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CBS Films scary stories find a storyteller

Image The success of Mysterious Events and It seems to have helped revive the interest of Hollywood studios in stories of small groups of children confronting absolute evil. Deadline reports that the management of the CBS Films film studio has decided to get off the ground with the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" movie.

The California studio acquired the rights to film the eponymous children's book series by Alvin Schwartz back in 2013. At the beginning of last year, the master of suspense and horror, Guillermo del Toro, joined the work on the project. The Mesikanets intended to take the director's chair for the film, but in the end chose to confine himself to the production functions. The new helmsman of "Horror Stories" was appointed Norwegian Andre Ovredal, who, with his work on the films "The Troll Hunters" and "The Demon Inside", proved that he knows how to tickle the nerves of the audience well.

The details of the plot of the film are still kept secret. To date, it is only known that the main characters of the chilling horror will be teenagers who will have to investigate a series of mysterious deaths of the inhabitants of a small town.


Schwartz's first collection of eerie stories was published in 1981. The American Library Association found Alvin's storytelling style and Stephen Gummell's illustrations so inappropriate for children that it tried to remove the book from all US libraries. The scandal around "Scary Stories" only fueled public interest in the writer's work. To date, Schwartz's book cycle has sold seven million copies.

It is expected that filming of the horror film will start next summer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman