Impressions of the PC version of Death Stranding, the power of XSX Lockhart, new Worms - game news digest №1.07. Part two (Topic)

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Impressions of the PC version of Death Stranding, the power of XSX Lockhart, new Worms - game news digest №1.07. Part two


Also in the digest: Devolver Direct date, Avengers abilities in Marvel's Avengers, things we won't see in Cyberpunk 2077.

Screenshots, trailer and first impressions of Death Stranding on PC

GameSpot has released an exclusive trailer for the PC version of Death Stranding. In it we are shown not so much gameplay as bonuses for pre-order, as well as content that is available at the start of all PC players. For example, the PC version of the game includes Half-Life content, such as a headcrab hat.

ImagePC Gamer also shared their impressions of the game this week. Interest is fueled not only by the fact that this is Hideo Kojima's great and mighty project, but also by the fact that the game runs on the engine from Horizon: Zero Dawn, and it is certainly interesting how the console engine was able to take root on the PC.


According to the site's author, the game looks great in 4K and feels very responsive. The game never freezed and produced a stable frame rate. Except for a couple of moments in the cut-scenes with close-ups of the characters. The game doesn't offer a lot of graphics settings, but it's still enough to make it look good on many systems. Plus, it supports Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 for better performance.

It is played normally on the keyboard, but the feeling that the game is tailored for gamepads does not leave you, and the same control of the speed of the character's movement on it is much more pleasant.


The game will be released on PC on June 14 on Steam and Epic Games. We can safely assume that the port of Horizon: Zero Dawn will be no worse.

According to rumors, the budget version of XSX Lockhart is not much less powerful than the original console. Their difference is that Lockhart produces a lower image resolution.

For a couple of years now, there have been rumors that in this generation of consoles two Xbox will be available to us at the start. One of them already announced is XSX. And the second is its budget version Lockhart. This information was authored by journalist Brad Sams in 2018. He recently shared a few more rumors about Lockhart, aka Series S.

According to Sams, both consoles should have been released earlier. The XSX was due out in late August and the Series S in October. The transport of the consoles is also special. Xbox asks its partners to hide them in other enclosures: transport the XSX in PC enclosures, and XSS in Xbox One enclosures. By the way, this information also says that consoles will vary in shape and size.

It makes XSS cheaper because there is only one motherboard in the console, when there are two of them in XSX. In the early stages of development, there were concerns that optimizing games for two consoles would be difficult and lopsided, which would reduce the overall quality of XSS games. However, the fears did not materialize and the overall quality will not suffer. Sams writes that the consoles support the same set of technologies, but the first one is sharpened for 4K, and the second for 1080p.

A new Worms is getting ready for release

PlayStation Indies recently took place - an event where a lot of new indie games were shown. Recall that it appeared as part of Sony's program to support indie developers. Nine projects were announced at the event, and the most interesting of them was the new Worms Rumble.

Team17's next project is a 32-person multiplayer carnage with a side view. The main difference between the project and past games is not a turn-based game. This is now a real-time combat featuring cross-play, customization, and a service support model. The battle royale will also be brought into the game.

The game will be released at the end of the year on PC on Steam and on PS4 and PS5. Also read our story on the history of Team 17 and Worms.

Date of Devolver Direct announced

Continuing the theme of endless summer events from developers, Devolver Digital has revealed that it intends to hold its own online event dedicated to their games. It will take place on July 11 and will start at 22:00 Moscow time.


It will tell us about updates and additions to existing projects, as well as the release date of new ones. And of course, we will not be left without announcements.

Crystal Dynamics talks about Avengers ability in Marvel's Avengers

IGN recently spoke with Vince Napoli, lead combat system designer for Marvel's Avengers, where he explained how the studio works to ensure that each character is unique. Let's go in order:

  • Iron Man - He combines ranged and melee attacks with lasers. In total, Stark will have about 36 possible attacks for each range.
  • Captain America - Kep's gameplay is based on throwing a shield, with which you can fill long-range combos. Other characters can only stuff them in melee. Shield throws are based on timing, and hitting them successfully creates combinations.
  • Black Widow - The Widow is the most active in close combat and has many melee techniques, and with the help of an electric club she can carry out a powerful attack. Also, Natasha Romanova can attack from a distance using pistol firing with two hands. Plus, she is able to go into stealth right in the middle of a fight and stealthily attack enemies.
  • Thor - Thor's gameplay with his hammer throws is reminiscent of the combat system from the last Kratos, but unlike the God of War, the God of Thunder can also attack melee, and electrify himself for effective attacks.
  • Hulk - as in many other cases, so in this, the phrase "Hulk smash!" perfectly describes the abilities of the big green guy. In collisions, he can not only beat enemies with his bare hands, but also use environmental objects to attack, for example, grab a pillar and start hitting opponents with it. Plus, the Hulk can grab enemies and use them as weapons.
  • Ms. Marvel - Ms. Marvel's attacks are like a combination of all the Avengers' attacks. Most of all, they look like a combination of the Hulk and Black Widow attack.

As a reminder, Marvel's Avengers will be released on September 4 on PC, PS4, X One, Stadia. The game will also appear on new consoles at their release.

Wall and Genital Running - What We Won't See in Cyberpunk 2077

Alas, during development, many features come and go, and some generally censor from country to country.

So, in Cyberpunk 2077 there will be no wall-running, which we were shown in the gameplay video for 45 minutes in 2018. This was revealed by Max Pearce, the game's level designer.

According to him, the mechanics were removed due to the fact that it ceased to fit into the level design. However, the developer claims that the system for moving around the world as a whole has not lost anything.

But in the Japanese version of the game, users will not be able to enjoy all the variety of genital customization, if I may say so, and not only.

So, it became known that in Japan, male and female characters will be dressed in underwear, and some sex scenes will be revised. Also, the game will remove ads that contain genitals. And like the cherry on top of this cake of censorship - many moments with dismemberment and release of entrails outward will be redone or removed from the game.

It all looks especially strange considering that in Japan there is a lot of pornographic content in the free access. And the funny thing is that in Australia, where the censorship of games has been especially strong over the past few years, Cyberpunk 2077 will not be released with a cut, but with all its advantages of an adult rating.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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