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Top 20 Best Horror Movies of 2018


Since childhood, we have been taught that all kinds of "miracles" happen on Christmas night. And they do not have to be positive. For example, Comrade Gogol argued that even a demon could be found at this time. What can we say about any other evil. Therefore, we decided to release our top best horror films of 2018 just around Christmas.

We will build it only from those films that are not lower than 5.7 by KinoPoisk. There are more than 20 of them, and we will not only lay out this entire list of horror films for you on a platter, but we will also give our commentary-review to each film, so that everyone understands what to be prepared for.

Please note that for easy viewing of the trailer for the picture in a new window, you just need to click on its name in the title.

So, what are the best horror films that make our "highly specialized" final list?

1. The House That Jack Built 7.34


The list of the best horror films opens with one of the freshest films of 2018, released almost on the New Year's Eve. But, as was the case with "The Curse of the Nun", and with "Halloween", which were also at the peak of takeoff at first, it may very well be that he will also slide to less significant positions. Although, to be honest, this tape deserves its current rating. Here's why.

Despite the fact that Lars Von Trier becomes more and more violent with each film, and his heroes are more and more hardened and skilled in murder, this picture, which is a kind of peaks both by that and by another criterion, looks quite with interest.

The film is not only about sophisticated murders. First of all, this is the story of a man, which tells us why he came to such a life. A horror drama in five acts, each of which is another murder, nothing better brings us to an understanding of what is happening in the dislocated head of the protagonist, who is excellently played by Matt Dillon.

2. Suspiria 6.95


Those who are preparing to see in this masterpiece a 100% rewrite of the last "Suspiria" by Argento, which was released back in 1977, will be slightly disappointed. Although the plot is similar to the previous version, there are so many gags here that it is time to call this picture original.

But both pictures are united not only by a common idea, but also by one of the film actresses, namely Tilda Swinton, who appeared in both the first film and the second. Moreover, in the latter, she had as many as three roles on her soul, and the only man of Lutz Ebersford, a doctor of psychology, was also played by her.

It is not entirely clear why the man was not invited to the role of a man. Anyway. The main thing is that the film turned out to be good. Although stretched out in places. You can watch it both for those who have already watched the 1977 film, and for those who are not familiar with the plot. We think that the story of a dancer who arrived from North America to divided Berlin in 1977 to join the European dance art and fell into the tenacious clutches of the local witch cult will be interesting to anyone.

3. Venom 6.87


Despite the fact that the film looks good overall, the story itself, and the way it was filmed and presented, leaves a lot of questions, which can be found in our special material dedicated to these very issues. We also separately studied the entire history of the emergence of the "evil suit", which does not coincide at all with the one shown in this tape.

A couple of crazy scientists deliver cargo to Earth from a distant planet. This cargo turns out to be extraterrestrial creatures that can fully exist only in symbiosis with other biological beings.

Throughout the film, we see how Venom is equally good on children, dogs, women and men. But most of all he liked the journalist Eddie Brock. Note that in the current version, the suit immediately "pulled" on him, and not on any Deadpool or Spider-Man, which he first jumped on in the comics.

But it worked out well. Plus, where is the guarantee that he will not creep on them in subsequent episodes, right?

4. Quiet place 6.75


The film will be very interesting for the deaf and dumb to watch, since they communicate only in sign language. Almost 90% of all words in the picture were spoken on it. Although, if you look at it, the plot of the tape in itself does not dispose to dialogues.

And all because the area is inhabited by creatures that hunt for everything that makes some kind of sound. From the film it is not entirely clear (or rather, it is not at all clear) where these creatures came from on Earth. It is also unclear whether they took possession of the entire earthly ball, or it is only in the location of several villages. In any case, we are shown that the family has been living in complete isolation for a couple of years now, walking only on the sand and only barefoot (they were lucky to live in a warm belt).

