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Everything that can be useful to a real man anytime, anywhere


On these pages, our resource regularly talks about electronic products and gadgets from various manufacturers. Almost always, there are no divisions for products for men and women in reviews. This time it was decided to deviate from this tradition a little. This review will be devoted to products that will come in handy at any time for the stronger sex.

Multitools or tools and accessories in one body

You can never predict what might happen if plans for the day change quickly. It is not always possible to prepare for change in advance. Sometimes on the road you need to quickly repair something in the car, prepare a place for outdoor recreation or screw a couple of self-tapping screws in the country.

At the same time, you do not always have a special tool with you. Some simply do not want to carry it with them, cluttering up the trunk, already stuffed with everything they need on the road.

SOG multitool is useful for such men. Their interesting feature is the way of decorating the accessory tool. It can be made as a keychain, buckle or pen


The main advantage of this manufacturer's products is the improved design. It allows you to get a stronger compression, using the original mechanism or quickly activate a particular tool. To do this, install special buttons.

The SOG brand is well known to service people, the company produces a lot of equipment for military needs. In civilian circulation, of course, there are no devices that are necessary for scouts, but in nature they will almost certainly come in handy. The main thing is that such a multitool takes up little space, is almost invisible during transportation, and at the same time is always ready to work.

So, SOG Sync is buckle-shaped, SOG Baton is like a pencil. It can even be used for writing or drawing.

For those who prefer to work with more massive instruments, the SwitchPlier series is suitable. Also in the assortment there is PowerLock, a feature of which is the presence of nippers with a gear mechanism. It doubles the force of compression.

Prices for SOG multitools start at 1,010 rubles and end at 9,150 rubles.

Folding knives

Many men love knives. A good knife will help protect yourself, and will come in handy on a hike or fishing, and will not be superfluous in the household. They can cut ropes, open canned food, pierce hard materials and even chop branches.

The Mr. BLADE Ferat line of folding knives is distinguished by original design and special workmanship. At the same time, they are simple in device and easy to use. No extra effort is required to remove the blade. It is enough just to lightly pick up the pin with your finger. A bearing mounted on an axle screw will help to do the rest.


At the same time, the D2 steel blade locks securely in the open position and does not fold under load. Safety of use is ensured by the presence of a false blade on the butt and a handle made of quality material.

Those interested can choose other models. For example, M390 / TITANIUM is made of titanium alloy and Mr. BLADE Ferat Serrated has serrated sharpening (sawtooth or wavy blade).

Prices for Mr. BLADE Ferat knives are in the range from 5,440 to 25,240 rubles.


This gadget is useful and irreplaceable. It provides freedom of hands to perform any action and illumination of the space at a distance of up to 110 meters. The luminous flux emitted by the NITECORE HC65 flashlight is 1000 lm, which indicates its high power.


Don't worry about the autonomy of the device. Everything here is backed by a 3400 mAh battery. The manufacturer claims that it is capable of operating continuously for 800 hours and only after that will require charging. A micro-USB port is provided for this.

The lantern is protected against moisture and dust in accordance with the requirements of the IPX8 standard. He is not afraid of falls from a height of up to 1.5 meters, immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters.

The cost of NITECORE HC65 is 4,750 rubles.

Vacuum insulated thermoses

The weather doesn't always spoil us. Especially in the autumn-winter period. The slush and cold outside kill the desire to go somewhere or just take a walk.

In such a situation, a pleasant drink will help to cheer up, warm up or simply quench your thirst. Tea or coffee. But how to keep its temperature so as not to drink cold.

Stanley thermoses are well suited for this task. They are able to maintain the temperature of the product inside their flask for 15 to 48 hours. This is facilitated by the technology of vacuum insulation, in accordance with which the thermoses function.


The advantages of the company's models include rust protection, a wide assortment line, allowing you to choose products with a volume of 0.35 liters to 2 liters. Most of them have foldable handles for easy transport.

With Stanley thermoses, severe cold or heat is not terrible. Prices for them vary from 1 607 to 5 670 rubles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman