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Battlefeild V: What We Learned in Open Beta


It's no secret for many that the next part of the battle has become a rather controversial project in the gaming media space.

Massive hate on the part of gamers led to low pre-orders, insane customization, although it was cut out, caused a lot of noise, and the fact that the phrase white man in the group chat of the game is considered obscene language was ridiculed by more than one hundred gamers and game publications .

However, DICE made a knight coup with their open beta, which improved the situation on the fifth battleground. Despite the frank pipeline of the game, many critics confidently called it a revival of the series.

War will have your face ... but a little later

In short: Customization and colorful ponies coming later


As a lyrical introduction, it is worth starting with the costamisation of characters and weapons. The developer positions the project in such a way in which gamers can create an individual character for themselves: customizing the appearance, skills, equipment. However, in the beta version this is not done well. The funny thing is that this particular item was the hottest in the BFV discussions, but this is the one with the least we deal with in the beta.

You can customize your characters and vehicles in the "Your Team" panel. We are provided with four classes of characters: attack aircraft, scout, support, medic, as well as several types of ground vehicles and aircraft. Global things like face painting, changing clothes, and small details like this have not yet been implemented. All we can do at the moment is change the design of the weapon and attach upgrades to it. And then, painting the weapon completely will not work, but only some of its parts.

To improve it, you will have to get special points. The buildup, by the way, is not linear. DICE promises to have detailed customization later.


In short: Bending solo has become more difficult, since there are not enough ammo and health is not regenerated to the end


The emphasis in the beta is on the team system. It has now become a vital element of battlefield survival, allowing for the full charm of the fifth installment. To drag a match, you need well-coordinated teamwork from all 4 classes. Each member of the squad, even without a medical specialty, can carry a wounded comrade.

By the way, this innovation is quite remarkable and adds atmosphere. If you are injured, then there are two options: either wait for death and respawn, or yell so that the team members can hear you. This creates a unique atmosphere of stress and adds seriousness to the fight. The game itself is quite immersive thanks to sounds, communications between soldiers, shouts, sounds of flying bullets, etc.

Returning to teamwork, as an example, we can cite support, without which you cannot survive, since in the fifth battle there is an acute shortage of cartridges. And if there is no support soldier nearby, you will have to constantly run to the supply boxes in the hope of not getting shot. And the squad leader can summon tacis, airplanes or a missile strike for help.

You can feel the beauty of teamwork in the "Big Operation" mode on the Narvik map. Here fortifications play an important role, which can be erected in certain places and successfully hold back the defense while the enemy is advancing from one side. The fights are meaningful, not random.

Capture may be suitable for singles who don't particularly like teamwork. In addition, the second available map of Rotterdam is a great place to experience the gameplay: meat, explosions, bullets. In this mode, the situation changes rapidly due to the quick capture of points, and respawn to any member of your squad.

God, how detailed I am!

In short: There are more animations, weapons work differently, the hero has become more skilled (you can crawl on your back, for example). The game's themes fell due to the emphasis on teamwork.


Running on the field has become smoother in terms of animation, and is a polished system from Battlefield 1. It has become varied: soldiers' turns, getting in and out of vehicles, peeping around the corner - all this is drawn and pleasing to the eye ... The feature of knocking back the hero with a blast is especially pleasing.

The developers have also brought to mind the spread of bullets and the balance of weapons: the first few bullets fly right on target, and only then they begin to change their trajectory. The very pace of the game has slowed down towards a thoughtful gameplay.

The appearance has no problems, the design of each card is different and drawn, the picture is not at all static. If you tweak some of the animations, then the fifth battle will have no problems with the appearance. The sound design is also great.

As for the historical component, for example, the presence of African Americans in the Nazi troops, then the fact is that the developer of the series spoiled gamers with a rich costamization and a large arsenal, so historical realism fades into the background in the direction of vigorous gameplay. Well, at least we can play in the company of the Germans

Is the war changing?

Yes, and for the better. The new battle has interesting innovations, but they are completely covered by a huge number of bugs and crashes. Of course, according to critics, the project has a future, in addition, the battle royale awaits us, but BFV still has a lot of technical refinement to go through. This also applies to the notorious system of destruction, which is lame.

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Author: Jake Pinkman