The film leaves a huge number of questions, the main of which looks like this: couldn't scientists have thought of trying ultrasound on creatures right away? In our universe, that would be the first thing they did. But, in the universe in which the action unfolds, scientists were very blunt. Therefore, only the screenwriter who wrote the script for this masterpiece was the first to think of this.

But despite the huge number of absurdities and idiotic antics of the main characters, the film earned a good rating, from which one can conclude the only thing: today's people are not used to thinking while watching. He used to chew while watching ...

5. Bird box 6.55


Netflix's creation did not go far from the previous masterpiece by much. And not only by rating, but also by design. If you couldn't make noise in the previous film, you can't look at anything in this film. Otherwise, the result will be similar - you will die.

And if there you were killed by creatures, apparently, flown from space or sneaked into our world from a parallel one, then you will kill yourself in some way. And, which is characteristic, you will quickly choose one of the most extravagant and, at the same time, sophisticated method of suicide.

At Stephen King's Mobile, the same thing happened to people who used mobile communications. Immediately, it is enough to catch a glance at some otherworldly entity, as your tower is immediately blown down and you happily run to perish, losing your sneakers.

It remains unclear whether there was one entity? If one, how did she appear to everyone at once indiscriminately? And if for each citizen there were in essence, then there were almost as many of them as people? And if it was such a fancy, sophisticated entity, why couldn't it appear to people in visions or in dreams?

The film has never shown what these entities look like. Probably so that we, too, do not run to commit suicide. About how they look, we know only from the pictures that the crazy crazy artist painted. Although, some of them did a good job.

The film is very idiotic with an idiotically naive ending. Check out the ending for yourself.

6. Overlord 6.53


Eh, still the Third Reich would have a couple of months of reprieve, and he would have become completely invincible. An army of Overlords, that is, millennial warriors, in other words, a super soldier, would demolish everything in its path. The plan was prevented by the invasion of a detachment of Americans into the territory of a secret facility to create these very super-soldiers.

If it turns out, under the feet of the French for centuries a myriad amount of some kind of resin lay, which only the Nazi invaders who occupied France bothered to unearth. Having dug out, they immediately began to fill syringes with this rubbish and expand this substance to local residents.

It worked out well. The inhabitants became both aggressive and resilient, and God knows what else. So it remains unclear what kind of mutants were grown in cocoons, and what kind of rubbish was in the other syringes, those that are lighter, and those that are darker. And it is also incomprehensible why such a project, capable of lifting the Third Reich from its knees, on which the Soviet Union had put it at the time of the allies' landing, was guarded by only 40 soldiers? There, in theory, there should be a whole army!

In short, it's not our business, apparently. The main thing is that the Americans won again! If not for them ... It's even scary to think what would have happened then!

7. Not yourself 6.48


People poured on the picture in the first place, not in order to enjoy a cool film, but to see what Soderbergh managed to shoot with an iPhone camera. Yes, in fact, 95% of the material was filmed by the director on the camcorder that the iPhone 7 is equipped with. And this despite the fact that the entire filming process took Soderbergh only a week!

Dear viewers have forgotten that the main thing in the film is not what it is filmed for, but how it is filmed and according to what scenario. If the story is good, it will be interesting to watch no matter what camera it is filmed with. And if history is a complete and uninteresting word with the letter "G", then even if you shoot it on a bunch of the most advanced movie cameras, the same word with the letter "G" will come out.

The success of a movie does not depend on the camera itself, but on who is behind it. And Soderbergh stood up well for her. The movie turned out to be gloomy and horrible, as befits any movie about a psychiatric institution.

8. Reincarnation 6.47


It is not entirely clear why the demon from Hell, Peymon, chose the Graham family for his continuous and peculiar reincarnation. But, be that as it may, that's exactly what fate decreed. And now Annie Graham and her offspring will have to pay for the decisions and actions once made and committed by an idiot grandmother named Ellen.

