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The Kord rifle is a relative of the machine gun of the same name


The word "Kord" in most cases has associations with a domestic heavy machine gun. But the machine gun has a relative - the Kord ASVK rifle, also designed for large ammunition. Its personal distinguishing feature is a high rack for mounting sights, which additionally serves as a comfortable grip if the weapon needs to be moved somewhere.

When creating the rifle, they took the bullpup layout method as a basis, in which the trigger is pulled forward and installed in front of the magazine and the firing mechanism. This method made it possible to reduce the total length of the ASVK. As a result, the "Kord" rifle is 1.35 m tall, of which 1 m is the barrel length, and weighs 11 kg without additional optics. To reduce the recoil in the weapon, a standard muzzle brake-compensator was used.

In the initial design of the ASVK, the front sight and rear sight were fixed on the folding handle. At the same time, the distance between them turned out to be small, which ultimately added complexity when using a rifle without additional optics at distances of more than several hundred meters. As a result, the original design of the ASVK has undergone changes.

Sights on the folding handle proved to be ineffective, so initially the designers decided to fix it. After the Kord ASVK was modified, the front sight and rear sight began to be separated by a greater distance, and the receiver turned out to be their location. The design of the muzzle brake was also revised, but the most important innovation was the barrel of the rifle, which has now received the same material and production technology as the barrel of the "older brother" - the "Kord" machine gun.

As a result of the modernization of the components, the ASVK sniper rifle retained the original meter-long barrel, but slightly increased in total length to 1.4 meters and in weight to 12 kg. For cartridges, a detachable box magazine for five ammunition is provided in the design. At the moment of the shot, the bullet flies with an initial speed of 850 meters.


Despite the close relationship with the machine gun of the same name, which has become one of the leaders in its weapons segment, objectively, the ASVK "Kord" rifle does not always match the accuracy of hitting the target with the performance of other analogues. But the point is not in the quality of the rifle itself or ammunition, but in the initial task that the developers sought to fulfill when designing the KAFP. Initially, there was no goal to create high-precision weapons. The main purpose of the Kord large-caliber sniper rifle was to provide a full-fledged replacement of a large-caliber machine gun in conditions where its use is difficult due to its weight and size. We can say that the Kord sniper rifle was created for use at a maximum distance of 1.5 kilometers. For jewelry work at longer distances, ASVK will not show high efficiency.<

ASVK can also be used to designate a target for a machine gun crew. And, although the rifle cannot boast of super accuracy, it copes with its original tasks. Overall, it is a convenient, effective weapon of simple design and relatively low cost to manufacture.

If you put the Kord sniper rifle on a par with similar weapons, its characteristics do not stand out against the background of others. And here the Kord machine gun comes to the rescue, in tandem with which the rifle is already a full-fledged partner. Together they represent a kind of tandem, mutually replacing each other. Where the use of a machine gun is associated with a number of inconveniences, the rifle will complete the assigned tasks.

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Author: Jake Pinkman