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8 Incredible Features of Half-Life: Alyx in VR - Next Generation Interactivity


Valve's decision to release Half-Life: Alyx exclusively for VR headsets has met with a barrage of criticism since the game was announced. On the one hand, the indignation of gamers after 12 years of anxious waiting is understandable, but on the other hand, we got a breakthrough game in many ways, with capabilities that are extremely difficult to implement otherwise than in VR. It is in the impressive interactivity of the game world that the main advantage of Half-Life: Alyx lies in comparison with standard shooters, which we are going to clearly prove by examples of interesting gameplay capabilities of Alyx in VR.

My own director

Blogger ThatAverageJoe found a curious secret in Half-Life: Alyx. It turns out that the computer terminal at the beginning of the game plays a video that is stored in the AKA root folder and has the .webms extension. The video can be deleted or even better - replaced with any video you like in the desired format and the game will play it without any problems. In such a simple way, a computer terminal in Alyx can become a generator of an infinite number of game memes.

Feel like an artist

Perhaps for the sake of this, Alyx was started - to give players a window, a few markers and a grater to be torn apart, allowing them to write whatever they want. Of course, the first thing aspiring artists began to draw the most famous symbols in human history.

However, there are gamers who take glass art a little more seriously and use a set of gaming tools to create very decent drawings.

8 incredible features of Half-Life: Alyx in VR - interactivity new generation

Also note the boundlessness of human imagination, which is clearly seen in the example of an American primary school teacher who took advantage of new technologies and gave a short lecture on geometry in VR.


One of the extremely useful mechanics of Half-Life Alyx is the ability to put on a headgear, which can save you from barnacle tongues hanging from the ceiling. The most common headgear option is a construction helmet, but are there more exotic options? How about trying on a traffic cone?

Or a trash can, inside of which nothing is visible at all?

This already resembles some kind of challenge and we are sure that soon gaming sites will be full of headlines "Shock, sensation, the gamer finished the full Half-Life: Alyx walkthrough, pulling a bucket over his head!".

Keycard challenge

Speaking of challenges. If you get bored in Alyx, then no one bothers to participate in the key-card challenge, which consists in trying to get a card into a magnetic lock.

Physics perfection

Half-Life: Alyx requires the player to be extremely careful during fights, because there is no auto-regeneration of health, the number of first-aid kits in the inventory is limited and the healing stations need special flasks with healing caterpillars.

You can find a decent amount of all this stuff in the game, but you definitely won't be able to take everything with you. At the same time, nothing is impossible for the physics engine, and if desired, all the necessary items can be stored in the basket and dragged along. Everything is like in life.

Interactive Piano

For people who are not deprived of musical ear, Valve left another pleasant surprise in Half-Life: Alyx - a real interactive piano in which you can interact with each key. Of course, the sound of a musical instrument is a little out of tune, but this does not prevent you from playing real masterpieces on it.

For example, the legendary Triage At Dawn, familiar to every fan of the Half-Life series.

If you want something more fun, you can always turn to game classics and play the main musical composition of the Super Mario series.

New ways to fight headcrabs

Yes, we know, there is no better weapon mount against headcrabs and is unlikely to ever appear, but thanks to its impressive interactivity, Alyx offers new ways to solve old problems.

For example, you can use improvised means, the same chair, to push away a headcrab flying on your face.

Or press down with a door, preventing the alien creatures from approaching, which should be used to shoot them from a safe distance.

Finally, an option for maniacs is to strangle the poor headcrab with a pillow. True, this action is completely unsuccessful.

Animal Games

Headcrabs can be intimidating, but we know that in fact they are still souls and like many other living creatures do not mind playing a little. And if you're waiting for another reason to buy VR for half-Life: Alyx, what about the chance to pet a headcrab?

Or play with him, but it's better to do this when the headcrab is immobilized.

After all, even in totalitarian City 17, you can always dance with a headcrab!

But always remember about safety precautions, especially when playing hide and seek with headcrabs. In this case, it is better to keep a set of spare diapers with you.

You can also find a real hand snorkel in the game. Do not forget that a real gentleman will not pass by the insect and feed him with a nearby can, for which he will receive a plus in karma and an achievement on Steam.

In addition to headcrabs and snarks, you can find an adorable rat in the game, pick it up and carry it with you. Perhaps this is the best talisman for good luck.

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