The story begins with the death of this crazy granny. Before they bury her, her corpse immediately disappears from the grave, and all sorts of terrible things begin to happen around Annie's family. We won't go into details, let's just say that the further you go, the more corpses there will be.

I wonder how long this incessant reincarnation of the demon Peymon will continue? Unfortunately, history is silent about this ...

9. Ghostland 6.46


I wish Aunt Clariss hadn't died. After all, then the house would not have passed by inheritance to Pauline, which means that this whole series of events did not happen, leading to such a terrible madness.

But, fate decreed as she needed. And in this case, she needed Pauline and her children to inherit the house, after which perverted maniacs broke into it, who, after a long time, bullied Pauline's poor daughters who survived the attack.

The story is terrifying and is presented as if the entire attack were the affairs of bygone days. The film shows that 16 years have passed since the tragedy, after which the family finally decides to get back together for the first time.

In fact, the whole life that is initially shown in the picture is just a figment of the imagination of one of the girls, trying to abstract from what is happening in this way. In fact, the reality is much worse than you might imagine. Will the poor girls be able to escape from the tenacious clutches of perverts? Let's hope ...

10. Irritability 6.43


A story that shows how not to live in marriage. Here everyone got what they deserved. And, moreover, in full.

It all started with the fact that a grumpy aunt named Melinda learns that her worthless husband Robert is giving her horns. And Melinda, being overly irritable, spiteful, impulsive and even God knows what, from birth, develops a plan of revenge for her hubby, and such that he will freeze the blood in his veins.

But, to be honest, nothing froze in our veins during the viewing process. Such a rating is not entirely clear, as well as the relation of this picture to the "Horror" genre. Psychological thriller - maybe. But horror ... Although, the interpretation of this genre is different for everyone, of course.

For us, this is a common story in which a guy marries a wealthy girl in order to sit on her neck all his life. And the girl understands all this in the process of life. But he does not want to end this useless cohabitation with his own hand. Why? It is not entirely clear. After all, there is no love between them, this is how to give to drink. But Melinda waited until this nurse cheated on her. And she waited to concoct an awesome revenge plan.

The script is a complete nonsense, which belongs to the category of third-rate dramas. But having spiced it up with the peculiar "irritability" of the main character, the writers decided to inflate it into a vengeful horror movie. It didn't work out very well. To be honest, it's not clear what this tape does in the list of the best horror movies of 2018.

Special respect for the constantly bulging eyes of Taraji P. Henson. I wonder if they returned to their eye sockets after filming? Or is it natural for them to be horribly goggled?

11. Apostle 6.20


It is always interesting to watch the followers of the cult who do not believe in their cult and in the deity they worship, although they think they believe. Sounds idiotic. But that's exactly what happens to the cult followers in this strange horror movie.

This "iconic" community lived on one of the remote ocean islands. The island has its own deity, which the followers worshiped. Some of the ancestors of the cult could even communicate with this deity. And the deity, according to these "progenitors", was never averse to sipping a sacrificial blood. Moreover, both sheep and human. And for that, the island has always had a great harvest.

But lately, things have gotten worse with the island agricultural lands. And the sacrificial blood can no longer saturate the earth with fertility. So it would be necessary to steal some thread of a soul from the mainland, which has a monetary relative. Having received the ransom, you can raise the local agriculture to new levels. It remains only to figure out why now believe in some kind of ineffective deity.

And for the "bodybuilders" everything was complicated by the fact that the kidnapped victim, it turns out, has a brother who had died once. And, as it turns out, he did not die so badly. And he is ready to avenge his kidnapped sister right and left ...

12. Numb with Fear 5.99


The suburbs are rocked by the paranormal. And who else can the locals turn to if not the professionals, that is, the specialists in everything paranormal. Yes, there are psychics clubs in America. It is from there that help comes to the district.

But they will have to face not with the "paranormal", but with the "paranormal". Only they don't know about it yet. As one of the local policemen does not know about this, arriving at the location to investigate terrible crimes, which have no explanation, not only from a logical, but also from a physical point of view.

