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Beware - car survival horror demo available


Czech developer Ondrej Svadlena is working on a very promising project Beware, which is a horror game with elements of survival, but from the perspective of a car driver. A demo version of the game is out now.

I have to admit: car survival horror is a rather unusual idea. The story behind Beware shows that the idea is not taken from the sky. The creator of the title was inspired by experiences from his childhood in Czechoslovakia during the communist regime.

Did the communists influence the development of Beware?

In 1984, six-year-old Svadlena almost turned his parents over to the police - returning from kindergarten, he asked his mother if she wanted to hang the flag of the Soviet Union on the occasion of Labor Day. When he received a negative answer, he stated that he should inform his teachers about this, since they asked the boy to check this issue. This was the latest in a series of repressions that the family of the game's creator faced, prompting an immediate decision to leave Czechoslovakia.

Cranberries with cranberries

At the age of six, the creator of Beware first learned the hardships of survival - he was sent to a secret intelligence camp for three weeks, where he was trained for difficult conditions. The main goal that Ondrej set for himself was to train the muscles of the legs, which would help, if necessary, to run many kilometers on foot, fleeing the country. Soon the family left Czechoslovakia under the pretext of a trip to Yugoslavia (and under the watchful eye of service representatives who carefully checked that the luggage was not too large), then went to Austria, and from there - six months later - to Canada. After the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991, Svadlena returned to Europe with his relatives, but this time to Germany, where they finally settled.

Open world driving a car

According to the author, the events mentioned prompted him to choose the topic of survival for his project. In Beware, you will be driving an old communist car all the time. The game world is open, but gloomy - in it the threat appears in the form of other vehicles controlled by people who want to complicate our exploration of the world and gathering information. The creator of the project claims that special attention is paid to the physics and behavior of transport: here the author was inspired by one of his favorite games - the first edition of the Driver series.

The game includes both exciting racing against AI and elements typical of the cinema action of the 1970s. There will also be moments when careful, thorough action will be essential to accomplish specific tasks. The title is still in early production, but you can try it out as a demo that has already appeared on the web.

An interesting fact is that Ondrej Svadlen has already achieved significant success in the field of cinema. His short animation MRDRCHAIN won an award at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and received a nomination for the Grand OFF, one of the most outstanding independent film festivals taking place in Poland. Who knows - maybe Beware will repeat this achievement, but this time in the world of the gaming industry?

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Author: Jake Pinkman