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The coolest Instagram innovations that will allow you to quickly grow your audience


Today, Instagram is a very popular social network, more than one billion users have already downloaded the application to their smartphones and maintains their feed of interesting photos.

People watch any stars on this network, follow their friends and acquaintances, share photos from vacation or work, share the first steps of their children, celebrate buying a new car or moving to another city together.

But someone uses Instagram as another tool for making money, and this is understandable, because such a large audience will be of interest to advertisers and product manufacturers. All that remains is to grow the audience using the innovations from the developer.



Relatively recently, the Instagram application has the ability to leave stories - short videos that are delayed for 24 hours and then deleted automatically. Initially, many users were skeptical about such functionality, but today this idea has been intercepted by many competitors and it is in very high demand.

At the moment, stories are of higher priority content, they are displayed first for the user who logged into his account. That is why you need to make short and interesting videos to build your audience. Stories provide an excellent opportunity to keep the audience informed of all new events, make them go to your account, put likes on photos, and leave their comments. But engagement is the most important indicator of the success of your Instagram.

Just know: The more comments and likes your posts get, the higher your content is in general search, the more people can see it, the more subscribers you can get. Stories are a great way to get your subscribers to do something, as most users just watch posts, but don't comment or even like them.

Stories give you the opportunity to post different content, because the feed does not always allow it. Someone supports one style of photos or fills the account with only semantic content.

At the same time, Stories gives you the opportunity to post whatever you want, the story of your life, shoot short videos from your vacation, create a certain mood for your audience. This is good, because this is how you can grab the attention of the wider and more diverse audience that you need.

Live streaming


The live streaming feature is also relatively new, but today this feature is in great demand. You may have noticed the fact that users with a very well-promoted account very often use this function. It’s not just that, because this function gives you the opportunity to increase the audience of your account.

The main task of an active Instagram member is to maintain direct contact with their audience. People love live communication in real time, because it is very pleasant when their idol communicates with them right now, at this moment. This is why live broadcasts were created. The function is quite simple in its functionality, you launch the application, turn on the live broadcast and start filming. Your subscribers receive a notification that you have started a live stream and can watch it.

You can shoot whatever your heart desires, it can be a concert, it can be a beautiful landscape, you can just shoot yourself and answer subscribers' questions.

You will be asked questions in real time, you can quickly answer them, the more viewers you collect, the more lively your account is. If you have direct dialogue with your audience, you can grow your subscribers and achieve your goals much faster.

Show your followers that you are a real person, that you really pay attention to comments, you enjoy likes, ask your followers to be more active in the life of your account.

Instagram Questions


Quite recently, after the next update of the application, a function of questions from your subscribers appeared. The essence of this functionality is that you create a post in the form of stories, where you place a form with a request to ask a question. The user can directly write his question to his idol in this form. You see all these questions and answer them in the form of short videos or a voice message. This is a very interesting feature that is just gaining momentum and is useful in promoting your account.

Again, questions are there to keep in touch with your audience. The person who asked you the question will be very pleased to receive an answer. This is real communication that provokes the subscriber to take certain actions. If a person has spent his time and effort to ask a question, then he will definitely leave comments under the photo, he liked your posts.

Do not neglect these tools in order to consult with your audience. Everything that you do on your Instagram, you do for subscribers, you want them to be interested. But it is quite difficult to decide for other people what will be interesting to them. So why not ask them about it, the questions are perfect for this. Yes, you can do it during a live broadcast, but it takes up a lot of your time, you need to sit in front of the camera, wait for questions or ask the audience. Here you have created a post with a form and in the evening you answered all your questions or received answers to your question.

The psychological factor will also work here. After all, everyone is pleased when they listen to his advice and say that he gave a very interesting answer to this or that question. Praise your subscribers, say that you listen to their opinion to make the feed more interesting and rich. After regular communication with your audience, you can be sure that you will get an increase in subscribers. The number of general comments and likes will increase, your audience will become more active, which means more people will see your posts and some of them will become a new subscriber.

