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Kitchen accessories from REDMOND and other manufacturers


Many of today's people use smart appliances in the kitchen. This allows you to program cooking, turn on the kettle at a specific time, wash dishes at a specified time, etc. Let's talk about some of the gadgets used for this. Among them are products of one of the most famous companies REDMOND, as well as products from other manufacturers.

Smart technology

Many refrigerators, kettles, grills, coffee makers have now grown wiser and began to oust their less intelligent counterparts from everyday life. There is a reasonable explanation for this. High-tech equipment knows its owners better, there is no limit to its perfection.

For example, the kitchen series of devices from REDMOND has more than 25 items, including ovens, multicooker, mini-bakery, etc. At any time they can prepare a lot of different dishes to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated gourmets.

At the same time, there is no need to look for recipes yourself and cook something yourself. You just need to load the necessary ingredients into the device and select the desired program. Then comes free time, which can be distributed at your discretion.

The technique will do everything on its own. At the end of cooking, the user will be informed about this.

All of the above fully applies to the SkyOven RO-5706S oven.


Many people know how they don't want to cook something after work in the evening. Here this device will help out. You can put a selected dish into it in advance and program it to cook for a specific time. At the same time, a lot of different settings are provided, access to which is real from anywhere on our planet. For connections to smart appliances, you can choose any method that the user considers preferable.

You can use Bluetooth, Internet capabilities, or something else.

One has only to press the button

The range of smart kitchen appliances includes a multibaker with delayed start functionality. It allows, for example, to taste delicious pies in the evening. If family members prefer to have dinner all together, then in this case, the smart device will not let the dish cool down. It will heat it up periodically for several hours.

In the assortment of similar gadgets there is a smart SkyScales scale that can count the number of calories in a prepared dish. They have a wealth of information about the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Thanks to the available some intellectual abilities, the smart thermo pot will monitor the maintenance of the set temperature for the set time. This ensures accuracy up to 10 C. It is possible to lock its control panel. This will allow you not to worry about children who love to push pretty buttons.

The main feature of SkyKettle kettles is the ability to boil water by them at a time specified by the user. They know how to determine the right time required for boiling water when preparing a particular type of tea, baby or sports nutrition.


Commands for cooking can be given remotely, for example, on the way home from work. You can brew tea immediately after entering the apartment. While the person is changing clothes, the drink will be finished.

Together with Alice

Since this year, REDMOND gadgets have teamed up with Yandex, which has increased their capabilities. The result was a friendship with voice assistant Alice. Now you can only give the command “Alice! Turn on the kettle! " and a competent technique will fulfill its task.

The most important thing is that you can command not only in the immediate vicinity, but also from another room and even from any other distance. The R4S Gateway application is provided for this.

Initially, coffee makers, kettles, grills and multi-bakers met and made friends with this assistant. Yandex and REDMOND noted that this list will soon be replenished. The number of voice features will also increase in the near future. Therefore, the cooking process will be simplified.


Technological progress allows a person a lot, including it improves his life, gives more opportunities for this. It is possible that the quality of the products prepared in this way will soon become one of the best, and Alice will create her own cookbook.

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Author: Jake Pinkman