Inside No. 9.05: Xiaomi Mi Band 5; Samsung Galaxy Note20 +; Qualcomm Snapdragon 600; HUAWEI Liquid Lens (Topic)

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Inside No. 9.05: Xiaomi Mi Band 5; Samsung Galaxy Note20 +; Qualcomm Snapdragon 600; HUAWEI Liquid Lens


This week's first insider is focused on information related to Xiaomi, Samsung, Qualcomm and HUAWEI. First, let's talk about the equipment of the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet and the Galaxy Note20 + smartphone. Then, let's talk about the specs of the new Snapdragon processor series. In the final information block, we will learn about the prospects for the introduction of liquid lenses in the devices of HUAWEI.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be equipped with a speaker, microphone and blood oxygen sensor

Fitness trackers Xiaomi Mi Band are popular among buyers due to their wide functionality and affordable prices. Series 4 has a ton of features to track physical activity and sleep quality.

In the summer, the company plans to present a new generation of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelets, which will be even more advanced.


Insider TizenHelp recently announced that the device will be equipped with support for the voice assistant Alexa. This means that the gadget will be the first device from a Chinese manufacturer to be equipped with a speaker and microphone. Older versions of the model only had tactile feedback.

The use of another option is not excluded: the bracelet will be taught to simply launch the voice assistant on a separate device, such as a smartphone or smart speaker.

Also, the network informant claims that the Mi Band 5 will receive the functions of tracking the level of oxygen in the blood and menstrual cycle.

The downside of the model will be the lack of the demanded NFC functionality in its international version. It can only be used by users from the Middle Kingdom.

Recently, someone posted an image of an unannounced fitness tracker online. It has the same rounded display, but larger than previous models. It is not clear if this photo is genuine or fake.

To find out the truth, you just need to wait a little before the announcement of the product.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 + looks leaked to the network

This summer, the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 line of smartphones is expected. Long before that, various leaks began to appear on the Internet, in which they talked about the nuances of future models.

Recently, an insider OnLeaks posted several renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 + device on the Internet, indicating some of the features of its equipment.


According to the network informant, the device will receive a 6.9-inch display. You should not expect any special changes in the front of the device. The main difference from the previous modification will be the presence of the stylus not on the right, but on the left.

Earlier in the network, insiders posted renders of the younger model of the line. Its distinctive feature is the presence of an almost flat display. The Galaxy Note20 + has it bent on the sides. The bottom of the case houses a USB Type-C port, a microphone hole and a speaker grill.

On the right is the power button and volume rocker.

The main camera of the device will receive three sensors: main, auxiliary, with wide-angle optics, and a "periscope" telephoto lens. Nothing is known about their characteristics.

There is evidence that the Galaxy Note20 will be shown in August, but no pricing was reported.

Qualcomm budget processor to get 5G modem

All manufacturers of expensive chipsets for mobile devices equip them with functionality to support fifth generation networks. Recently the same trend has emerged, but only for less expensive platforms.

Insiders report that Qualcomm is now working on the first 600 series processor, which will fill the niche of not the most expensive new products from the developer. It will be equipped with eight cores - presumably two fast Cortex-A76 with a frequency of 2.246 GHz and six energy-efficient Cortex-A55 (1.804 GHz).

Adreno 615 with a clock frequency of 850 MHz will be used as a graphics accelerator.

It is assumed that the release of new items is scheduled for the end of the third quarter of this year. When it appears as part of a mobile device was not reported, information about this gadget is also unknown.

HUAWEI Engineers Working on Liquid Lens for Smartphone Camera

From network sources the other day it became known about the new development of the Chinese company HUAWEI. This is a camera for a smartphone with a "liquid" lens.

This became known thanks to the information posted in the CNIPA regulator database. There is a new company patent describing this development.


The appendix describing the new type of lens says that its inner cavity is filled with liquid. The lens is attached to a moving stator, which, when energized, moves in the direction of the optical axis. It compresses or pulls the lens by means of a spring connected to it. The structure is attached to a limiter that adjusts the bend of the lens for autofocus and OIS.

This technology has been known for a long time, but only HUAWEI showed interest in it. The likelihood of its use is growing every year. It is possible that the devices, which are scheduled for release next year, will have a camera with similar functionality.

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