It will be very interesting to see if experienced psychics will put in their pants?

13. The mystery of the house with a clock 5.94


Horror, this tape can be called with a great interference. The film looks more like a comedy tale for little ones. Although, for the little ones, some of the scenes may seem quite awful. For example, the episode where Halloween pumpkins begin to attack people looks very frightening. For those, of course, who are under 12 years old.

The heroes of the film, uncle Jonathan, his nephew Lewis and his neighbor Florence have a difficult task - to find a place in a huge mansion where a magic clock is hidden, which counts down to the end of the world. Well, or, to something comparable to him. The most interesting thing is that although all three are wizards, they manage to find the artifact, as usual, only in the last minutes. And it's not a fact that the clock can be stopped at all.

It turns out that the clock is associated with a hellish machine, and, moreover, is a kind of detonator in relation to it. Turn off the clock, the hellish machine of the apocalypse will turn out. If only at the moment of "demining" a giant decorative bush would not bite you ...

14. Meg: Monster of Depth 5.91


Somewhere in the Mariana Trench, a research bathyscaphe is in disaster. To rescue him, rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is urgently hired, who in the past made a mistake while rescuing the crew of a nuclear submarine. Although, for that failure, Jonas blames a giant prehistoric shark, the existence of which no one else sees.

What was the surprise of the scientists when it turned out that megalodons exist and, moreover, when it turns out that one of them is the cause of the catastrophe that happened with the research bathyscaphe.

Rescue, as usual, did not pass without victims, but, nevertheless, everyone, as is usually the case in Hollywood films, is happy. Until it turns out that from the depths to the surface, contrary to all the laws of detonation, partially described by us in one of our very informative materials, a giant shark surfaced and began to terrorize the surroundings.

What to do? How to kill a giant? Well, of course, poison. But then it turns out that fish and more have surfaced in the vicinity. How to deal with them? Watching in the movie.

The scenes with the megalodons were very spectacular. And the idea itself is so anti-scientific and idiotic that laughter makes it through the entire film. Moreover, the ending is touching, in which some survivors happily make appointments to each other, despite the fact that a lot of people have died around, and their friends and relatives as well. Naively, like everyone else in "bang-bang-Hollywood".

15. 5.89 webcam


Some turners strive all their lives to become the best turners, pilots - the best pilots, athletes - champions, and so on. It turns out that the desire to become the best of the best is inherent in those who online spread their legs in front of the webcam. This, in particular, is Alice, who stops at nothing to take first place among the models of her porn site.

But what was her amazement when, having achieved unthinkable successes in this difficult field, she suddenly discovers that her place was taken by some kind of her double, who spreads her legs in front of the camera instead of her.

Do not log into your account, or complain to the admins. Pancake. I'll have to figure it out myself.

And it would be better not to understand ...

16. Halloween 5.88


Jamie Lee Curtis returned again in the next "Halloween", and did it, as it turned out, not only in order to put a final and fat point in the story with Michael Myers, but also in order to completely refute everything that happened described in previous films in the franchise.

It turns out that all these years, starting from the time when the very first part of the story with the Halloween maniac was released on the screens, that is, since 1978, Myers has been decently sitting in the jail. And after being released after 40 years of imprisonment, of course, he decided to commit high-quality revenge on the culprit of this imprisonment.

But it turns out that all these years, starting with the same 1978, the heroine of Jamie Lee Curtis Lauri also did not sit idly by. She was preparing hard for their meeting with the maniac, and therefore he will be pleasantly surprised to meet her.

Or, not pleasantly surprised ...

17. Cloverfield Paradox 5.88Image

Netflix, in collaboration with the studios Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot, has released such colorful nonsense that you can neither tell in a fairy tale nor describe it with a pen. Show only in the cinema, as its employees decided. And in vain they decided so. Only the laziest did not minus the kinushka.

