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Lenovo Launches Ultra-Slim Yoga Laptop with Smartphone Screen


Lenovo has shown a compact laptop Lenovo Yoga, which has become one of the representatives of the updated family of the same name. The distinctive features of the new S940 model include an ultra-thin body along with a rather powerful technical component and a display that has a certain external resemblance to a smartphone screen.

Technical Details

The novelty attracts attention by the not quite typical structure of a 13.9-inch screen with minimal bezels and rounded edges, which is often found in modern smartphones. For added security, the screen is covered with a protective glass.

The technical components of the S940 are Intel processors of the Core i5 and Core i7 varieties, depending on the assembly, internal drives from 256 GB to 2 TB, RAM up to 16 GB, speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound reproduction located on the front panel of the case, camera with face recognition technology, two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. In addition, Lenovo's updated Yoga laptop has built-in Alexa and Cortana assistants.


Lenovo Smart Assist Intelligent Components

Lenovo Yoga S940 is equipped with intelligent noise cancellation technology to ensure the quality of video calls. The mechanism operates on the basis of AI with a self-learning function. Its principle of operation is to catch and muffle background noises in a busy space so that the interlocutors can hear each other well during voice communication.

Among the intelligent functions of the Yoga S940 there is also a “smart” sensor that reacts to the presence of the owner in front of the screen. If the user is out of sight, the screen is instantly locked. The Lenovo laptop supports an eye tracking mechanism called Glance by Mirametrix. This technology is also part of the Lenovo Smart Assist suite of intelligent components, and provides efficiency when using the Yoga S940 as an assist screen. The function allows you to move windows between two displays of different devices with a "light movement of your eyes", simply by moving your gaze between them.


The Yoga S940 has a Windows Hello infrared camera for the contactless login process. The user can also log in using voice recognition technology. In noisy environments, this technology uses voice assistant systems Alexa or Cortana, which respond to a specific voice and follow its commands.

The laptop intelligence system learns the typical actions of the owner and, based on them, optimizes resources to increase the performance of the device. The system can independently change the power saving settings, which will allow the Yoga S940 to run on a single charge.

In addition to serious hardware and a package of smart tools, the Lenovo Yoga laptop was the first to own a protective coating Contour Glass, which wraps around the screen edges. Outwardly, this reduces the frame, which is already quite small. There are two display options to choose from: 1080p and modern 4K with Dolby Vision high dynamic range support.

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