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Image Blumhouse proves by its example that you do not need to shoot blockbusters to get a quality film product and profit. Producer Jason Bloom and his team have found their niche in the market - low-budget horror games with an original storyline. "Happy Day of Death", "Get Out", "Split", "Visit" - this is not a complete list of successful films by Blumhouse. Now the Paramount studio has decided to try its luck in this territory, having enlisted the support of the eminent producer Akiva Goldsman ("Star Trek").

According to information portal Deadline, the major has acquired a script application for a horror thriller written by Jay Russell. The film is titled You're Not Real, and Russell himself is going to lead the shoot. The project is being produced by the aforementioned Akiva Goldsman.

In the center of events will be a young school teacher who goes to a country estate, where she will meet with a hermit genius, who is also her grandfather, and learn the hard-hitting truth about her own childhood.


For Jay Russell, the new project will be a debut in the horror genre. Prior to that, the director devoted himself entirely to dramas and films for family viewing. His track record includes films "My Dog Skip", "Team 49: Ladder of Fire" and "My Household Dinosaur", and among the future works of Russell.
there is a film about baseball star Lou Gehrig.

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