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How the iPhone X is expected in USA


On the third of November at 08:00 in USA they will officially start selling another development from Apple - iPhone X, which should kick off a new decade of the history of apple smartphones.

The excitement on the eve of this event turned out to be much higher than before the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. This, however, is not surprising given that the eighth model is considered by many to be the most disastrous version of the iPhone in its entire existence.

Is iPhone X so popular?

As always, the model could be purchased in pre-order. According to the data published by the Svyaznoy chain of stores, the number of pre-orders of new items from Apple in Svyaznoy and C-store exceeded the same figure for the iPhone 8 by two and a half times. Moreover, more than half of all pre-orders were also prepaid.

As of today, the iPhone X with 64 GB memory costs 79,990 USA rubles, and with 256 GB memory - 91 990 rubles . Most USAs, apparently, consider the difference of 12,000 rubles to be incommensurate with the difference of 192 GB, since a significant part of pre-orders is for the more expensive model.

Of the presented shades, the most popular on the USA market is still "gray space". At the same time, almost half of the applications, traditionally, were issued by residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Queues in front of stores for iPhone X

Queue for iPhone X in Moscow
Photo © MIA Rossiya Segodnya

Not all Apple fans living in USA have taken care of pre-ordering new items in advance. Many people want to purchase a model straight from the storefront on the day it goes to market. Therefore, in front of the shops "re: Store", according to tradition, queues of people in need line up.

In the evening of November 1, people began to gather near the point of sale of apple gadgets on Tverskaya Street in Moscow. We were not mistaken with the date: they really came to the store about 1.5 days before the sale of the iPhone X begins in it. And this despite the fact that the weather is now not May, and negative temperatures at night have become the norm. p>

However, some users claim that people keep a list in front of "re: Store": they add all new arrivals to it, go home for the night, and early in the morning they exclude those who did not deign to return from the list.

We did not personally check the system (it is very cold for a long standing in one place), but we hope that it works like this. Otherwise, there will soon be several dozen more patients with angina in the capital.

Earnings on iPhone X

sell queue space for iPhone X

As of noon on November 2, eyewitnesses estimated the size of the queue at Tverskaya at about 200 people. In the evening it was already about 400-500 people. According to the state of the Avito site at the same time, it became clear that not everyone in the queue really wants to be the first to get the coveted iPhone. Many decided to use the only store in Moscow, where the novelty will be released for free sale, as a way to earn extra money.

The owners of places in the queue in front of the store offer to purchase these very places for various amounts. In theory, the cost of a "service" should depend on how far from the beginning the "seller" is, but in reality, few people indicate this in the descriptions.

Someone asks for 10-15 thousand rubles for the opportunity to spend 80-90 thousand rubles on the iPhone X, someone even requires 60 thousand rubles. Cunning Muscovites also use the fact that in “re: Store” it is allowed to buy two gadgets in one hand, and offer those who wish to purchase a device on a prepaid basis and for a certain fee.

In a word, if you have money for the iPhone X, several tens of thousands of rubles to be one of the first to purchase it, and you don't want to stand in line, then the flag is in your hands. However, remember that a limited number of devices will be brought to the store, and when you open “re: Store”, not only the first in line, but also overly bold and arrogant personalities can run into it.

It's just important not to forget that a place in the queue is not a guarantee of purchase. It may be much easier to order a novelty from the USA or, for example, buy it in a chain store outside of Moscow.

Is it worth it?

iPhone X

The foreign press praises the iPhone X in every way. Among domestic journalists and bloggers, there are also many who sing lofty odes to the novelty, although some shortcomings of the fresh gadget were still noticed. For example, the iPhone is now deprived of the familiar Home button, and long-term holding of the side key does not turn it off, but calls Siri. Therefore, now, in order to turn off your device, you will have to simultaneously press this key and the volume down button.

Not everything is clear with Face ID technology either. More precisely, according to the description, everything is clear: she will work excellently, she will recognize you even in a Halloween costume, from a wild hangover or after sex reassignment surgery.

How things will be in practice - time will tell. At the same time, Apple's refusal to use Touch ID has overgrown with a considerable number of rumors and gossip. Say, eminent developers simply failed to make this technology workable, and therefore completely replaced it with another one.

But enough about rumors. Soon, the iPhone X will appear decisively for everyone who wanted to get it, and everything secret will become clear.

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Author: Jake Pinkman