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The most unexpected Easter eggs and secrets of Far Cry 5


After the release of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft has discovered a gold mine. If you listen closely, you can hear how bottles with expensive champagne are being opened in all studios of the French publisher, because in the first week alone the game brought the creators more than $ 300 million in profit. You can find out what caused such a stir from our review of Far Cry 5, and today we invite you to get acquainted with the craziest Easter eggs and the secrets of a new shooter in the open world.

Despite the setting of the American hinterland and a serious story about religious cultists, in the game Far Cry 5, the developers found a place for humor and numerous references to other media entertainment, which will be pleasant to find attentive gamers.

PUBG Frying Pan

It is obvious that Ubisoft is closely following the gaming trends of recent years and simply could not ignore the popular multiplayer action movie PUBG. All gamers who are familiar with this game hit know very well that one of the most popular weapons in PUBG is the bulletproof frying pan. So, on one of the mountain peaks in Far Cry 5, you can find a dead man with this very frying pan in hand. As you can see, even a bullet-proof frying pan is not able to save you from the ubiquitous campers.

Imp from The Witcher 3

Almost all of us love The Witcher 3 and equally hate the demons from this RPG - overgrown moose who can blind the hero and suddenly attack from the misty haze. And quite unexpectedly in Far Cry 5 it was to meet exactly the same demon! True, it is smaller, but all other attributes are in place: red eyes, fog and unexpected sneak attacks. To find it, you need to take the quest "Judge-moose".

Vaasa figurine

All fans of the Far Cry series will surely remember Vaas from the third part - a psychopath, a drug addict and just a person who knows a lot about madness. Of course, Vaasa cannot be found in Far Cry 5, but you can find a small figurine with his image. To do this, you will have to go to the outskirts of Folsend and along the road you will see a crashed bus. This is where the head shooter of one of the most popular villains in the Far Cry series is located.

Aliens and a Half-Life 2 reference

There are enough strange characters in the new Ubisoft shooter, but Larry Parker surpassed them all. This eccentric believes in UFOs and is going to build a teleport to another dimension. If you help him in his difficult mission and set up a teleport, then Larry will want to try his car in action. If you manage to run into the teleport with him, you can see a blurry image of alien xenomorphs. This moment is obviously a reference to Half-Life 2 and to one of the first missions in the game, when Gordon enters Dr. Kleiner's teleporter and appears for a second near the ichthyosaur.

Tower from Firewatch

The story of the forest ranger Henry from Firewatch has found a large number of fans, including Ubisoft, who made a small reference to the game in Far Cry 5. In one of the quests you will have to climb a tower where you can find an audio tape. If you play it, the woman will begin to tell the story of what happened to her on the tower and the audio recording will be interrupted at the most interesting moment. The exact same cassette can be found in Firewatch, and the name of the watchmaker in Far Cry 5 is Henry. Coincidence? We don't think so.

Clown Pennywise from It

In addition to games, the developers paid tribute to one of the main movies of 2017 - It. The requirements in Far Cry 5 to find this Easter egg are simple: according to one of the quests, the player will look into the house of a famous maniac in Hope County. It seems to be nothing special, but a red ball, and a cassette with a recording of evil laughter directly points to the famous horror based on the book by Stephen King.

Blood Dragon Movie Set

We conclude our selection of Far Cry 5 secrets with a reference to another popular Ubisoft game, Blood Dragon. If you explore Hope County thoroughly, you will come across an eccentric filmmaker looking to make his dream movie, Blood Dragon. On set, you can find posters from the Far Cry 3 expansion and some purple eggs from the game.

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