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Lenovo presented new representatives of the Yoga line


Lenovo has presented new modifications to the famous Yoga series.

The presented gadgets include the Yoga 730 with the stated screen sizes of 13.3 and 15.6 inches and the Yoga 530 with 14-inch displays, respectively.


The entire line of Yoga notebooks are distinguished by special hinge mechanisms of the design that allow you to rotate the gadget 360 degrees, additionally using it as a tablet or display. The new presented "yogis" differ from the previous generations in lighter weight and thinner body. The announced laptops, in accordance with all the rules of modern trends, have even more inconspicuous display frames in comparison with their "older brothers" of this series.

Among the technical improvements of the Yoga 730 and Yoga 530 are the updated function of fast charging recovery, more powerful technology for cooling the device, the presence of additional high-speed ports of the Thunderbolt modification. Also, the new line of portable PCs is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which serves to quickly unlock the device and its additional protection. For those who like to take notes and sketches by hand, the devices have a universal option Lenovo Active Pen 2. The tool acts as a substitute for standard stationery and allows you to sketch, write, draw using the Windows Ink function. The option can define more than 4000 degrees of pressure.

Internal structure

The Yoga 730 notebooks are powered by 8th Gen Intel Core processors with four cores. According to the manufacturer, the processors are able to increase the performance of devices by 40% compared to the previous representatives of the line, especially when loading the OS and in multitasking mode. The Yoga 530 lineup offers a choice of devices with Intel Core or AMD Ryzen chipsets. For better video and graphics performance, selected gadgets from the new lineup received Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics cards and IPS screens with resolutions up to UHD.

Various variations of drives with a capacity of up to 1 TB make it possible to choose the required device configuration depending on the needs of the consumer. New gadgets have microphones in their design that pick up sounds at a distance of 4 meters. Therefore, the presence of smart assistants Alexa and Cortana makes it possible to use voice control when necessary.

Built-in batteries are designed to increase the mobile work of the gadget without additional recharging, thereby giving greater freedom of movement. All new devices in the series received an accelerated laptop battery recovery mechanism. For example, the batteries of 13- and 14-inch devices can be recharged in 15 minutes to ensure full operation of the device for two hours.

The price range of the new Yoga series members varies depending on the internal configuration of the laptop. According to approximate estimates, the cost of the Yoga 530 model range will start from 35,000 rubles , and the initial price of Yoga 730 devices will be about twice as high.

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