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Top 30 Best TV Shows 2019: Part 2


Among the best TV series of 2019, there are extremely few science fiction and fantasy films. A lot of money is spent on such projects, but, as practice shows, recently the demand for such films has been falling. Give people not only a spectacular movie, but also a movie with meaning. And so that the script is just interesting and not absurd.

Therefore, last year streaming services and TV channels decided to rely not on films oversaturated with computer graphics, but simply on interesting stories. And one of these is the domestic comedy project from Modulbank ...

11. Millionaire from Balashikha (YouTube) 7.89

Modulbank is a service for individual entrepreneurs. And while other services of this type prefer to promote themselves through ordinary advertising on the roads, on the network, etc., Modulbank decided to take a horse step and promote itself darling through a comedy series.

We do not know how they are with the usual PR and advertising, but the series came out quite good. Its first episode has already been watched by about 2 million viewers, and this is only on the TV series itself, not counting pirated online viewing services and torrents.

And the tale in it is about the young losharik Bogdasha Kandaurov from Balashikha, who, having completed the courses "How to become a millionaire", already considers himself such. By his example, anyone will learn how NOT to do business. Bogdasha is a naive idiot in everything, not only in not realizing that he is an idiot. But with its help, any novice businessman will be able to learn about the main sticks in the wheels and pitfalls of the initial stage of the formation of his business.

Bogdasha safely ran into every stone and caught all the sticks, without exception. Well done. Perfectly showed how and what not to do!

12. Years (HBO) 7.80

Next in our top of the best TV series of 2019 is a joint project from HBO and BBC One, which means it will be definitely interesting. After all, such media monsters do not knit brooms.

The series was invented by Russell T. Davis. Pushing hard on a slegonets (or not slegons), the English master of inventing stories (he has a great many plots for the TV series "Doctor Who", "Torchwood", etc.) gave us a brief prediction about how events in the world will develop in particular in the UK over the next 15 years, starting in 2019.

In the center of the plot is one of the average families of modern England. We now know that every current British family, which has grown to three generations, must have at least:

  • One homosexual.
  • One offspring who decided on an interracial marriage and in parallel rotated in government circles and participated in a conspiracy against the people (even if immigrants from the continent).
  • One non-standard soul, trying to escape from everyday routine into a net with arms and legs, which later became the experimental subject of an advanced state-level project.
  • One lesbian, at the same time being an advanced blogger a la "For a just cause!"
  • Etc., etc.

The series shows how the life of such an "average" family of Great Britain will change, based on how events will develop and the economic, political and other atmosphere in the state and the world as a whole will change. And also how all these atmospheres can be influenced by one such average family in Great Britain. Such a gracefully gnarled pun came out.

T. Davis has come up with a huge amount of all kinds of news that will shock the world from 2019 to 2035. Among them:

  • An unrequited (what optimistic naivety!) US nuclear strike on one of the Chinese islands.
  • Trump's re-election.
  • Putin's appointment as president of USA for life.
  • Rising sea levels due to global warming and, as a result, widespread floods and inundation.
  • Total resettlement of refugees to the UK.
  • Seizure of (peaceful) Ukraine by USA.
  • Etc., etc.

It will be interesting. We guarantee.

13. Catch-22 (Hulu) 7.77

The next series from among the best for 2019 is based on the novel of the same name by Joseph Heller and tells about the unsuccessful attempts of Captain Yossarian (by the way, an Armenian by nationality) to get rid of combat missions. But this is only at first glance.

Upon further examination, it turns out that the tape turns inside out many orders and rules of that time, which, at times, not only contradict each other, but are also mutually exclusive, paradoxical and absurd.

The six-part tape is simply teeming with contradictions. Here are just a few of them:

  • It is impossible to evade combat missions, unless you, dear pilot, are mentally ill. But by submitting a report about your mental insanity, you, thereby, prove the opposite. According to the command, everyone who avoids participation in hostilities in order to protect their own life is a sane machine gun. So fly on.
  • It is impossible to remain sane while undergoing treatment in the hospital, because one of the patients is constantly grinding all kinds of nonsense at the top of his voice. But you cannot shut him up, since he has every right to do so. And you should, under his verbal diarrhea, recover as much as you can, while trying, at the same time, not to become insane from quite normal. So don't get sick more.
  • If your parents called you "Major", and your surname is also "Major", then in order to avoid confusion for the authorities, it is easier for them to immediately promote you to the rank of major. And you will become Major Major Major - "in law". Although you were in it. But who does this concern?
  • If you were assigned to a combat mission without registration, and you died on this mission, no one has the right to throw your things out of the tent until you are registered. But you are unlikely to be registered, since you died, which means that your things will be in the tent until the end of the war. I wonder where they'll go after the tent is assembled?

