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Jordan Peele's nightmare. Trailer for the horror ”We”

Image Jordan Peele won an Oscar for his directorial debut, so the film community expects something equally fantastic from his next film. If Get Out was more of a social thriller, Peele calls Us 100% horror. The director even opened his cards in front of reporters, telling them a list of classic horror films that inspired the actors from his new film.

Adelaide Wilson travels to a coastal childhood town to spend a vacation with her husband and two children. However, the idyllic rest is darkened by memories of the past and a chain of eerie coincidences that bring the main character to a state of paranoia. After spending the day with friends, Adelaide's family calmly returns to the beach house, but as darkness falls, it becomes clear that the Wilsons are in danger. Worst of all, the threat comes from a frightening and unusual enemy - their counterparts ...

The subject of doppelgangers is not new to cinema, but Peel takes it to the next level, inviting viewers to watch the confrontation between the entire American family and its full copy. Lupita Nyong'o ("12 Years of Slavery") and Winston Duke ("Black Panther") will fight the evil versions of themselves. Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid's Tale) and Tim Heidecker will also appear in the horror film.

Dubbed trailer

The USAs will be able to solve the mystery of the creepy doubles on March 28.

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