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Death Stranding is a very strange game. At first, we thought Kojima was just confusing us with his trailers and strange advertising campaign. Closer to the release, this feeling did not continue to leave us. As a result, the game came out - the weirdness remained. This whole orgy wasn’t special or confusing, it’s just that the game itself was pretty crazy. Even if you haven't played it, you're probably wondering what kind of animal it is. Polygon, for example, made his own Death Stranding weirdness dictionary. We chose the strangest moments, adding our own reflections. This article contains spoilers!

Amelie's Shoes


According to the events of the game, Amelie is on a volcanic beach. Usually the sand there is very fine, and sometimes it even comes out of the water ashore. What shoes will she choose? High heels, of course. It seems to me that it was more appropriate to choose a pair of slippers or walk barefoot, but no. At times, she is wearing a white dress, which also seems pretty rash on a black volcanic beach.

Infant euthanasia


In play, people often use children in flasks called BB. These premature babies help to detect ghosts. Deadman says not to get attached to our BB, as he is just a tool. And it's hard, he's a real cutie that you get used to quickly. However, yes, it is just a tool and its shelf life as a tool is very short. And when the period comes to retire, they are put to sleep, after which the bodies are burned. And as far as we can tell, Death Stranding is the first game to burn dead babies.



There is a particularly strange moment in Death Stranding, in which the settler, played by Conan O'Brien, begins to tell you about otters for a long time. Sam turned out to be not a very good audience, but at least he accepted as a gift from a naturalist an otter cap, which allows Sam to swim on his back with his belly up like an otter. And this hat on Sam's head, along with this kind of river rafting, is a special aesthetic oddity of Death Stranding.



Sam is a person who can be reborn if he suddenly dies. Rebirth is usually accompanied by a small animation involving the presence of the baby deep in his throat. The child sometimes shows a thumbs up sign by taking it out of his mouth. It's nice, although I think so, rather unpleasant for Sam himself.

Motherhood is a tragedy

Motherhood is a topic that holds a lot of importance in Death Stranding, and rarely is it a happy story. From BB's dead mom, Mama's dead child, Sam's complicated relationship with his mother [who suffered from uterine cancer], to Deadman's absence of a mother. The general meaning and message is that motherhood is the gateway to tragedy. None of the mothers in this game can escape a tragic fate, including Hartman's wife, who also dies.

Feces and urine

Sam's hideout is a small room where he can recuperate, shower and rest. Death Stranding encourages players to go to the toilet and defecate, as it allows for the creation of a rudimentary type of grenade that can be used against BT [all because Sam's DNA is so cool that even his waste is explosive]. Later, shit and piss becomes less useful as Sam's blood turns into an even more powerful weapon.



Q-Pid is the necklace that Sam uses to connect different cities in America to each other through a chiral network; it can also be used to print useful 3D objects. Consider a super 3D printer. Every piece of the necklace is super technology. What's so strange, you ask? Yes, you can buy a replica of the necklace and it will cost you $ 325.

Romantic Issues

In one mission, Sam spends a lot of time reuniting two lovers. It's pretty cute. However, they then spend the rest of the game sending Sam disgruntled emails, complaining about each other, and generally complaining about the inconveniences of romance and living together.

Silly names

Each of the characters in Death Stranding has a funny name, as if they all got out of Gogol's stories. Bridget is a president who literally wants to build bridges between people. Hartman is a person whose heart stops every 21 minutes. Deadman is a man made up of parts of dead people, consider the local monster of Frankenstein. Cliff - literally symbolizes a cliff. And so on.

Umbilical BT


Back to motherhood, one of the strangest things is the Mama character. When she was pregnant, she had to endure Voidout. She falls under the rubble of the building, but escapes, unlike the child in her belly. In the game world, those who were not burned after death become BT ghosts. And Mom's child just became such a ghost, connected to her by the umbilical cord. This continued, if not for Sam.

Product placement


The game has internal advertisements, such as the Monster Energy in Sam's hideout. This is very repulsive in itself, but actually more counterintuitive. After all, then it is not clear how this energetic became the only product that survived the apocalypse?

Delicious delicacy


There are not many culinary delights in the game world. Apart from the occasional pizza, there seems to be an exclusively larvae called Crypobiotes, which are found in the wild. They replenish your life and, according to Frigile, help withstand the effects of temporary rain. Frijile loves to eat these strange critters. Sam, though, finds them disgusting at first, but eventually finds them awesome. To some extent, this is such a message about how we really like disgusting things ...

Taxi for the Dead


If you let the corpses rot, then they will replenish the ghost population. Therefore, it is important to bring them to the crematorium. Sam wraps the bodies and puts them on their backs. The bodies are quite heavy, and it is potentially dangerous to wander around with a corpse on its back. However, killing people and then disposing of their bodies is painful. It turns out that Death Stranding is one of those rare games in which violence has consequences for the players.

Celebrity Friends

Hideo Kojima filled the game with a bunch of acquaintances, including a cameo from the head of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Hirokazu Hamamura; Game Awards host Jeff Keighley; musician Daichi Miuru; PlayStation chief Herman Hulst; and, as mentioned, TV host Conan O'Brian. Many people think that he did it not only for the sake of fun, but also to make his game more accepted. The same cameo by Hamamura led to accusations that it was such a bribe so that the Famitsu publication gave the game the maximum score. Well, we are waiting for the results of The Game Awards.

Yes, Death Stranding is weird enough.

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