These are not all the Catch 22 curiosities listed. Watch the series. There are many more of them.

And everything would be fine if it was just ridiculous. But as a result of this confusion, people sometimes die ...

14. Morning Show (Apple TV +) 7.76

The next series, included in the top thirty for 2019, will spread the word “MeToo” inside and out to people. How it all begins, how it all happens and how it all ends. Yes, it will be very interesting to others. But the actors ...

That's when you will rejoice that the characters of the series are completely fictional and that no one really had to go through THIS. Although, there are many similar stories that took place in reality, and in which, after all, the most real, living persons involved are involved.

Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) and Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) are hosts of the popular Morning Show, an infotainment program like our Good Morning, only more rated, expensive and serious.

And then one fine moment one of the former employees, in the wake of the well-known movement, scribbles at Mitch and declares that he allegedly harassed her, which is why her whole life is now completely ruined.

Mitch, of course, immediately kicked out of the program and began to hastily look for a replacement, while trying in every possible way to reduce the problem of "harassment" on the channel to nothing. After a series of intriguing bureaucratic incidents and twists, the ambitious and wayward journalist Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) suddenly appears in the place of the second presenter, who, in pursuit of sensation and truth, is able to kill a rabbit in a bare field with a shovel.

And now, at a time when everyone on the channel is trying in every possible way to silence the problem of harassment, Bradley will open up and bring out so many details of this dirty business for others to see that he will be hanged to the authorities at the time.

15. Signs of Good (Prime) 7.74

If humanity is a relatively fresh phenomenon, then angels and demons, as we all know, have always existed. And not all of them trade in their own heaven or hell. A huge number of them "hang out" on Earth, among us - mortals.

Although, according to the next series in 2019, it is clear that most of them work here. While a couple of the main characters of the project - the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and the demon Crowley (David Tennant), are just having a good time here.

Having taken root among people from the very moment of the creation of this mortal world, they have become very attached to it both with their skin and gut. They are happy with everything around. For angels and demons, it's just a hell of a heavenly place. But all good (as well as all bad) comes to an end. In accordance with the prophecy, the moment has come when everyone and everything on Earth will have to be destroyed. The Antichrist himself must do this, and it is Crowley and Aziraphale who must introduce him into the world.

But these two nerds could not cope with even such an easy task as replacing babies in the hospital. Having confused the “human babies”, they put the Antichrist in the wrong cradle and raised the wrong child until the age of 11.

The hour of the apocalypse is approaching. The hellhound has already been sent in search of its master, and a detachment of horsemen of the apocalypse is about to be formed. And these two all in any way lost and doomed to self-development and self-education of the Antichrist cannot find.

16. Euphoria (HBO) 7.74

ChannelHBOis famous for its scandalous projects. Some of them, frankly, are teetering on the brink of a foul. The next best TV series of 2019 with the sonorous title "Euphoria" falls under this category.

By name alone, you can determine that drugs in the film will be over the roof. Well, since there will be a lot of drugs, then everything that comes with it will also be the sea. This is how you understand:

  • Sex. In one of the episodes, according to the "Parents' Television Committee" (in America, it turns out, there is one), manhood flashed on the screen as many as 30 times.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Scenes with smoking and widening.
  • Fights with parents (both adoptive and not so).
  • Other obscenities.

Of course, the show is of high quality. And, of course, it carries a global message. A young nymphet, who has become friends with drugs since childhood due to a combination of circumstances, is trying with might and main to break out of the vicious circle and find her place in this rotten world. Only she does it with somewhat roundabout and peculiar methods. And it is unlikely, having broken out of this "vicious circle", she is going to get into one where it will be much better. But that is not the question.

The question is that for a country that in every possible way promotes "democracy and a healthy lifestyle to the masses" such "truthful" serials can be shown more at a loss than at a profit. After all, for every 10 teenagers who have watched this "masterpiece" from HBO, there are only a couple of those who are imbued with what "adult uncles and aunts" tried to convey to them.

The rest will stupidly and dumbfounded admire, this is, they say, life! But shouldn't we still puff a joint and shove some more crap into our veins, like those on the screen! Well, and then bang someone under this case in the alley. Class, right?

Here it is - the bottom of a democratic society. Look, enjoy, draw conclusions as outside of "Rashka" everything is nishtyak and how easy it is to get out of this "nishtyak"!

