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10 Survival Games Coming In 2019


The era of the hype for survival has passed, when they came out almost every month for several projects. Now the genre is well established, games are released not so often, but they have the best elaboration and idea. Today we will tell you about 10 survival games that will be released this year.

Generation Zero

After finally tormenting Rico Rodriguez, Avalanche studios moved on to develop a new survival project. The action takes place in Sweden in the eighties, where in a small city all people just took and disappeared, and instead of them robots appeared, destroying everything in their path. The kneading is somewhat reminiscent of a series of "Black Mirror" called "Metalist", and it is possible that the developers were inspired by it.

The game has a plot, which gives it a plus, since not every game tied to survival can boast of this. There will still be plenty of survival elements, and one of the main ones is the fight against robots. And there will also be a cooperative in the game. The best part is that it's already out and you can try it yourself.


After the unsuccessful launch of DayZ, Bohemia interactive decided to switch to a new project, the gameplay of which is also tied to survival and its name is Vigor. The game can be called a more correct DayZ. Now she is in early access and not everything is as smooth as she wanted, for example, melee is implemented as badly as in the last game of the studio. But on the other hand, the game is in Early Access, and it already looks much better than DayZ. Largely thanks to the latest version of Unreal.

The idea of making a world in which humanity fell after an unknown disaster is more intriguing than a zombie apocalypse. But the main thing is the revised gameplay of that very DayZ. So the project looks fun for now.

World War Z

Again the zombie apocalypse. This game is a mixture of survival and action. Its gameplay is based on co-op. In World War Z, you and your friends need to survive waves of zombies by shooting back at them. In it you will act more than deal with your inventory, but the elements of survival will be just as important. The game will definitely come out this year.

Little Devil Inside

This is a surreal action RPG, which the developers call: "a minimalistic game without minimalism." And it's true, Little Devil Inside's design is very interesting and reminds of a mixture of Journey and Ashen. There are many opportunities in it, and the world is associated with the most unusual professions. There have not been such ambitious projects for a long time. Little Devil Inside is almost ready, so we just have to wait for the release and hope that it is as cool as in the trailer.

Remnant: From the Ashen

Again the apocalypse and again the cooperative, only with a procedurally generated world. The game has to fight against mutated organic creatures from the roots. Roughly speaking, the old Earth woman got tired of her "parasites" and she launched her army to exterminate them. The game itself looks unique, because we have not fought against root creatures in the setting of the apocalypse for a long time. If the gameplay is the same as stated, and the storyline company does not let you down, we will have a very entertaining project.

Project Winter

Another game tied to a cooperative passage. There is an interesting detail in it - you need to not only survive, but also to deceive others. You appear at a winter location and among your team of eight people there is a traitor who must kill everyone. You must recognize who the traitor is, destroy him and survive. This is quite realistic in the sense that you need to be not only a skillful survivor, but also paranoid. As an Early Access game, Project Winter has big ambitions, which it has been grappling with for now.


Continuing our list of 2019 Deadside survival games, which developers position as very hardcore. It tries to balance the dynamics of a shooter with very difficult elements of survival in the setting of an abandoned civilization. The latest Unreal engine makes the game look beautiful. Deadside is coming to Early Access soon. Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be an Arma clone.

Days Gone

This project is an echo of the times when zombie games were in trend, but it is finally completed and its full version will soon appear. The gameplay is completely built around survival and resource management. You have to keep an eye on your motorcycle and refuel it constantly, because no fuel, no fun. Days Gone looks interesting and we will be able to deal with the plot for 30 hours. The game will be released on April 26.


You are on an island that was once destroyed by mechanical ships that look like worm-shaped drilling machines. Long ago, because of their work, volcanic eruptions began. You must not only survive, but also acquire one such machine and fully master it. After that, with the help of it you will regain the island. Resource management has been added to the elements of survival. This is one of those amazing new survival games 2019 that came out of nowhere, but are already interesting. Volcanoids is currently in Early Access.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

This is my personal favorite from Ubisoft. The gameplay is tied to the evolution of mankind in the cradle of peoples - Africa. The game has a lot of interesting elements in which the handwriting of the creators of Assassin's Creed is visible, but this is for the best. The ancient world looks amazing, and the setting is one of the most unusual. Before that, Ubisoft themselves encroached on the prehistoric era, and it's very good that after Far Cy: Primal they went further. If the opportunity to go the evolutionary path from primate to human does not seem interesting to you, then I do not know what else you need.

These were the most interesting and ambitious survival games coming out in 2019.

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