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German campaign confirmed and fixed in Battlefield 5


The Battlefield 5 announcement trailer is a massive flop for DICE's iconic shooter series. Most often, the video was criticized for its chaotic production and completely insane character customization, which turns the game about the Second World War into a parody action movie of the "B" class. And if you have so far refused to buy the game just because of this moment, then we have good news: in a recent stream, the developers confirmed that they had abandoned various customizations for the sake of realism, and also spoke in more detail about the storyline companies of Battlefield 5.

It is worth noting that DICE did not specify exactly how the customization would be realistic and which elements from the first trailer would not appear in the game. It can be assumed that prosthetic hands fell under the knife, it was this element of the character that was most criticized by the gaming community. This is also hinted at in the Battlefield 5 open beta, in which no prosthetic arms were seen.

Battlefield 5 trailer

Now let's take a closer look at the story campaigns called "War stories". Expected 4 chapters for different characters, revealing WWII from different perspectives:

  • Nordlys. In the center of the plot is the story of a Norwegian girl from the underground resistance. For her, it is not so important to drive the Nazi invaders from their native land as to save their own family.
  • Under No Flag. The main character will be a former British criminal. Not having a very good reputation, but a lot of fighting talents, he was sent to the rear of the Nazi army, which captured the territory of North Africa.
  • Tirailleur. It is known that the story will focus on the Senegalese units (troops of black soldiers first formed in 1857 to protect the French colonies in Africa).
  • The Last Tiger is somewhat unique for modern shooters, since a detachment of German soldiers is given under the control of the player. The story will tell about the crew of the German tank "Tiger", who, being cut off from their own army, began to doubt the ideology of Nazi Germany.

Recall that until September 11, everyone still has the opportunity to play the DICE shooter for free, read more in our special material, which contains all the facts about the Battlefield 5 open beta. The game will be released on November 20, 2018.

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