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Inspector Combo Device


Many manufacturers have long been practicing the manufacture of combined devices that replace several gadgets at once. A radar detector, a video recorder and a navigator can be located in the same case. However, functionality often suffers from such combinations. The latter does not apply to Inspector products.

External data and equipment

Unlike many other analogs, the Inspector SCAT Se recorder comes with a wire for its hidden connection to a power source. In addition, there is a standard 12 volt adapter with a fairly long cord. Additionally, there is a device for attaching the device to the windshield. This is done with a suction cup and tape. It is especially relevant in winter, when the suction cup is ineffective in cold weather.

The bundle also includes a card reader and a cover. Only the flash drive is missing, which must be purchased separately.


Outwardly, the device looks like a smartphone, which was suspended using a special mount. Its body has no protruding elements, moreover, it is quite thin. It is united with other recorders by the presence of a camera. The plastic case is made of matte, this prevents dust from settling and makes handprints invisible.

There is a proprietary power connector on the right. On the other hand, opposite it, there is a 256 GB memory card slot and a program update button.

The recorder is turned on by pressing the mechanical button located on the front of the gadget.

The recorder does not have any other features, elements, connectors, it is easy to operate and maintain. You can notice the high-quality assembly of the product, it has no extra gaps and backlashes. It's no coincidence that it belongs to a Korean brand.

Management - everything is clear and simple

Inspector SCAT Se has a 3.5-inch screen. During the trip, it constantly displays up-to-date information, displays a picture from the camera. The driver always has data on the speed of movement, indicating its excess, if such a fact takes place. It also receives data about cameras and radars along the route.

The gadget has a small screen, but all the data is displayed sensibly, which allows you to see them even in passing. If law enforcement officers have any questions, then there is an opportunity to show the recording right there.


The product has touch control. All elements are of sufficient size and clearly visible. It is comfortable to use the control buttons.

Upon receipt of information about the presence of control systems, the combo device notifies about it immediately by visual and voice notification.

Combo device functionality

SCAT Se has a radar detector with signatures. With its help, it is really possible to "calculate" any modern tracking complex. It is possible to recognize laser radiation and low-power complexes.

At the same time, the noise suppression system is functioning well. In any locality, the device does not respond to towers of mobile operators, automatic doors and other signals that often cause false alarms in many similar devices.

Complexes "Avtodoria" and other systems that do not allow active radiation, the combo device is installed on the basis of previously entered geolocation data. To do this, it is necessary to regularly update the database. This will not be difficult, since they are freely available. Their relevance depends only on the owner of the car.


One of the most interesting features is eMap. With its help, you can switch between the "City" and "Highway" modes. It also adjusts the travel speed data.

The same functionality allows you to use the display of a map of a terrain area, on which data on speed, radars and restrictions are superimposed. All information is presented as a navigator. The speed readings change color when they differ from those permitted on a particular road section.


The "heart" of the recorder is the Ambarella A12A35 processor and the OmniVision OV4689 (1/3 ?) matrix. This combination produces good quality recordings with a high level of detail and a viewing angle of 1700. The resulting Super HD resolution gives a realistic representation of the environment on the road.

Inspector SCAT Se will be an excellent assistant for any car enthusiast. This hybrid will warn you about the radars in time and record all the moments of the trip.


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Author: Jake Pinkman