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Awesome Return to City 17 - Western Media Opinion on Half-Life: Alyx


The long-awaited Half Life: Alyx release has taken place. Valve's key employees say it should make a big leap forward in the development of games as such. It looks like the game is really as good as people say it is, as all Half-Life: Alyx reviews have good ratings. Let's go through the opinions of Western media about Half-Life: Alyx to find out what its beauty is.

Important little things

Initially, almost all reviewers note the deep level of detail in the game, which already says a lot. Plus, Valve was able to convey a true sense of the scale of the human situation.

“One of the first things that struck me when I started playing Half-Life: Alyx was the dirt under the heroine's nails. It's a simple thing, but it's not often that you see this level of fine detail in a VR game. Usually virtual hands are just models with low details or gloves. But here everything is different and this detail also tells us something about this character, who survived the chaos that occurred after the Seven Hour War, in which the alien Combine conquered the Earth. ”


The next thing that stood out and made me stop looking at my hands was the Strider's giant 30-foot foot that appeared abruptly right in front of me as he passed. It immediately showed the sheer scale of the alien tanks that we first fought in Half-Life 2 - if you didn't take them seriously as a threat before, it's now impossible not to. ”- IGN.

Overall, IGN says Alyx is very similar to a traditional Half-Life game. It is a linear series of districts, starting with the usual block of City 17, and then moving us underground, offering to go through industrial zones such as a distillery, high-tech facilities of the Combine, alien nests and more. Each chapter of the 15-hour campaign feels very different from the last.

“The dark world of Half-Life has never been as alive as it is here. It doesn't matter if you're admiring the hideously realistic entrails on corpses in the sewers or counting Barnacle's teeth - the magnificent setting is impressive. I watched for nearly a minute as the headcrab jumped over a pile of luggage to grab me, demonstrating incredible game physics.


The detailed faces of the characters bring dialogue to life, and the gorgeous perspectives take your breath away. The way the game provides opportunities for exploring the world in virtual reality is truly stunning. This experience with a similar level of detail and interactivity gives me a new appreciation for the brand's specific dystopian future for the series. ”- Game Informer.

In terms of storyline, Half-Life: Alyx begins with a reminder that Eli Vance is dead and then reveals a story five years before the events of Episode 2. You are Alix Vance, and your mission is simple: The Combine has kidnapped your father and you must save him.

“Alix knows this is a long way. Russell, the resistance friend who invented the gravity gloves that Alix wears throughout the game, is never shy about sharing his observations. The two characters chat with each other throughout the game; the days of Half-Life with the silent hero are over.


Their dialogue is quick and funny enough to raise the tone of a game about a doomed mission to save Earth occupied by a brutal alien force. It helps that the use of virtual reality in the game makes sense even in the universe:

Alix wears a headset that allows Russell to see what she sees and hears. Of course, you control Alix, but both characters see the world through her eyes, just like the player. "- Polygon.

Despite its prequel status, the campaign is entering new territory for the franchise and developing it in amazing ways. In terms of history, Half-Life: Alyx is a must-have for dating.


At the same time, the first hours of playing in Alyx are devoted to getting to know the game, management and almost immediately you will not get anything. But over time, you understand all aspects of the game and delve into the game loop, which according to Polygon is the main advantage of the game:

“The Half-Life: Alyx game loop is a perfect example of how virtual reality can be great. You move, you see what you need, you pull it towards you with your gloves, and then you use it for what you need it for. Or maybe you're just collecting healing items and ammo to stay alive during the fight, hoping you have enough supplies. The eyes are constantly scanning their environment for something they want.

Valve demonstrates the skill of their craft. They introduce the idea, give the player time and opportunity to play with the idea without any pressure, and then put them in a situation where they should get better and better as the pressure increases. ”

The same opinion about the game and Eurogamer:

“Weapon controls, as well as pistol shooting, wire puzzles, hacking, overcoming physical obstacles that are so well integrated into the environment that you can predict the results in your head: all the different aspects of Alix seem simple, but they all work together to immerse you deeper and deeper into the process as much as possible.


Gloves are less of a weak thing than the gravity gun in Half-Life 2 - again, you won't be throwing cars, but in a way, it's more amazing technology. I often hovered in place for a long time in order to pull out an interesting thing from the far shelf and inspect it. The levels are filled with pieces of items to collect and explore: cutlery, pipes, video tapes. Half-Life has always aimed to impress, and that's probably why the last part came out in 2007. The right material, the right opportunities take time to introduce yourself. ”


IGN gives the game the maximum score, calling it a modern masterpiece:

“Half-Life: Alyx has set a new benchmark for virtual reality in interactivity, detail and level design, showing what can happen when a world-class developer goes all-in at the next level of technology.

Game Informer, while betting 9/10, also considers it a breakout:

“Half-Life: Alyx is a must-have game worthy of the series' legacy. Despite some mysteries and meetings that seem to be spurious, the overall impression is strong. Stunning scenery, a beautiful world and a clever story stand out no matter the environment and heralds a return to the Valve formula. ”


Polygon doesn't know how to evaluate the game due to the format. On the one hand, it is amazing, but on the other hand, a lot depends on whether the mass consumer is ready for this format. The main thing, in their opinion, is that the studio has returned to development:

“Half-Life is back and Valve has finally released yet another AAA-level single player game. And this despite the fact that many of us doubted that the company would ever, or even be able to repeat its former success. The impossible has already been achieved, and the fact that it happens in virtual reality only makes it breakthrough. The only remaining question is whether fans will want to buy and use a virtual reality headset to see what happens next in the world of Half-Life. ”

PC Gamer is confident that the ending and new lore details will spawn a new wave of fan theories:

“The finale is, frankly, wonderful, amazing, exciting, not to mention a little puzzling. I look forward to seeing Half-Life fans react, analyze and discuss. I'm sure all of this makes the sequel to Half-Life: Alyx possible. I just fervently hope that whatever the next step, Valve [please, please] won't keep us waiting another 13 years. ”

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