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Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42 mm: smartwatch for active people


The popularity of wearable electronic products is growing. Here the trend is playing its role, inclining the population to a healthy lifestyle and the desire to always know the parameters of their body and some indicators of vital activity. In addition, many are captivated by the versatility of these gadgets, which can not only give out information about the user's physical activity, but also a lot of other information. Let's tell you more about one such product by Chinese developers.

Design and specifications

The package of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42 mm smartwatch includes a USB cable with a charger and a user manual. A feature of this product is the width of its strap, which is 20 mm, which is two 2 mm less than that of analogues.

The device has solid external data. It will look appropriate both on the hand of a businessman and on the wrist of an athlete or a simple worker. Much depends on the type of screen used. Some users believe that the watch is even more suitable for women, as they have more graceful hands, and for men it is better to consider the version with a larger case.


The body of the gadget is made of aluminum, its thickness is 9.2 mm. Impressions are added by two massive buttons placed by the developers on its right side. It is always pleasant to look at the quality screen of the product. Here it is 1.2-inch, color, AMOLED, has Corning Gorilla 3 protection + AF coating.

In addition to the NFC module, GPS + GLONASS watches are equipped with sensors: heart rate (heart rate), 6-axis acceleration, 3-axis geomagnetic, barometric pressure gauge, capacitive and external brightness.


The device received a 195 mAh battery. Any operating system can be used: from Android 5.0 or from iOS 10.0 and higher.

In addition to this version, the manufacturer offers one more - Amazfit GTR 47 mm. Here the numerical values speak for themselves. This modification has a case diameter of 47 mm, but this is not the only difference between the watches. The older modification is equipped with a more capacious battery with 410 mAh in reserve. This indicates its greater autonomy. This indicator more than doubles here.

Screen and gauges

The screen resolution of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42 mm is 390x390 pixels. It produces fonts that are crisp and do not blur and do not give out individual pixels.

Most users will enjoy the readability of the display, allowing them to view information even on a hot sunny day. You can also manually adjust the screen brightness.


The watch case is water resistant, class 5 ATM. In theory, this allows you to swim in them without fear, but in practice it is better to refrain from this. There is no need to be afraid of moisture getting inside the case if the user finds himself in the rain or accidentally wet the device while washing his hands.

The product is equipped with six sensors, but one is especially noteworthy. The one that takes heart rate readings. He does his job accurately and efficiently. During the tests, the data transmitted to it practically did not differ from the information recorded by the medical equipment.

GPS and GLONASS modules function flawlessly, which cannot be said about the NFC system. In our country, it is practically useless, since it uses the unclaimed Bluetooth 5.0 BLE protocol for communication.

Features, functionality and applications

The smartwatches in question are not just sporty, they are versatile. This is their main advantage. Using the screen of the gadget, it is possible to read from it SMS messages or information from social networks. Provided that all this comes to the paired smartphone.

They will also help to identify the caller by giving the appropriate signal. It can be sound or vibration. Especially such a function will be in demand by those who often visit busy places where it is difficult to hear an incoming phone call.

Some users will not like the lack of built-in memory. This will prevent, for example, connecting headphones to listen to your favorite tracks alone. Such files cannot even be transferred from another device.


For a more productive use of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42 mm, you need to install the Amazfit app on the paired smartphone. The program is not very user-friendly and has complex navigation. But it allows you to be interested in the quality of current workouts, to analyze them.

Particularly relevant is the information concerning the user's weight parameters. With the help of the application, it is really possible to set specific goals and objectives, monitor the dynamics of their implementation.

In total, the smartwatch allows you to use twelve sports modes: walking, training, skiing, cycling, mountain climbing, pool swimming, jogging on a treadmill, stationary bike, outdoor jogging, open water swimming, cross country running.

GPS and autonomy

Many owners of similar gadgets complain about the unacceptable operation of the GPS receiver. In Xiaomi Amazfit GTR 42 mm, this module works flawlessly. This is partly made possible by Xiaomi's policy of striving to update software as often as possible. The maximum error can be only a couple of meters.


The capacity of the built-in battery lasts for 12 hours of active use of the watch. This matches the manufacturer's data. With a sparing operating mode, the autonomy is several days.

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