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Top 30 Best Horror Films of 2019: Part 2


Horror films are interesting not only because they allow anyone to enjoy the stupidity of people in a non-standard and life-threatening environment. Our top 20 best horror movies of 2019 are also shown to those suffering from dire depression. After all, what will not cheer up a person like not realizing that some, it turns out, are even worse.

Welcome to the continuation of the top, in which there will be no less great horror films than in the starting part. And we will start the top ten with the production project of the author of the sickly "Forms of Water" Guillermo del Toro ...

11. Scary stories to tell in the dark (USA, Canada) 6.10

No, this is not a collection of short films, as the title suggests. The next horror movie of 2019 is somewhat vaguely reminiscent of a cross between "Call" and "Destination". The film is similar to "The Call" in that a certain inanimate object of everyday life acts as a harbinger to murder (in "The Call" it was a videotape, here is a book). The masterpiece smacks of the inevitability of “punishment” for all the actors in turn.

The action of the horror film takes place in the 70s of the last century in the small town of Mill Valley. From the very beginning, a gang of teenagers under the command of Tommy made fun of the garden scarecrow named "Harold", after which their leader gave this very Harold a good blow in the head with a baseball bat.

It is clear what he will get from this scarecrow later. The only question is in what way it will take revenge on the young idiot.

Next, another gang (Stella, Chuck and Auggie), who are at war with Tommy's gang, makes them a prank, as a result of which Tommy drives into the fence in his car.

By all accounts, it is clear that revenge of some juvenile idiots cannot be avoided by others.

After that, Stella and her friends decide to show a random stranger Ramon an old abandoned "haunted mansion" - a local landmark, about which there are a lot of rumors, each worse than the other.

By all accounts, it is clear that they will trample there at night, and that some trash will definitely happen to them there.

Having survived not the best moments of their lives in the mansion, they nevertheless escape from his clutches and become the owner of a strange book, which on its own empty pages writes stories with the blood of victims who have not yet been killed.

By all accounts, it is clear that everything written immediately comes true.

Stella knows about this, but there is nothing she can do about it. To stay alive (the storyteller will soon write a book about her), you still have to look for a way out of the situation. We will observe her actions with interest.

12. Trap (USA, Serbia, Canada) 6.01

The story of this 2019 horror movie is not new. And although his script is considered original, but the advent of sea monsters into human homes by means of flooding, we have already passed many times. Suffice it to recall at least the story from the novel by Robert McCammon "The Life of a Boy", where the main character - a kid named Corrie - saved another - a smaller asshole from the alligator (just like it was he), standing on a table in a room with an arriving river water.

In this case, the flooding was caused not by a long heavy rain, but by a strong hurricane, which, having hit the coastal areas of the long-suffering Florida peninsula, brought with it not only an increase in the water level, but also alligators.

In the center of the plot is a swimmer named Haley, who, having learned about the storm warning, hurries to the coastal zone to rescue her father. In theory, her father, as it turned out, was quite capable of himself and he could get out of the danger zone on his own. But, as is usual in horror films of this type, he climbed into the basement to fix some problems and, having entered into an unexpected confrontation with the reptiles, safely lost consciousness at the scene. So, my daughter looked into the water.

After going around the police cordon, which does not allow civilians to enter the danger zone, she arrives home and discovers that her dad is not in it. Some sounds are heard from the basement and she also goes downstairs. Finding a sugar daddy, she is immediately attacked by an alligator.

Daddy is very heavy, and Hayley cannot lift him up herself. Water abides. The iPhone is crushed by an animal. Considering that almost all the alligators of the local area gathered in the basement for some reason, the salvation of the daughter and her father is not seen in rainbow colors.

13. Curse of Annabelle 3 (USA) 5.91

The plot of the adventures of the evil Annabelle doll often intersects with the canvas of "Conjures" and "Curses of a nun" ("Curse of the weeping one" - there). But we will not delve into the jungle of prehistory, as well as the consequences. Let's talk about the early 70s, when Annabelle again managed to "escape", now from the conspiracy closet, in which she was imprisoned by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

One fine day, when the spouses left for a neighboring city on their professional duties, this creature was again "free". Nanny Mary, whom the demonologists hired in this horror movie to look after their ten-year-old daughter, managed to invite her friend Daniela to the master's house, who, out of stupidity and naivety, released the spirit trapped in Annabelle to walk around the vault.

