Insider # 02.06: Honor smartphone with temperature sensor; Xiaomi Mi Band 5; Samsung Galaxy Note20; budget OnePlus device (Topic)

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Insider # 02.06: Honor smartphone with temperature sensor; Xiaomi Mi Band 5; Samsung Galaxy Note20; budget OnePlus device


In this newsletter from network whistleblowers, we first discuss the development of Honor engineers who have equipped a mobile device with an infrared camera to measure temperature. Then we will tell you about the latest news regarding the imminent launch of the popular Xiaomi fitness bracelet. At the end of the review, we will find out the nuances of the technical equipment of two smartphones Samsung and OnePlus.

Honor Play 4 will receive an infrared camera

On the pages of the social network Weibo, there was information that Honor will equip its new Play 4 smartphone with an infrared camera to measure temperature. The availability of such functionality in the fight against the spread of coronavirus will become especially relevant.

However, this is not the first experience of using an infrared camera. Prior to this, several other electronics manufacturers installed such sensors in their devices. They were needed for photographing and filming videos.

Honor has decided to use the power of infrared in a different way.

Their new devices will be able to measure the body temperature of people and animals at a distance. On this occasion, a video was even posted on the network. It explains how this functionality works.


To measure the body temperature of a person or an animal, it is enough to bring the smartphone to the object of verification, but there is no need to touch it.

It is not clear yet whether such a function will appear in only one model of the new line, or whether the entire series will be equipped with it. Experts have already given a positive assessment to this innovation, which will definitely help users avoid unnecessary contact with those who have a high body temperature.

It is possible that Honor Play 4 will even be in demand at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.

Mi Band 5 will be shown in China soon

Fitness trackers from Xiaomi are very popular due to their low cost and wide functionality. For a long time, fans of the brand have been waiting for the release of the new model Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

Lately, there have been many leaks and rumors on the Internet regarding this gadget. Thanks to this, you can imagine not only its capabilities, but also external data.


Recently it became known that the device will be shown in China in the middle of this month. This time is almost the same as the launch date of the previous fourth modification of the device, presented last year. Therefore, we can reasonably assume that the start of the global version of the bracelet will take place soon after its announcement in the Celestial Empire.

From the area of conjecture, the statement also comes about equipping Mi Smart Band 5 with an NFC module. Last year's model had it too.

Now almost everything is known about the technical equipment of the novelty. It will have a large (compared to the device that is currently being released) 1.2-inch screen. The Mi Band 5 will also get new dials, a camera shutter button, blood oxygen monitoring, fresh exercise modes, and more.

New data on Samsung Galaxy Note20 posted online

Samsung is preparing to announce the highly anticipated Galaxy Note20 line of smartphones.


Based on the information appearing in the database of the 3C regulator, insiders have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note 20+ will be equipped with almost the same displays. The older model will have a 6.9-inch screen, while the base model will have a 6.7-inch screen.

Based on this, the battery capacities of the new products are also almost identical: 4500 and 4300 mAh.

Prior to that, insiders established that the models will be built on the basis of two mobile platforms: Exynos 992 or Snapdragon 865. Everything here will depend on the region in which smartphones will be sold. Interestingly, the Galaxy Note20 and Note 20+ will receive record amounts of RAM. For some modifications this figure will reach 16 GB.

Nothing has been announced about the cost of the models. Their announcement is tentatively scheduled for August this year.

OnePlus budget device was tested in Geekbench

Not so long ago, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau spoke to reporters. He told them about his intention to expand the range of products manufactured by the enterprise. It was said that a new device from the low-cost segment will be released soon.

These words are confirmed by the fact of testing the new OnePlus smartphone with the code number AC2003, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, running the Android 10 operating system.


A record of this has appeared in the benchmark database. The device is said to be powered by an eight-core Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.8GHz in combination with 12GB of RAM. According to the test results, the device scored 1955 points in multi-core mode and 612 points in single-core mode.

Insiders believe that these results, together with the model name of the Qualcomm Lito chipset, may indicate the use of a modified version of the Snapdragon 765G mobile platform in the new product.

Nothing was reported about other nuances of the technical equipment of the smartphone. Network informants suggested that we are talking about the OnePlus Z model. When it will be shown and how much the device will cost is not known.

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