And, in fact, there are as many blunders in the film as there are not enough in a third-rate series. Due to the fact that the Earth is running out of fuel for power plants, scientists are forced to look for alternative power sources. For this they are launching the Cloverfield project. It is a huge station orbiting in space. It is a huge collider, which is too dangerous to launch on the ground. Allegedly, if there is a shift in realities, or a breakthrough in the measurement metric, a catastrophe could harm the Earth.

In fact, if something like this happens, will all that exist save some distance, insignificant on a universal scale? And what kind of freezing water in space? Water in a liquid state, when it enters space, instantly boils and evaporates, rather than freezes into ice. In order for a piece of ice to be in space, water must first turn into ice at normal pressure, and then get into space to hang out there, like all normal comets do.

And who knows where did the gravity come from during the operation to disconnect the ring from the station? And there is a dime a dozen of such. So it won't be boring. There will be something to neigh - definitely. But if you are a person ignorant of physics, you can seriously enjoy the film. Although, judging by the rating, there are so few of them ...

In order to stir up interest, let's say that, after all, they managed to "break through" the measurements. I wonder how they will patch up their "holes" now ...

18. Remove from Friends: Darknet 5.85


Not to say that the clumsy, but certainly unrealistic sequel "Remove from Friends" in 2015 turned out to be more solid and more vital, but no less ridiculous. No, the supernatural will no longer be on the network. Other "methods of intimidation" appear here, which, by and large, can also be neighing.

It makes no sense to comment on this "something", since everything here is tied to everything and, in fact, is so unrealistic that it is simple, as the people would say, "Atas!" It would take years to work on such "Cyber-traps" with the involvement of a huge number of people, who, probably, also had to be intimidated in every possible way, and therefore intrigues in their direction. And this - again people, again searching for information, etc., etc.

In short, nonsense for those uninformed in hacking, and even in a simple "annoy your neighbor." It's not clear how the tape fell short of six?

19. Pension 5.80


A thriller in which the creators wanted to show and say too much. Probably because of this, they didn't really show or say anything.

The boy, having learned about the death of a Jewish grandmother and her difficult fate during the Second World War, begins to delve into her things. And, for some reason, pulls on her dress. His relatives catch him doing this, which prompted him to call him “mentally co-shifting” and send him to a closed school for the same “especially displaced” children.

There, of course, they will be mocked in every possible way. And, of course, the main overseer or educator will rise above everything - a villain-antagonist, who has more deviations in the head than his charges themselves.

Just take a look. But not in theaters. And even then, look and forget. Since the film does not carry any semantic meaning. Even if the previous picture of the top teaches children not to surf the internet where they don't need to and publish what they don't need to, live honestly and so on, then here ... Complete zero.

20. Paris. Zombie City 5.73


Not done without zombies in the past year. And one of the masterpieces of the walking (here - running) dead takes 20th position in the rating of the best horror films of 2018.

This time the action took place, as the name implies, in Paris, where literally overnight all living inhabitants turned into inanimate, but very mobile and hungry. And, as usual, not all humans have become zombies. Some civilians, such as Sam, who was lying drunk, managed to survive.

Let's watch how our lucky ones manage to unite into one "cheerful" company that can resist the forces of evil ...



Also, The Curse of the Nun (5.72) and Truth or Dare (5.71) are also included in the list of the best horror films of 2018, whose rating is higher than 5.7 on KinoPoisk. Both of these tapes are also noteworthy. For example, the budget of the "Nun", which was not stingy to spend about 120 million dollars, fought back more than threefold. And there is no need to talk about the success of Pravda or Action. Having spent only 3.5 million dollars on its production, the film's producers raised about 100 million. These are such interesting gingerbreads!

On this note, happy for some Hollywood figures, we round out the list of the best horror films and wish all our readers all the best, great mood and, as always, more cool movies and TV shows! Merry Christmas!

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