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AKS-74U - a compact version of the legendary Kalashnikov assault rifle


AK is associated with masculinity and toughness. At the same time, one of its modifications received a female name - the Kalashnikov AKS-74U assault rifle in the army is unofficially called "Ksenia". This model is the most compact of the entire AK series: 73.5 cm unfolded, and folded easily fits into a small bag or regular briefcase.

The appearance of "Ksenia" is associated with the need for individual power units in the presence of a shortened model of an assault rifle, when the use of a standard-sized weapon causes additional inconvenience. AKS-74U was created for special forces in case of assault operations in the city, for example, the AKS-74UB model is equipped with a silencer and special elements for optics and a night sight.

Similarities and differences with the AK The model has a number of parts of the usual sizes - a receiver, a fuse, a curved horn for 30 charges. At the same time, the gas chamber and forend, like the AKS-74U machine gun itself, are smaller in size, and the barrel is almost invisible. The classic location (under the barrel) for a very short ramrod is not respected, it is located in a special compartment on the inside of the pouch. Flip sight with settings at 200 and 400 meters.

comparison of AKS-74U and AK-74

The smaller Ksenia assault rifle features a higher rate of fire than the classic AK model. The reason is obvious - a smaller stroke of the gas piston. For a shortened modification, a specially created under-barrel grenade launcher is intended.

Advantages and disadvantages rolled into one

Initially, the profile structures were wary of the new product - the non-standard appearance raised doubts about the reliability of the device. But in practice, the military saw that the machine loses its initial bullet exit velocity (due to overheating) only after firing the seventh or eighth horn, and the aiming range is also normal at short distances (for which the weapon is intended). The characteristics of "breaking through" the target also showed themselves at a decent level.

The use of rather powerful ammunition in weapons, which ricochets strongly, can lead to unpleasant consequences in a densely populated facility. The presence of a short barrel limits the possibility of sniper shooting as much as possible. In this case, the high rate of shots empties the magazine in a short time. If we compare the AKS-74U Kalashnikov assault rifle with foreign models designed for similar tasks at short distances, then it is not so easy to find samples for analysis. Foreign weapons of similar characteristics for powerful small-caliber ammunition (one example is the personal weapon of a Belgian-made FN P90 model soldier) began to be produced on the basis of the domestic AKS-74U.

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The weapon has been produced in large quantities, and until now the Kalashnikov Ksenia assault rifle belongs to the main type of equipment for the Interior Ministry units. Its term of use is still valid. Lightness, compactness and the ability to carry under outerwear made it an indispensable assistant for the staff of the patrol and traffic police, whose appearance has long been associated with the AKS-74U.

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