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Review: iOS 12 - What's New


Apple has officially released the updated iOS mobile system. The new 12th version is available for installation not only on the latest models of the "apple" line, but also on earlier devices, for example, iPhone 5S, SE.

The main task that the new iOS 12 is designed to solve is to speed up the work of new and old iPhones and iPads. The developers have carefully worked out the issue of quick start of the camera, applications, the appearance of the keyboard on the display (according to them, everything started up 70% faster).

In addition, the updated mobile system received a number of new options aimed at storing personal data and designed to help the user pay less attention to their phone.

Monitor Screen Time

In second place after the claimed performance improvement is another important update: the 12th iOS settings have been supplemented with an analytical tab that collects information about how much time the user spends on his phone. The monitoring has been worked out in detail - if you wish, you can find out the summary for a day, a week, view the most frequently visited applications, and also get data on how many times a day the iPhone was taken in hand.


iOS 12, at the request of the user, can set limits on the use of a particular application, while the restrictions are not rigidly dictated - you can refuse them.

Updated notifications


Another innovation of the 12th mobile operating system is connected with putting things in order in notifications. Now they can be divided into groups depending on the applications they come from. Grouped categories can be expanded, read individual posts in them, or simply deleted. Also, notifications within the group can be controlled - turned off or made silent.

Siri - Learning Ability


The built-in Siri assistant can perform single actions, but until the last moment was not able to do something like "open the application and put a music track." The release of iOS 12 should fix the situation - users are given the opportunity to create personalized chains of actions.

Tasks for Siri can now be created in the "Quick Commands" section that appears. It offers templates for typical actions within a specific application: for example, set the alarm clock, start your favorite track list, find the desired contact and leave a message, etc. For each operational action, you can set a voice task binding - when Siri is active, the device will execute the command.

Data protection


The developers have added a number of new tools to the Safari browser, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety of personal information from unauthorized collection. Also, Apple's mobile system received a password control function, which learned how to create and remember code combinations entered by the user on various sites, insert them the next time they visit the page, and also warn about the use of the same password in different applications.

Siri Assistant can now search for the required password, but will not advertise it until it identifies the real owner of the device. The keyboard will help you to enter a one-time code received by SMS.

Additional options

iOS 12 has a new app called Roulette with two built-in tools. One of them is directly related to measurements (determines distances in augmented reality), the other is of a construction nature, previously in the Compass application.

The augmented reality platform has also received updates. From now on, it provides support for a multiplayer mode - four people each with their phone can unite within one virtual world and interact there.

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