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Three in one or AXPER Universal Pro


Many motorists nowadays use registrars, navigators or radar detectors. Moreover, often all three devices are needed at the same time. This leads to a clutter of gadgets on the dashboard or windshield.

Sometimes the situation is made easier by using hybrid devices. One of these is the AXPER Universal Pro, which is mounted on the rear-view mirror to greatly simplify the process of use.

Features and appearance

Proprietary operating systems form the basis of many DVRs currently on the market. As a result, they have limited functionality.

The USA-made device in question runs on Android 5.0, which significantly increases its capabilities.

The device is structurally installed on the rear-view mirror. In fact, it replaces him. If the mirror has an auto-dimming function, there may be installation problems. The reason for this is their dimension. They are wide and thick, so you have to think of something to mount the filling of the AXPER Universal Pro combo device.

After installation, you can only observe an ordinary mirror, which has an original and stylish design, which practically does not differ from the standard one.


Package contents

The package of the gadget additionally includes an adapter that allows you to connect the device to the on-board 12V network. In addition, there is an external GPS receiver antenna and a rear view camera. It is portable, so it can be fixed in any convenient place.

The model is equipped with a SIM card slot. This makes it possible to access the Internet. The manufacturer considered that this opportunity will be appreciated by taxi drivers, who will receive an additional way of accepting orders in the application. We can say that instead of a mirror, the user gets a smartphone that has an external GPS module and is equipped with cameras. All this is packed in a neat and decent shell.

Apps & Features

Thanks to the management of the Android OS, the device has received a number of features that its competitors do not have. He already has Yandex.Navigator and Google Maps in his memory, which allows him to immediately orient himself on the ground or build any route.

Thanks to the AntiRadar application, the driver will always receive information about the camera or the traffic police ambush in advance. Google Play allows you to install any other similar application.

The gadget is able to save energy, a special application has been trained for this, which turns off the camera when there is no need for it.


Some may ask a question about the use of a mirror in the body of which AXPER Universal Pro is mounted. It's very simple. It is enough to turn off the screen of the gadget, and you get a regular mirror. You can also use a rear-view camera, guided by the image that it transmits. Additionally, it can assist the driver while parking.

The possibilities of the gadget are not limited to this. It has a small speaker which makes listening to music possible. All you need is a memory card. There is also an FM transmitter that selects sound waves. Having done this, it is enough to tune the car radio to the selected channel, and you can enjoy the radio broadcasts. All information will be announced through the car audio system.

The presence of Google Play allows you to install anything you want: applications, instant messengers, games, utilities, etc. Available wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow distributing the Internet, diagnosing all machine systems using the Torque program.

One of the most important functions of a three-in-one device is video recording. It is performed at a decent level. With a few basic settings, taking pictures is not a problem. Upon impact or push, the built-in G-sensor will record the event, it will be saved in a special protected file. It will not be deleted during loop recording.

The gadget shoots in Full HD quality at 30 frames per second.

What the user of this device will receive in the end. A product that combines several functions does not take up much space and does not interfere with the view. It also has a wide range of additional features.

The cost of the device is 10,990 rubles, which corresponds to its functionality.

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Author: Jake Pinkman