17. Incredible (Netflix) 7.71

Another high-quality detective series, and this time, oddly enough, from Netflix, which in this genre still reveals itself to 100 very, very rarely. Everything turned out very well here. And if you take into account that a multi-part tape was put on the real events that took place, then the story becomes even more interesting.

In one of the towns of the American hinterland, a girl named Marie was raped. The rapist was wearing a mask, raped her for a very long time in several approaches, filmed the victim on camera during the breaks, then forced her to thoroughly wash herself in the bathroom and disappeared, as he never was.

The police officers who arrived, not only took the girl's testimony a hundred times, over and over again forcing her to experience this horror again and again, and also subjected her to medical execution (there is no other way to call the cold actions of doctors).

The girl, being under constant pressure from both the police and the guardians, was confused in the testimony, which is why the police completely considered her a liar and filed a lawsuit against her that she had lied to everything and in vain only took the police away from business, in as a result of which poor Marie almost thundered into prison and is now obliged to work out a fine in favor of the state.

But in another state, a couple of women detectives are already in full swing knocking out material on a serial rapist with similar parameters (mask, several approaches, washing in the bathroom, etc.) and will soon catch this goat. What will the police say, who lowered Marie below the plinth, when they find out that a photo with a girl whom they considered a liar were found on the maniac's computer?

18. Finding Alaska ( 7.69

Another best TV series of 2019 and another story of the happy life of American teenagers. This time, of course, everything is softer than in "Euphoria", but it was not without a lethal outcome.

The tape is based on the novel of the same name by John Green. She tells the story of a sixteen-year-old boy, Miles Holter, who comes to learn life in a new school with his strict rules and peculiar customs - Culver Creek.

From the very first minutes, having joined the "gang" of the Colonel - a roommate, he finds himself drawn into his squabbles with another gang of "correct" ones. The gang also includes a local girl named Alaska Young, with whom Miles falls in love until he loses his pulse and consciousness.

Teenagers have a great time smoking weed under the bridge, pouring beer down their throats and engaging in sexual intercourse, even though this is prohibited under pain of exclusion. And this measured life is interrupted overnight after Alaska disappears.

The world, split in Miles' eyes and mind into two halves "Before Alaska" and "After Alaska", will never come together now. Unless, of course, Aolyaska herself is not there to help him collect it.

19. Spy (Netflix) 7.67

The next series of our top thirty for 2019 is a spy story and, in fact, a biography of the famous Israeli intelligence officer Eli Cohen, which tells about his life from the moment he entered the service in the Israeli military intelligence, and then in the Mossad in 1960 year.

Despite the fact that his service in intelligence did not last long, it was full of a huge number of "critical" cases, which are devoted to the tape of French filmmakers. We will not retell the plot, so as not to discourage interest in viewing. Let's just say that this tape came out in our time not by chance. It is designed to once again show the progressive world how bad the Syrians are. And although they are not compared with the Americans, it does not get better in this regard.

And, of course, few people will think about the fact that, with a little magic, you can make up the same series about the Syrian intelligence officer, in which the Israelis will be exposed as "bad uncles". These are not our deeds, and the roots of these "deeds" go back centuries. But, whatever one may say, a negative opinion towards the Syrians will inevitably form after watching the film. This is the beauty of artistic cinema as a means of propaganda.

It is very symbolic that the role of Eli Cohen was played by his namesake - Sasha Baron Cohen. But to the disappointment of some fans of the Israeli intelligence agent, the English actor is not a relative of Cohen's spy.

20. What Are We Doing In The Shadows (FOX) 7.66

Few have not watched The Real Ghouls, a cool feature film released in 2014. The comedy came out great, in the wake of which the FX channel decided to expand the film to the size of a "circulation multi-episode". And he was right. Despite the fact that in our top of the best TV series of 2019, this masterpiece is only ranked 20th, it would be a mistake to skip it. Especially those who, for one reason or another, are not in a good mood.

The picture is an excellent parody of all movies, TV series and literary works about vampires that have ever been filmed or written anywhere. And it is about a family of whoopies, which are slowly but surely trying to assimilate in modern society. But modern society resists this with might and main, constantly ahead of them by at least a couple of centuries.

At some point, they invite cameramen and journalists, who are allowed to make a true documentary about themselves. What the documentary filmmakers actually do. And their material comes out, I must tell you, more than funny.

Bloody funny !


On this very pertinent Christmas Eve note, we end our roundup of the best TV shows of 2019. Look forward to the next part next week, but for now, all the best to you! Great mood for everyone, Merry Christmas and, as usual, more cool movies and TV shows!

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