interact with cars in several ways. Can be used for this smartphone, smart watch, tablet, etc. For example, using Apple Watch and Google Wear, you can check the closure of doors, locks or car windows, find out the amount of fuel in the tank.

With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink, you can really project your mobile interface onto your dashboard.

Now the capabilities of the program have undergone even greater expansion. A user with the VW Car-Net application in his iPhone or iPad (on the iOS 12 platform) can remotely, using voice commands, control the door locks of his vehicle. In addition, it is possible to estimate the estimated range based on an analysis of the remaining gasoline.

There are a number of personalized phrases that allow for more advanced commands. These include: permission to start charging an electric vehicle; stopping it, as well as turning on various modes of operation of the climate control and defroster.

You can also ask Siri about the location of your car, previously left in the parking lot, set the desired temperature in the cabin for the user.

The developers of the application reported that such functionality will not be available for all cars of the concern. While the Security & Servic is available in a six-month trial.

Cloudflare protects against surveillance

The company has developed an application that ensures the safety of visiting Internet sites.

Currently, any data that a smartphone receives or transmits can easily become the property of unauthorized persons. Site visits, search queries are recorded and tracked by various companies. Not the fact that they act in the interests of ordinary users.

Cloudflare has developed and announced an app that is free for both iOS and Android clients. It can be used to deny someone access to your personal data.


This program is called Application In April this year, a service was presented to the attention of users, a more simplified and expanded analogue of which is this application. It is essentially positioned as a free, fast and proprietary DNS resolver.

The developer's website provides comments on the new product. Clarifies that any ISP or anyone else that monitors the Internet has the ability to monitor the actions of each consumer of the service. Some even make money by selling user activity data.

App prevents this behavior by creating a secure connection for any smartphone or tablet.

When identifying, other companies record the IP address, which is not allowed in Cloudflare. To confirm this statement, the firm's management announced an annual audit of their systems by the KPMG auditor.

All services in this area are provided by Cloudflare for free, explaining that using the application does not mean complete protection from the curious, but significantly reduces their number. In addition, everything on the Internet is faster.

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