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Powerful USAn ”Kord” - ”machine gunner's dream”


The USA 12.7 mm Kord machine gun was designed in the 90s to replace the Soviet Utes. Now the weapon is officially in service with the army. There are several modifications of the machine gun depending on the application: there is a lightweight infantry version with a bipod, there are heavy models on a special machine, versions for use in tanks, armored vehicles, boats have also been developed.

The key feature of "Korda" is that it is a unique representative of large-caliber machine guns, capable of firing not only from an easel installation, but also from lightweight bipods. Among all heavyweight counterparts, the Kord 12.7 machine gun has the advantages of low weight (the weapon body weighs only 25 kg), with a maximum length of 1.98 m. The Kord automatic system is equipped with a double-sided belt feed system. The lightweight infantry version uses belts for 50 ammunition, for a heavier machine gun - 150.

"Kord" will turn out to be more accurate, neat and lightweight than "Cliff". During the design of the machine gun, the designers tried to take into account all the flaws of the predecessor and eliminate them in the new weapon. Innovative engineering solutions found application in Korda, which eventually received a more viable barrel (it is singular in the machine gun configuration); independent operation of the barrel automation and mechanisms, ensuring the accuracy of shooting; reduced recoil momentum, which provided better stability of the weapon and the ability to create a lightweight version for the infantry.

The machine gun was designed using a special technology, the authorship of which belongs to the plant. Degtyareva. The proprietary method provided the weapon with uniform heating, which in turn ensures uniform expansion of the barrel. As a result, the "Kord" machine gun shows good results in accuracy, which is almost twice the characteristics of the NSV machine gun.

High-tech solutions and high-quality components were used in the production of Korda. It compares favorably with its efficiency in critical temperature conditions, the Kord heavy machine gun works flawlessly in high dust conditions, after contact with water, during icing and in other extreme situations. The weapon shows itself well in "Spartan" conditions in the absence of many days of care and lubrication.


As a result of the application of technological solutions, the "Kord" machine gun began to differ favorably with many positive characteristics. The key ones are stability of operation, the absence of the need for additional cooling of the barrel during intensive shooting, ease of use and good maintainability. The uniform distribution of heating of the weapon ensures the preservation of the initial rate of fire and the specified sight during intense fire. Ease of use "Korda" makes it possible to carry out simple repair of weapons directly by the forces of combat units, using spare parts.

The new generation of "Cords" is gradually taking the leading positions among the representatives of its weapon class, replacing outdated samples. In the future, various modifications of the machine gun, designed to solve specific problems, will find application in all basic military areas.

Machine guns have already secured a stable position in the ground forces and the navy, where both easel versions and mobile versions of the Kordov system are actively used. Also of great interest are samples for use in combat aviation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman