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The brightest excerpts from Rage 2 reviews


Rage 2 will be released tomorrow, one of the most anticipated projects of this month and a rare game that does not try to build a serious "face" and pleases with an abundance of black humor with a sauce of self-irony. In addition, the game Rage 2 attracts attention with the participation of two well-known development studios at once: Avalanche Studios and id Software. Rage 2 had all the makings of surpassing the original 2011 shooter and becoming one of the biggest hits of the season, but unfortunately, the first reviews of Rage 2 paint a far from joyful picture.

On the review aggregator Metacritic, the total score of Rage 2 in the PC version stopped at 73 points. The result is quite decent, but it is worth remembering the first Rage, the computer version of which was rated 79 by critics. In general, the western press names the shooter component as one of the main advantages of the project, which has much in common with the restart of DOOM. Disadvantages - an open, but empty and unprincipled world, as well as a cliched plot.

The brightest excerpts from Rage 2 reviews: - 83

Rage 2 looked like a giant leap forward from its predecessor. And as someone who loves Avalanche's Mad Max, I can honestly say that id and Avalanche have worked well together, creating a frenzy that only they can handle. We will probably never be able to get a sequel to Mad Max, but with Rage 2 it is no longer needed. The game may not be perfect, but Rage 2 is full of fun and I expect to see more projects in the series in the coming years. At least I hope so.

IGN - 80

With a huge open world and a gigantic amount of upgrades to obtain, Rage 2 feels like an antidote for Far Cry fans who are tired of the familiar formula and want a fresh take on an open world shooter with RPG elements. While Avalanche may not fully understand what makes the world lively and dynamic, or how to make good use of vehicles, the game manages to retain interest and tension thanks to the dynamic combat system inspired by DOOM. With an ever-changing stream of weapons, abilities and upgrades, firefights in Rage 2 feel fresh, even when mission objectives are repeated.

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Game Informer - 70

Despite all the attempts to shine brightly, Rage 2 is a muted, cliched and boring gaming experience that relies on addictive shooting and endless battles, which sometimes look like the carnival of blood promised by the developers.

Shacknews - 50

As much as I want Rage 2 to work, it just doesn't offer the best of what 2 world-class studios with years of experience are capable of collaborating. At the moment I am not authorized to recommend the game for purchase at full price, I simply do not feel that there is enough content in Rage 2 to justify the price that the developers are asking for the game.

As a reminder, Rage 2 will be available at midnight May 14 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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