This spirit, having teamed up with the rest of the spirits languishing in the basement, prepares a lot of chilling surprises for the heroes of the picture. It will be very interesting.

14. Little Monsters (UK, Australia, USA) 5.80

One of the main characters of the next rated horror movie of 2019 is a guy named Dave. He is a real selfish and a scoundrel, which the world has never seen. By his 30s, the only thing he can do is strum the guitar, standing at the entrances to the subway.

Meanwhile, he has an ex, with whom he constantly swears and a sister, with whom he now lives since they fled with the ex. The sister, in turn, has a five-year-old son, Felix, whose naivety Dave uses for his own selfish purposes. In particular, with his help, he again tries to get along with his ex, and when this fails, with his help, under the guise of a loving uncle, he tries to get acquainted with the teacher of the nephew.

But a local zombie apocalypse intervenes in his plans, the starting point of which is at a secret base located a few kilometers from the place where the black teacher Miss Caroline took a group of kindergarten for a walk.

Thus, inflamed with zeal to ride with the kids, Daniel will be forced to defend the unsuspecting kids, who were told that the terrible bloody mess that was happening around was just a planned theatrical performance.

Go David. This is not your guitar strumming. We will cheer for you.

15. Villains (USA) 5.80

There are such coincidences in the West, when the premieres of pictures very similar in plot take place almost on the same day. For example, last October, two different versions ofWells' War of the Worldswere released. And earlier, in the month of March, with a gap of only two days, the premiere of the films "Villains" and"In a still whirlpool" took place,in which the main characters, finding themselves in other people's homes, are forced to wage a war for life , and to death with the abnormal owners of these dwellings.

The next comedy horror movie of 2019 will tell the story of two aspiring reckless thieves - Mickey and Julie, who rob the cashier of a store and take their feet from the police. And everything went almost perfect until their vehicle burst a tire. They see the lapel leading to some suburban mansion, and having reached it on foot, they decide to steal a car parked in the garage.

And everything would be fine if a couple of crazy owners did not live in the house. They babysit a doll with a porcelain head, while in their basement, like a dog, a living child (girl) is chained to a pole.

And in light of the fact that the shibanut owner has a pistol, our would-be thieves will soon be chained to a pole next to the little girl. How they will get out of this complex situation is beyond my comprehension.

16. In the tall grass (Canada) 5.79

Thisfresh horror-2019we, among others, advised our readers to watch in the past year. Anyone interested can follow the italicized link to a page with a longer description, among other things containing a link to a free online viewing resource.

This horror movie is based on the story of the same name byStephen King, which is intriguing in itself. And he talks about how easy it is to get lost in thickets of tall grass, going deep into it even a dozen meters. And although here all the action develops near the highway, along which cars scurry every now and then, some people manage to wander around here for days on end, eventually dying of hunger and thirst.

And a fairly noisy highway, which in itself should become a stable landmark for the lost, does not save anyone. Neither do the screams of the lost themselves save the lost. And all because the field of tall grass has the magical ability to hide sounds, create hallucinations and deceive the lost in every possible way.

And the reason for this is a mysterious meteorite (we will assume that it is a meteorite), sticking out in the middle of thickets of tall grass. And the one who comes out into the clearing and touches this stone block with his hand ...

In general, see for yourself. We've said a lot already.

17. Ninth (USA) 5.77

If in Stephen King's novel "The Dead Zone" a man with extrasensory abilities, John Smith, helped the police to catch a maniac in North America, then why should a person with extraordinary abilities not help the police to catch a maniac in USA in the 2019 horror film "The Ninth"? And so that no one had the idea of plagiarism, the authors of the script placed the entire action at the time of the late 19th century.

But, not only. They covered the backbone borrowed from King with idiotic, but “original” details, which made the story seem naive to the point of gritting teeth.

A bloody maniac is at work in St. Petersburg. The police are prostrated. Once the detectives leading the case - officer Rostov and his assistant Ganin - wander into a speech by the British witch Olivia Reed, after which the senior investigator's skeptical attitude towards the occult has noticeably shaken.

After being a little "suspected", Olivia is imbued with understanding for the needs of the police. She responds to Rostov's offer to contact the souls of the victims of the maniac with consent, and from that moment the matter went.

Right, where is the plagiarism? There, Smith obtained evidence and information, touching the things of the innocent murdered, and here the aunt and the detective directly interrogate the spirits themselves.

