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Expert advice on choosing a smartphone for your child


Each user chooses a mobile device based on their own criteria and ideas about its capabilities. If the question arises with the choice of a smartphone for a child, then there are several basic rules that are formed by psychologists and specialists in the field of electronic products. They allow you to correctly approach this process, paying attention to the basic principles of selection. Let's take a closer look at each postulate developed by experts.

Don't buy expensive devices

This principle is especially relevant for children of primary school age. They do not yet know the value of money and have little idea of what frugality is. Meanwhile, the repair of any smartphone from the middle and expensive price segment is financially significant enough for the budget of most residents of our country.

In addition, do not forget about the possible criminal component in communication between children. High school students who do not have expensive gadgets can simply take away a good smartphone from the younger.


The fact of ordinary theft of such a device from the pocket of a student's outerwear in public transport or in another crowded place is also possible.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A is worth recommending as an example of a device that will appeal to most teenagers.


This device appeared on the market this year, it is well equipped and costs around 8,000 rubles . If you need even cheaper, then you can consider Prestigio Wize U3 as an option. It costs almost half the price of the above product.

The body of the smartphone must be durable

There is a simple explanation for this requirement. All children, especially those of primary school age, are quite active. They can run, jump, and sometimes even fall. An ordinary smartphone is a fragile product. It can fall out of a child's hands or pocket and be damaged if it hits the floor.


Therefore, in order to avoid serious damage and other problems with your mobile device, you should consider purchasing a smartphone equipped with a sturdy and shockproof case.

As an option, you can consider buying a gadget that consists of several parts. There are some. When dropped, they fall into several parts, which are easy to assemble and put the device into operation.

Here we can recommend the BQ 4077 Shark Mini, which has not only shockproof but also waterproof casing. One of its initial configurations costs no more than 6,000 rubles.


The smartphone has a good hardware filling, which allows you not to think about performing most of the tasks necessary in everyday life.

Models must have a large battery

Children of almost all ages love games. This partly explains their interest in smartphones. You can play there. In addition, communication on social media, YouTube and a variety of music and video streaming channels is all the rage now. Guys can spend hours not looking up from the screens of their gadgets. At the same time, they do not at all follow the parameters of their work, the level of battery charge. It can dry out at the most inopportune moment. This can be a cause for concern for any parent who has lost contact with their child for this reason.


To prevent this, you should think about buying a device with a capacious battery. Experts recommend choosing devices equipped with batteries that will last for at least one day of active use.

For example, we should remember about such a budget model as Realme 3, which received a 4230 mAh battery. The cost of such a device in the most budgetary version is about 9,000 rubles. If you want to find something cheaper, you can recommend BQ 5059 Strike Power, the prices for which do not exceed 6,000 rubles ... The capacity of its battery, which is an enviable 5000 mAh, will last for several days.


Smartphone must have a good camera

It is worth mentioning right away that it will not be needed for selfies, or not only for their implementation. The functional lens is useful for the student in the process of his learning. Nowadays, they rarely rewrite notes or make cheat sheets. Often for these needs the photo capabilities of gadgets are used. With their help, it is easy to get the necessary information from a textbook or an excellent student's notebook. Moreover, this does not take much time.

As an example of a device with a good camera, we can recommend the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. The main sensor of its camera has a resolution of 48 megapixels. This is more than enough to get good photos. True, it should be noted that the cost of such a gadget is at least 11,000 rubles.


It will definitely work for high school students.

Good to buy a compact device

A mobile product purchased for a student should not be heavy and bulky. Its geometric parameters must be selected so that the model fits easily in the student's hand and does not pull off the pockets of his clothes. An example of such a device is OPPO A1k, which weighs only 170 grams.


It comes with an anti-slip case and a screen protector from scratches.


Each parent is free to choose a smartphone for his child, but it is better if he uses all the above criteria. It is not easy to choose the option that suits all of them, but you can dwell on the most important ones. It is also good to take into account the opinion of the student himself.

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Author: Jake Pinkman