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IOS 11: What's New for Siri


The long-awaited update to Apple's mobile operating system brings a lot of cool features like new control panel and camera features. But most of the new features are the personal assistant Siri.

Siri has acquired more than a dozen new features, ranging from the ability to share your account on social networks using a QR code, to a more expressive voice. Siri can also be your personal DJ now. Let's take a closer look at all the new Siri features.

Synchronization between devices

Photography Your habits are now in the cloud

With iOS 11, Siri learns from your habits and syncs those preferences across all your Apple devices.

Frightening, very frightening, I immediately recall Elon Musk's speeches about the fact that artificial intelligence will destroy us.

If you have 5-6 Nastya in your contacts, Siri will quickly figure out which one you want to call.

Siri will also remember your favorite places, sports teams, and even your dress preferences. And she will tell you exactly how your team played, even if you didn’t say which team is yours.

Instant translation into any language

Photography Instant translation into 5 languages

Sounds incredible, but it should be upset right away, since so far only translations from English into Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German and French are available.

Siri can do quite a lot of translation, until you stop dictating. As long as you don't close the app, Siri will remember the language you're translating into - so you can simply say “Translate” before each sentence, rather than repeating “English to Spanish translation” all the time.

Still, we found one flaw: every session with Siri is interrupted when your phone locks or you stop talking to her, and the translations you made are not saved anywhere.

Personal DJ

Photography Your musical tastes are now known to us

When you connect to Apple Music, Siri can help improve your music profile. By saying things like “Hey Siri, play what I like” or “I like this song” or “I don't like this song” or “Play more Misha Mawashi,” you can customize Apple Music to your liking.

HomePod will also have a personal DJ, but how it will work is not known for certain.

User interface

Photography More user-friendly interface

Siri can now offer additional suggestions, so when you ask about a soccer match, you can get not only the score, but also the history of those teams, the schedule or a list of your favorite soccer teams.

So if you say, "Hey Siri, who plays in Real Madrid?" Siri will show you a card with a list of team players and let you shuffle the cards to your liking.

Expressive voice

Photography Almost human

The new Siri voice is now even more like a normal human voice.

Natural language processing is used to understand spoken words, and inflections and identified phonemes are now stitched together using machine learning to make Siri's voice, whether male or female, more expressive.

Personal Financial Services

Photo Transfer and receive payments by voice

Siri with iOS 11 can display your balances and transfers between accounts from apps that use SiriKit.

With iOS 10, app developers have the ability to force Siri to make private payments, and the 10.3 update added the ability to display or pay bills with their voice.

QR codes for payments and exchange of social media accounts

Photo QR codes to make life easier

So far, few applications use the QR code functionality in SiriKit. Fortunately, this functionality is very simple and can be added to all popular applications pretty quickly.

For example, in June, Apple mentioned WeChat as a great app, although its integration with SiriKit is not working properly yet.

If everything is working as expected soon, you could say, “Hey Siri, show me my WeChat payment code” and a QR code will appear on the lock screen to scan.

Likewise, SiriKit in iOS 11 will allow apps to use QR codes so you can share social media profiles with a friend or colleague.

Imagine you meet an old classmate and want to exchange contacts; you could hypothetically say, “Hi Siri, show me my Facebook QR page.”

What's especially nice is that in iOS 11 the camera has its own QR and barcode scanner. To scan, just open the camera and point it to the code.

Personal time management

Photo Handy Notes

Another Sirikit add-on supports productivity apps to add, modify or manage reminders or lists in apps like Evernote and Todoist.

Personalized Recommendations

Photography Recommendations just for you

Siri will now know about your news preferences and then recommend similar information to you based on your previously viewed news feed.

What you read on the news can even influence the suggestions Siri makes in Safari.

For example, if you've read about Purulent's rap battles on the news, Siri might offer psychological help when you're in the Safari search bar.


Photo Print faster than the wind

Friends dropped the meeting point in the Maps app, Siri will present your estimated arrival time in QuickType suggestions.

Based on your recent activities, Siri may also use other suggestions such as movie or location names. This adds to previous QuickType suggestions like Share Your Location.

Editing Siri Spoken Text

Photo It is easy and simple to correct a misunderstood request

Every time you talk to Siri, you can now edit your voice request by simply clicking edit.

This can be especially useful when it comes to words or phrases that Siri cannot understand correctly.

Apple Watch with Siri

WatchOS 4 photography helps you in your business

WatchOS 4 isn't iOS 11, but there are some similar features worth mentioning here as part of Apple's efforts to bring more personalization through Siri.

Siri in watchOS 4 tries to understand what you are doing and provide tips and tricks.

It can tell you about your work calendar, provide a traffic update for the ride home, let you control smart devices around you, or suggest new shared family photos or workout suggestions in the evening.

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