By the way, at least few people write about this, but you should know that at the moment you can attach photos and videos to responses only from an iOS device , Android users can be content with a colored background.

Instagram TV


During the next large-scale update of the application, users saw a new icon, clicking on which they got into a completely new content exchange environment. IGTV makes it possible to create long enough videos and upload them to your account, in a special section. This is a completely new way of sharing content, because previously only YouTube and some other less popular services provided such an opportunity, today you can share videos via Instagram.

You can exchange master classes on IGTV, conduct trainings, shoot videos from your trip, exchange plans for the future with your subscribers. If previously you occupied your subscriber for a few minutes and let him go, then with IGTV you can keep him occupied a lot more. There is a certain audience that is ready to watch long enough videos and listen to your stories. It is for such users that the new functionality is designed, the more time a user spends on Instagram, the better. This will attract the attention of those who previously did not pay attention to your account, you will show such people that your posts are interesting, that you are sharing useful content.

It should be understood that IGTV is a completely different trend of 2018. To satisfy the audience in this service, you need to offer them something more, not exactly what you have done before. Those account holders who only use Instagram do not always have the skills and equipment to shoot high-quality long video. If you're having trouble making good videos, then you shouldn't do it, or you need to learn.

Poor IGTV video quality can turn off the audience that has been with you for years, so use this tool, but do it carefully.

Instagram Ads


Advertising on a social network has been around for a long time, but not everyone realizes that you can advertise not only goods or services, but also your own account. Today, an automated system uses contextual advertising that focuses only on those people who will be interested in your account. There is no point in showing your ad to a million users, of which 100 will be your subscribers. It is much better to show ads to 1000 interested people, most of whom will become your subscribers. Such subscribers are more valuable, they comment on your posts, they popularize your account.

It makes sense to advertise only through Facebook, but not through promotions on Instagram itself. The effectiveness of the methods differs at times.

Advertising, of course, is paid, but it's really worth the investment. If you plan to use your account to make money or popularize your personality, then you should invest not only time and effort, but also money. Advertising is not very expensive, it all depends on how many users you want to attract to yourself. Launching it is quite simple, you just need to follow the step-by-step instructions in the application, after which it will be launched and start bringing new subscribers.

Instagram advertising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your audience on a social network. But you need to understand that it is important not only to attract the attention of a person and make him go to your account, it is also important to interest him and make him subscribe.

If you place an interesting post in an advertisement and attract the user's attention, but the account is empty or there is no useful information, then you will simply pay for the advertisement, but you will not get a subscriber. It is that is why initially you should work on your feed , after that you should already order an advertisement and get positive feedback from it.

Should I use all the innovations of Instagram

Undoubtedly, the added functionality of the updated application must be used by the owner of a successful account. By giving your audience something new, you increase interest in the information on your page. At the same time, experienced professionals have worked on adding new features and capabilities, they know exactly what will be in demand among subscribers, what will give them another innovation and how this will increase the number of subscribers in your account.

The special thing about all the new features is that they force you to keep in touch with your subscriber. This all makes the social network more interesting for advertisers. Instagram promotion is not a very difficult task, it is a common way to increase an attractive account for an advertiser. But by ordering advertising from such an account, the advertiser does not get the desired result, because the audience does not click on links, does not buy products, and does not popularize the brand. All innovations are suitable only for those who honestly earned the attention of a large audience, who have active subscribers.

Do not cheat followers if you want to make money on Instagram . If you have an account with more than 100,000 subscribers, then you will be interesting to the advertiser, but as soon as he sees a small number of likes under posts and a minimum number of comments, then you will not order any advertising.

If you do not have real subscribers, then no one will view your stories, no one will watch live broadcasts or ask questions, especially since no one will watch videos on IGTV. That is why all Instagram innovations will be of interest only to those who maintain a real blog, who have previously kept in touch with their subscribers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman