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TOP 10 Best Survival Games 2019: Difficult and Interesting


Since the success of DayZ in 2013, survival games have gone mainstream. It would seem that even though the gaming industry was striving for maximum gameplay rendering, not all gamers liked this prospect and they were not against a little suffering, experiencing the hardships of survival in an inhospitable world in Survival games. And if you, too, are not afraid of difficulties, we suggest you check out our new Top 10, where we have collected the best survival games of 2019.

10. Outward

While many RPG fans are dreaming of a sequel to Gothic, the developers from Nine Dots Studio have created their own version of the legendary German RPG. Like the kingdom of Myrtana, Outward's universe does not tolerate outsiders and does not treat the player as the next chosen savior of the world. Every enemy and every element of the environment is a deadly threat. To be humiliated by the first enemy encountered, to be poisoned by an accidentally found mushroom, or even to grab a sunstroke - the world of the game is always ready to throw a series of tests for the traveler.

Outward. TOP 10 Best Survival Games of 2019

Still, one wants to be in the Outward world and explore all its nooks and crannies. First of all, due to a similar "Gothic" degree of freedom, when you are not limited by artificial walls and without bothering with instructions are sent into the open world, where you yourself decide how to approach a particular task. Another plus in the Outward world is the enchantingly picturesque surroundings with a blood-red moon and flora of unusual hues.

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9. This Land Is My Land

This Land Is My Land is a look at the world through the eyes of an Indian leader, who, armed with a bow and a tomahawk, embarks on a dangerous survival game against the pale-faced invaders from the mainland. As befits a leader, you not only have to take care of your own survival, but also look after a small community, develop a settlement, send loyal warriors on missions, search for food, tame wild horses and engage in hunting.

This Land Is My Land. TOP 10 Best Survival Games 2019

Forget about the phrase "one in the field is not a warrior." This Land Is My Land, like the Indian version of the Hitman, throws dozens of opponents at you, but clever strategy, stealth and the use of the surrounding landscape will help make the leader an ideal killing machine.

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8. Dawn of Man

Among other original representatives of the genre of Survival games, I would like to separately mention Dawn of Man. The concept is based on a city-planning simulator in a prehistoric setting, spiced with survival mechanics. It is no secret that the dawn of civilization confronted mankind with a lot of problems, so competent resource management, an emphasis on gathering and stocking food, along with rare forays of hunters dressed in skins, is the only way to last a few more months under the sun.

Dawn of Man. TOP 10 Best Survival Games 2019

At the same time, Dawn of Man, unlike many city-building simulators, is not overloaded with mechanics, and therefore we recommend downloading a survival game from the developers from Madruga Works for those players who crave unhurried relaxation after hard working days.

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7. Project Winter

Most survival games focus on the idea of loneliness in difficult environmental conditions, but Project Winter, designed for the cooperation of a group of survivors, brings a good variety to this rule. Of course, you have to collect resources, go through the hardships of weather conditions, craft and other things familiar to the genre, but always in the company of 8 players. And one could count on an idyll and a story of mutual assistance, if not for the decision of the developers to attach two traitors to the gaming company.

Project Winter. TOP 10 Best Survival Games of 2019

The feeling of paranoia is your main companion in every game session. You never know which player will turn out to be a faithful companion, and which one is just waiting for a reason to stick a knife in the back. It is because of the unusual gaming experience that Project Winter deserves a mention in the top 10 best survival games of 2019.

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6. Astroneer

If you suddenly think that playing in a sandbox is the lot of young children, then what about a sandbox the size of an entire solar system? Of course, one-to-one scale with a real solar system should not be expected, and Astroneer is not Mo Man's Sky. Instead of an immense space, only 7 planets await us, but due to the elaboration of biomes and the absolute degree of freedom, the game is ready to enslave without problems in its cozy embrace for a dozen or two hours. The world of Astroneer seems to be created from plasticine and allows you to change the landscape at will, digging endless holes and discovering new secrets of the game universe.

