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Windows 10 now has a button to ”overclock” the PC to the maximum


In the latest test builds of the Windows 10 platform, Microsoft specialists have fully implemented the updated power scheme. Officially designated Ultimate Performance, this technology can dramatically improve PC performance.

This mode is primarily intended for workstations that often perform various resource-intensive tasks, therefore it is available only in Windows 10 Pro. For laptops and other devices using batteries, the new tool is not yet available.

Ultimate Performance is based on the previously used High Performance mode. In the new version, the specialists managed to eliminate small delays that occurred when using various power management schemes. The developers also warned that the new power plan may consume significantly more power during operation, compared to the balanced power plan (used by default).

Ultimate Performance

In which builds is Ultimate Performance available

Ultimate Performance is available in Build 17101 (test version of the major Redstone 4 update). Recall that the corporation plans to present this update in the spring. Also, the scheme is fully implemented in build 17604, which belongs to the next major update to Redstone 5 (scheduled to be released in late summer).

Users who are members of the special Windows Insider program have access to testing Redstone 4 17101. There is a group that can test Redstone 5 17604 - Skip Ahead members (accelerated program). This project assumes that less stable builds are involved in testing (in contrast to the Slow Ring and Fast Ring projects).

How to enable Ultimate Performance Mode

Both OEMs and end users can upgrade to Ultimate Performance. To switch to the new mode, just open the "Control Panel", go to the "Hardware and Sound" section, the "Power supply" subsection. A panel with a set of power plans will open, where you can select Ultimate Performance.

Builds 17604 and 17101 have other new features. For example, the design of some emoji has been changed, new languages have been added to the search engine (their number has already exceeded 150). We also changed the algorithm for granting access to the file system to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) programs. Now all programs will ask the user for access rights to the PC file system. The user can at any time change the set of programs that have such access.

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Author: Jake Pinkman