Nonsense, and nothing else.

18. Eli (USA) 5.76

Another horror movie 2019, which we advised our readers and subscribers to watch last year.This filmis one of those that at first seem impossibly naive and contradictory, but the ending of which all naive and all contradictions rehabilitates, making the plot the most sober and quite reasonable.

The hero of a horror movie is a boy named Eli. He was born a completely normal boy, but at the time of the onset of puberty, strange things began to happen to him. His skin and insides began to "burn" even when in contact with normal air.

Due to his terrible allergy to fresh air, the guy was forced to live in a "bubble", the air of which was cleaned of germs, until his parents found a clinic that deals with the treatment of such rare ailments.

But the doctors of the clinic, just like the parents, were very strained by their inappropriate behavior towards the child. They arrange some suspicious "sessions" of treatment, as a result of which Eli only gets worse.

In between sessions, Eli meets one of the local girls through an armored observation window, suspiciously similar to Max from Stranger Things. She, in turn, throws him food for thought, telling him that he is not the first one to be buried here soon, after which Eli ...

Time to tie. Next is the spoiler.

19. Kids Games (Canada, USA) 5.74

The horror franchise, into which the 1988 film of the same name swelled, is already bursting at the seams. After all, up to and including 2017, Hollywood filmmakers managed to stamp as many as six sequels to the original horror film.

But this 2019 horror movie is not a sequel. Rather, it is a painting designed to kickstart the restart of the franchise.

Where is the lion's share of high-tech gadgets, toys and other consumer goods produced today? Of course, in China. Therefore, of course, the Chinese are to blame for everything that happened in the film.

At the assembly stand, one of the Chinese workers, being in a state of terrible depression, removed the control chip from one of the Buddy dolls and turned off the block of programs responsible for safety. Then he collected the doll, packed it and safely committed suicide by throwing himself out of the window.

So it is not completely clear what prompted the poor Chinese to commit all these actions. It indirectly hints that a certain "spirit" of Chucky from the previous picture is to blame for everything, because later, after the first inclusion, the doll several times tries to assure the owner that her name is not Buddy, but Chucky.

Further, the action is transferred to America. One of the main heroines of the film works as a technical support manager in the sales department of these dolls. Once, another defective model was brought to the warehouse, which the woman secretly took home and fed her son.

Son and his friends, being unaware of the fact that the high-tech brains of the Buddy doll, devoid of security protocols, are essentially self-aware, self-learning artificial intelligence, clog his memory with all sorts of rubbish, as a result of which the doll is not at all on the "bright side of power" ... One by one, Buddy eliminates unwanted creatures, and the main distribution is already around the corner.

In 2020, TV channelSyfy commissioned a whole series called "Chucky". But that will be a completely different story. Yes, there will be a killer doll in it, but it will rather be a continuation of the old franchise than the new one. Let's look forward to it.

20. Burn, Burn Clear (USA) 5.71

In this 2019 horror movie, the Antisuperman came to the world. Indeed, who said that a child who flew in from space and endowed with the powers of Superman must grow up to be honest, disinterested, conscientious and compassionate? What if he is a vicious and selfish self-lover who hates everyone and everything that stands (or does not) stand in his way?

It's not entirely clear how Tory and Kyle Braer managed to adopt a child-in-law, but that's exactly how it happened. Probably, they said that someone threw the baby under the door. In fact, in the middle of the night, this baby starred at their site from the sky on an alien ship, which the Braers safely hid in the basement of one of the outbuildings.

For some time, the child grew up quite adequate for himself. But the further, the more the child began to show signs of aggressiveness and other habits, skills and emotions that were inappropriate for a child and a human being. Soon, the child, named Brandon by the adoptive parents, begins to hear his ship hidden underground.

From now on, it is not the parents who are involved in raising the child, but the ship. Therefore, it is not surprising that further events and actions of Brandon led to such dire consequences.

Although, why heavy? Brandon is only happy about this.


The final part of our top 30 best horror movies of 2019, look forward to next week. Moreover, there will be even more blood and horrors in the next ten than in the previous parts. Oddly enough, but the lower the rating, the more bloody in horror films. And at the same time, there is less sense in the actions of the main characters.

But when did that stop someone from watching horror movies?

All the best to you. Take care of yourself, do not get into trouble and more cool movies and TV shows for you!

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