Astroneer. TOP 10 Best Survival Games of 2019

And even though the game belongs to the Survival genre, don't expect serious difficulties on the way. Keeping an eye on the supply of air is practically the only thing that will worry you before starting a research expedition, but friendliness can hardly be called a drawback. And with co-op for up to 4 players, Astroneer guarantees a laid-back yet more than fun time.

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5. Green Hell

The best survival games are always ready to provide an interesting gameplay, but only a few of them do not forget about such an important component as the plot. Green Hell is one of such games and tells the story of a married couple, tragically separated in the wild jungles of South America. As a young guy, you have to unravel the reasons for the mysterious disappearance of your beloved and do your best to survive in the frighteningly realistic "Green Hell".


Wild animals and natives smeared with paint, it would seem, should inspire horror, but not in Green Hell, where your main enemy will be parasites of varying degrees of disgust. It is due to the realism and stories in the style of "caught a subcutaneous worm and went crazy" that Green Hell is definitely one of the top best survival games on PC.

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4. Space Engineers

Space Engineers is another look at the topic of exploring the solar system, only several times more complex than Astroneer. In general, "Space Engineers" is more of a constructor than a sandbox and invites the player to show creative talents in attempts to create unique spaceships and research stations on planets and satellites of the solar system. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then without a shadow of a doubt launch the "survival" mode in Space Engineers, and dangle like a squirrel in a wheel, get a dozen necessary resources, monitoring the amount of electricity and the level of oxygen.

Space Engineers. TOP 10 Best Survival Games of 2019

Additional advantages of the game include a completely destructible environment, multiplayer for up to 16 people and the ability to independently program scripts that open an innumerable number of unique game scenarios.

Download Space Engineers

3. Pathologic 2

Opens the top three of our top 10 best survival games of the past year, a remake of the cult game Mor (Utopia) - Pathologic 2. Compared to the original 2005, Pathologic 2 has slightly changed the narrative, corrected the gameplay and is given only one main character - the plague doctor Haruspicus. But basically it's still the same Mor: a mesmerizing journey into a world full of metaphors, strange characters and the painful atmosphere of the City-on-Gorkhon.

Pathologic 2. TOP 10 Best Survival Games of 2019

Survival in Pathologic 2 is different from other similar games. In this in all senses of an adult game, not even an eternal lack of resources and fear for one's own life will become the main nightmare, most of all, a lot of moral dilemmas and a sense of guilt that could not save another soul cause horror. The characters are easily imbued with sympathy, and therefore the role of a doctor in a plague-infected city will hardly leave you indifferent.

Download Pathologic 2

2. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included teaches the almost impossible - how to control chaos. Taking responsibility for the development of a space colony, be prepared for the most unpredictable scenarios, because artificially grown people, called "duplicates" in the game, have a lot of individual characteristics and are not controlled by a couple of mouse clicks. It is in your power to set them only the priority of the task, and then send them to "free float", watching as more and more chaos engulfs the base.

Oxygen Not Included. TOP 10 Best Survival Games 2019

Tasks from the category of "not drowning the inhabitants of the colony in their own experiments" will begin to fall on the player from a cornucopia, testing his nerves and talents of the leader for strength. Yes, sometimes Oxygen Not Included is unnecessarily difficult, but that's why it is interesting.

Download Oxygen Not Included

1. Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero is expected to become the leader of our top 10 best PC Survival games of 2019 - an add-on for one of the most original and complex games in the survival genre. In the addon, the developers largely change the rules of the game and instead of the tropical ocean expanses, they send the player to the snowy locations of the already familiar planet 4546B. Snow storms, electric storms, an abundance of ice on the surface of the water surface and a slightly greater emphasis on exploring terrestrial landscapes successfully pulls players out of their comfort zone, giving new emotions from survival in a fantastically beautiful natural environment.

Subnautica: Below Zero. TOP 10 Best Survival Games 2019 year

The plot aspect has not been forgotten, which, according to tradition, with the original game, can become unnecessary reasons to stay in the world of Subnautica: Below Zero for an extra ten hours. Basically, this is the same game that proves that the everyday life of an oceanologist and engineer can captivate no less than epic stories about saving the world.

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