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Insider # 6.11: Redmi K30; Snapdragon 865; Apple Watch; AMD processors


As usual, the Insider Review will be composed of four pieces of information. In the first, we will tell you about the design features of Redmi K30. In the second and third, we will bring information regarding the new Snapdragon mobile platform and data on Apple smartwatches. In conclusion, let's discuss the leak that has declassified the release dates of most of AMD's new products next year.

Redmi K30 will receive a dual front camera

A few weeks ago, the first image of the not yet presented gadget Redmi K30 appeared on the network. After that, insiders did some work, which resulted in another data leak on this smartphone.

An unidentified person has published fresh renders of the device and some information about its technical equipment.


Now it is clearly visible that Redmi K30 will receive a selfie module consisting of two sensors. The main camera will have three lenses. Their characteristics have not yet been established (it is expected that the main sensor will be installed with a resolution of up to 80 megapixels), but it is known for sure that the fingerprint scanner will be located under the screen.

The core of the hardware filling of the product will be the MediaTek Helio M70 processor equipped with Cortex A-77 cores. The graphics adapter Mali-G77 will work with it. It is assumed that a 5G modem will be integrated into the chipset. It is known that according to the results of testing in Geekbench, it scored 3447 points in single-core mode and 12,151 points in multi-core.


On November 26, the announcement of the new mobile platform MediaTek will take place. Then the release of Redmi K30 is expected. Nothing is known about its specifications or pricing yet.

Insider has unveiled the specifications of Snapdragon 865

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform has not yet been unveiled, and its specifications have already appeared on the network. This became possible thanks to the efforts of a specialist from the Celestial Empire Digital Chat Station. To do this, he used the capabilities of the social network Weibo, where he posted detailed chipset specifications.

An insider claims that the new mobile platform is built on eight processor cores: one is the most powerful - Cortex A-77 (2.84 GHz), three Cortex A-77 with a frequency of 2.42 GHz have high performance, and four more Cortex A-55 (1.8GHz) features stable energy efficiency.

GPU Adreno 650 (587 MHz) will be responsible for graphics. Its use, according to the assurances of experts, will increase efficiency by 15-20%.

It has also been established that the developers consider the transition to the Cortex A-77 promising. This will increase processor performance by at least 20% compared to the previous analogue.

It is assumed that the first new processors will receive smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S11 line. They are also expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon X55 modem to support fifth generation networks.

From online sources it became known that the announcement of the new platform will take place on December 3 during the Snapdragon Tech Summit.

Next-Generation Apple Watch Receives Better Water Resistance

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has become famous in the field of data processing related to Apple products, recently shared his thoughts on equipping future smartwatches from this manufacturer.

The specialist believes that new devices will receive advanced communication modules to ensure stable operation of wireless networks. He also predicts they will have improved water resistance.

This will allow the Apple Watch Series 6 to be submerged in water under pressure. Such circumstances often arise among water skiing enthusiasts. Apparently the company decided to expand the number of users of wearable gadgets in this way.


Also, Min-Chi Kuo predicts the use of a new flexible board and powerful processors. Instead of AMOLED-matrix devices will be equipped with micro LED-displays.

The analyst did not say when to expect the next generation of smartwatches.

Release dates for all AMD new products in 2020 have been announced

Through the efforts of German insiders, information about the appearance on the market of all new chipsets from AMD has become public knowledge. Experts have published a table in which the dates of appearance of a particular chip of the company are arranged.


According to these data, in the first quarter of next year, mobile versions of the Ryzen 4000U and 4000H of the Renoir family and the Dali series will be released. The latter has not been announced yet.

Ryzen Embedded coming this spring, featuring four cores and Vega graphics.

Van Gogh is expected to be released in the third quarter, the technical data of which is still unknown, as well as Ryzen 4000G and 4000GE Renoir for laptops.

It is further stated that the Ryzen 4000 and 4000X Vermeer will release in the fall with 16 cores, which feature is built on Zen 3.

Erebus hybrid processors and 64-core Threadripper 4000 (Zen 3), which are designed for computers with high performance requirements, are planned to be launched at the end of next year.

The company has not yet commented on this information.

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