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April Xiaomi Products


In early April, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi showed a number of its new products. Of particular interest among users was the announcement of an inexpensive fitness tracker Redmi Band. We will also talk about the possibilities of an electric shaver with water protection. In addition, we will learn the nuances of the technical equipment of Haylou watches, which is part of the vendor's ecosystem. In addition, we will discuss the company's new patent describing the appearance and interface of a frameless smartphone.

Inexpensive but functional wearable

One of the company's most sought-after accessories is the Xiaomi Mi Band device. This gadget costs only $ 35, but is a resounding commercial success.

Any marketer will say that in this case it is realistic to increase the cost of the product in the next generation. Success is already guaranteed to him. So it is possible and will be, but so far the Chinese have decided to further reduce the price of one of their similar products.

This is the Redmi Band fitness tracker.


Its cost in China has already been announced. It is only $ 14. Sales will begin on April 9.

The device received a 1.08-inch color display, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor. It also has a powerful battery that can last at least 14 days on a single charge. A USB port is provided for charging it. This means that there is no need to use a special stand for this, as in the analogues of some other manufacturers.

In addition, the accessory offers the ability to track steps and heart rate. He is also not afraid of diving into water to a depth of 50 meters.

The downside of the model is the lack of an NFC module that allows contactless payments.

As for the final cost of the Redmi Band, here it is worth considering some circumstances. Now the description of the device says that its price is valid for the period of the promotion. It is possible that after its completion, the cost of the product will rise.

You should also take into account that the accessory is currently sold only in China. Prices for it will surely rise after the fitness tracker arrives in Europe, America and USA.

An electric shaver that protects against cuts and is water resistant

The assortment of Xiaomi products has expanded with another gadget - a compact electric shaver Mijia S300.


The product is equipped with three floating heads for a close and close shave. This becomes possible by gaining access to any part of the face, regardless of the location of the hair on it.

The device also received double blades and a specially shaped mesh, which made it possible to increase the working surface area by 50% compared to the previous modification of the device.

The case of Mijia S300 is protected from dirt and moisture in accordance with the requirements of the IPX7 standard. Therefore, it can be used for wet shaving. She is also not afraid of washing.

The autonomy of the gadget is two months; it is equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging. In this case, the use of a power supply for a smartphone is available.

One of the features of the model is the presence of intelligent protection against accidents when accidentally touching the blade. There is also a lock mode that prevents the device from turning on, for example, if you accidentally press the power button or hold it on.

Xiaomi Mijia S300 will go on sale in China on April 9 for $ 14.

Smart watch

The Haylou brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem. He recently introduced the Haylou Solar LS05 smartwatch.


The watch has a classic design with a circular 1.28-inch LCD display, with a resolution of 240x240 pixels. The developer claims that he received brightness, which is sufficient for comfortable perception of information even in direct sunlight.

The body of the device is made of metal. In addition, it is IP68 water resistant. This not only allows you to shower with a watch on your hand, but also allows swimming in the pool and even diving to a shallow depth.

Autonomy here is provided by a 340 mAh battery. Therefore, you can forget about the outlet for a whole month, but when using the economy mode. If you regularly monitor the work of the heart, then the charge will last for two weeks.

Haylou Solar LS05 is capable of tracking 12 types of physical activity. The device can display more than just incoming notifications from a smartphone. It has pedometer and calorie counter functions. At the same time, the watch uses the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol for pairing.

The gadget is available for pre-order for $ 21 . Deliveries will begin on May 18.

Patent for a new version of a frameless smartphone

Xiaomi engineers are in constant search of new technologies, development opportunities, device form factors. They have already proven their innovative abilities with the creation of the Mi Mix Alpha smartphone model.

The specialists of the company are not going to stop there. Recently it became known about a new Xiaomi patent for the development of a completely frameless device.


This device can get a screen covering the entire bezel and 60% of the side edges.

In addition, it has a new design front camera. It is hidden under the display and is not visible when inactive.

The device is also interesting for its user interface. Its sides can display the charge level, time, the number of missed notifications, navigation buttons and other information.

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