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Lenovo Yoga S940 compact and prestigious notebook review


Without development, everything stands still. This statement accurately describes the modern world and its technologies. Man lives in a constantly changing and evolving reality. Sometimes this is accompanied by events that can be considered revolutionary. All of the above applies fully to Lenovo Yoga laptops. The devices presented here have an elegant design and slim bodies. They are both technologically advanced and versatile. Users are empowered by their rotating screens. Now it is a good working tool for those whose work is related to creativity. Recently a new S series has appeared. Let's tell you more about one of these devices.

Appearance and characteristics

The Lenovo Yoga S940 is all about elegance and usability. The design of this ultrabook is original. Its thickness at the thinnest point of the case is only 12.2 mm. Before that, there was nothing like this in the world of Yoga class devices. But it was the name of the series that contributed to the design changes characteristic of the latest trends.

In other words, it is now fashionable to make laptops of small thickness. After all, this speaks not only of its manufacturability, but also of the constant improvement of the technical filling. It is impossible to "stuff" all the filling into a compact and thin body without reducing it, and, consequently, improving it.

Aluminum alloy is used in the manufacture of the device case with curved edges. He is an example of the highest grade among his own kind. During the conditioning of the material, grinding is used. The resulting matte surface has an elegant and professional look.

Lenovo Yoga S940 received a 13.9-inch FHD IPS-display with a resolution of 1920 ? 1080 pixels. Its brightness is 400 nits.


At the heart of the hardware stuffing is an Intel Core i7 processor up to the 10th generation, which is assisted in its activity by up to 16 GB of RAM and up to 1 TB of SSD ROM. The Intel UHD 620 chip is responsible for the graphics. Windows 10 Home is used as the OS.

The device is equipped with ports: 2 ? Thunderbolt 3 USB-C, 1 ? USB-C 3.1 Gen 1, 3.5 mm audio jack. Its battery has received a capacity of 52 W / h, autonomy is up to 15 hours. The laptop has the following dimensions: 319 ? 197 ? 14 mm, its weight is 1.2 kg.

Display and sound

The Yoga S940's screen is covered in glass with curved edges. Such a solution is now typical for most smartphones from the middle price segment and above, but for the first time it is found in a laptop form factor. The manufacturer called this a contour screen. Thanks to it, the effect of reducing the thickness of the frames is created. In the lateral part, this value is 3 mm, and in the lower part - 5 mm.

The usable display area is 90%. This improves the comfort of the user when working. This does not affect mobility.

It is worth dwelling on the panel separately. When selected with 4K resolution, it fully complies with Dolby Vision and VESA400 HDR standards. Its brightness is declared by the manufacturer at 500 cd / m2, but in fact it is even higher. The display produces rich, high-contrast colors.


A version with FullHD resolution, 400 nits brightness is still available for buyers. That's more than most laptops currently on sale.

Those who have already explored the capabilities of the Lenovo Yoga S940 strongly recommend using it to watch video content. One of the reasons for this is the presence of Dolby Atmos speakers.

The audio system here consists of four speakers. They are located in pairs at the bottom of the device and on its operating panel. The result of their generation is the origin of clean, loud and rich sound, in which you can even hear the bass lines. The important thing is that with increasing volume and power, the clarity of the sound does not change. It remains as clean and bright. Amateurs can use headphones, but the effect remains the same.

Performance & Security

This gadget will be a good working tool for any user. Its high performance is ensured by the availability of reliable components capable of supporting office applications, editing graphics, and working with photo and video content. An important role in this is played by the presence of a sufficient amount of RAM and the presence of an SSD drive.

The manufacturer does not save on the latter, installs some of the best, which are developed in Samsung laboratories.

The presence of a cool keyboard plays an important role in the formation of normal operating conditions for such a device. Here, too, everything is in order, the existing one allows you to print normally, providing a high level of comfort.


The autonomy of a laptop strongly depends on the type of installed screen matrix. If there is an FHD screen, the device will operate on a single charge for at least 15 hours. The 4K version will have less battery life.

To ensure security, the gadget provides the Glance functionality, which, together with the existing infrared camera, tracks the movement of the user's eyeballs. When it moves away from the screen of the device, it turns off. The system also has the ability to control prying eyes on the screen. This achieves high levels of device security.

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