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AXPER Bullet is a good budget DVR


Finding a good and inexpensive DVR is not easy. Usually these products are chosen according to some of their criteria. In this case, something is usually sacrificed. Some devices provide good quality of shooting, others have large amounts of memory, and others have interesting functionality. AXPER Bullet product - combines many advantages of this type of product.

It has a magnetic mount, a Sony matrix, Full HD, a Wi-Fi module. Most importantly, its cost is less than 6,000 rubles.

The reason that a decent device has a low price in our country is simple. It is produced in USA.


TrendVision, which specializes in the manufacture of gadgets of this kind, has launched a line of similar devices. All of them belong to the budget segment. Now the AXPER brand symbolizes the production of products that have a low price, but are of good quality and high functionality.

Causes surprise

The novelty is striking at the first glance at it. First of all, it is tiny and has a magnetic bracket for mounting. Before that, DVRs belonging to the expensive segment were mounted in a similar way. It's already nice to see such a solution on the budget version of the model.

The lens of the device is not in the center, but to the left in the direction of travel. It protrudes a little, but this only gives the product individuality and does not spoil it in the least.

DVR AXPER Bullet has only one button. It is located at one of its ends. Its main function is emergency saving of the recording.

On the other end, there is a power connector and a slot for a microSDXC flash card.


The support for installing the gadget can be attached to the inside of the windshield by means of double-sided tape. This can be done once and then simply place the body of the device against the magnetic part of the support. If necessary, at any time, it can be easily removed without significant effort.

This method is especially relevant in USA courtyards, where there are criminal elements eager to take possession of someone else's property. Neodymium magnets to help the user from them.

Internal filling

It corresponds to the external data of the device. It is based on the GM8135S chipset, the matrix - Sony Exmor IMX 323. In addition, the optics pleased.

The lens has glass lenses working with an angle of view of 1500. The resulting image is of Full HD quality, its frequency is equal to 30 frames per second. The sensor's light sensitivity is high enough to allow shooting at night. The level of detail is high enough.

All this adds to the solidity of the AXPER Bullet DVR. It stands out favorably against the background of its competitors, which do not have and closely similar opportunities.

The device is also equipped with Wi-Fi. This is necessary to communicate with a smartphone if it becomes necessary to control the DVR as an action camera. For this there is a special application AXPER Bullet. When the device is connected to a power supply (for example, to the cigarette lighter socket), it is activated and the recording of what is happening begins. This can be done unnoticed by others. To interrupt recording, simply turn off the gadget.

The utility has few functions. They make the program easier to use. You can change the picture resolution, adjust the recording cycle time, mute the sound. Files can be easily imported into the smartphone gallery, or can be viewed remotely.

The device has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames / sec.

Experts assume that this video recorder will really appeal to motorists. Abundant functionality, coupled with a low cost, will raise it to the rank of folk. Whether it is true or not, the dynamics of sales of the device will show in the near future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman