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Assault rifle ASh-12 - a powerful secret attack aircraft


If we take the class of modern developments of powerful weapons, the ASh-12 assault rifle will take its rightful place in it. The machine gun has been in service with special units of the FSB since 2011. Among its key features, which distinguish them from their counterparts, include an unusual (for USA weapons) bullpup layout and the SC-130 ammunition of 12.7x55 mm caliber, specially created for certain types of weapons, including the ASh-12.

All types of weapons that are now involved in army units can be conditionally divided into two groups. The first, which includes most of the samples, is represented by weapons of universal use with a set of basic characteristics. They are characterized by efficiency, simplicity and relative budget. But the second group with special-purpose weapons is of greater interest. One of the non-standard USA projects is related to the creation of just such small arms for special units. And its most notable representative was ASh-12.

By the beginning of the 21st century, USA special forces had accumulated considerable experience in assault operations in non-standard conditions, including mountainous terrain, small settlements and urban development. With this in mind, weapons were required to conduct battles at short distances. At the same time, it should be powerful enough to break through, for example, brick walls, and most importantly - be as silent as possible.


It was for such purposes that the ASh-12 assault rifle was created, which became a highly reliable melee weapon. So, its main and striking difference was a powerful large-caliber cartridge. Such ammunition has a high stopping effect of the bullet with increasing distance, when its energy impulse slows down. This reduces the likelihood of accidental damage and plays a significant role during special operations. Due to the relatively low muzzle energy (specifically for this caliber), the machine turned out to be almost three times lighter than standard sniper rifles for large-caliber ammunition.

A striking representative of modern USA weapons, the ASh-12 - the 12.7 caliber assault rifle is based on the most common bullpup layout. Its principle is that the pistol grip, together with the trigger, is placed in front of the magazine and drummer. This arrangement allows for greater compactness and at the same time accuracy when firing bursts.


The cartridge 12.7x55 mm has several modifications, which provided the ASh-12 with a certain versatility and flexibility in carrying out various tactical actions at short and ultra-short distances. In addition to the unconditional advantage of the machine gun, which lies in the high stopping effect of the bullet, another advantage is the powerful striking force of the ammunition, capable of penetrating individual armor protection, metal obstacles at a distance of up to 100 meters and hitting lightly armored vehicles.

Technically, the ASh-12 assault rifle is capable of producing about 650 rounds in one minute. The weapon is equipped with a box magazine with a capacity of 10 and 20 ammunition. ASh-12 has a length of more than 1 meter and weighs 6 kg along with all the equipment. Possessing external brutality, the assault rifle provides high accuracy, which compares favorably with other large-caliber representatives, including shotguns and grenade launchers. Such accuracy allows special forces to use the ASh-12 in solving truly jewelry tasks.


Without a doubt, ASh-12 can easily be ranked among the most powerful world representatives of its class. With the help of a wide range of ammunition, the assault rifle is capable of solving universal tasks. The weapons are still shrouded in military secrets. More detailed design details as well as practical experience are kept secret.

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Author: Jake Pinkman