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Fan remakes of famous games: a selection of the best fan projects and mods


It happens that you are waiting for a remake of your favorite game from the 90s or early 2000s. You wait, you wait, it takes 5 years, then 10 ... And so you break down, and you start to do it yourself. I embellished, but in general this is what pushes people to make fan-made remakes of games.

As the saying goes, if you want something - do it yourself. Under this motto, teams of modders are formed, creating cool modifications for old projects. In most cases, fan-made remakes are faced with being shut down by game publishers due to copyright infringement. We've compiled our pick of the best fan-made remakes of games and mods.

Skywind and Skyblivion

The TES Renewal team is committed to bringing older TES games to the latest Skyrim engine. Fashion for mods originated with them since the time of the release of Oblivion, when they were engaged in transferring Morrowind to the rails of the fourth part of the series. Now the team is completely and completely selflessly working on the transfer of Morrowind and Oblivion to the Skyrim engine. Their names correspond to Skywind and Skyblivion, but there are significant differences between them.

Skywind is in every sense the same game with the same mechanics, mobs, quests and landscapes, but only on the new engine from Skyrim: Special Edition and with tweaked graphics.

But Skyblivion is more of a rethinking of the previous game. The fact is that although the original Oblivion was good, it was made crookedly. In their remake, the TES Renewal team set the task of finalizing the textures, redesigning the appearance of most of the equipment and the monotonous landscapes. However, the voice acting will remain the same. At the moment, the team continues to look for new employees, if you want to join projects and you have the skills, here is the link.

Fallout: New California

One of the best gifts for Fallout: New Vegas fans last year was a massive mod from the Radian-Helix Media team called Fallout: New California. Despite a modest budget, seven years of development have yielded a game that is comparable in size to the Old World Blues or Dead Money add-ons.

According to the plot, the action takes place on the outskirts of the NKR, the territory of San Bernardero. We take control of a Vault 18 native who finds himself embroiled in a confrontation between six factions, many of which are familiar to fans of the first two parts: The Enclave, NCR, New Reno Mafia, Raiders and Super Mutants. All of them are chasing a certain project "Brazil".

The game does not divide the world into black and white, there are just factions with their own goals. You choose one of the sides and, depending on the choice, you will receive the corresponding ending. New California captures the spirit of New Vegas and the very first games. It also has professional voice acting. If you are hopeless from the latest projects of Besezdy - go launch Fallout: New California.

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time Unreal Engine 4

This project continues to be refined, but it already looks very ambitious. Moreover, Nintendo has not yet closed it. The modder CryZENx has been bringing The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time to Unreal Engine 4 for several years now, and he's doing pretty well.

You can already appreciate the colossal work that he has done. The atmosphere of the most iconic Link game is in place, but now it looks even more exciting. Old mechanics have not been cut out in the game, and you can do everything that Ocarina of Time allowed.

Black Mesa

7 years ago, the world saw a fan remake of the very first part of Half Life with the subtitle Black Mesa. The game is loved by everyone who has been waiting for the third part of the game from time immemorial. However, then it came out unfinished, namely without the last level in the Xen dimension. And if you are interested in what the Crowbar Collective modding team has been doing for these 7 years, then it is the completion of the game. Why so long? They decided to give up reimagining the last level in the Zen dimension.

Not so long ago the gameplay of what they have was released. Zen's dimension now looks brighter and more memorable. The level is much larger and will take 6-7 hours to complete. The mod is coming soon, but for now you can just play the regular Black Mesa on Steam.

Doom Reborn

Doom Reborn is an amateur modification that brings the first two parts of the legendary series to the engine of the third part of id Tech 4. Moder moved all textures to 3D rails. He set himself the task of conveying the spirit of the first two games and he succeeded. ZeniMax, which owns the rights to the franchise, is already trying to close the project. Legal costs always prevent modders from creating.

You still have the opportunity to try out the mod.

Daymare: 1998

The team that is now creating Daymare: 1998 used to be doing a remake of Resident Evil 2. But there was a little embarrassment. It turned out Capcom were making a remake of their own game at this time and released it much faster than the modding team.

However, the guys did not despair, they decided to retrain their project, and so Daymare was born: 1998. They found themselves a publisher and release a full-fledged game this summer. In the story we will play as an operative from the HADES group

[Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search]. She deals with solving all sorts of delicate problems related to chemical weapons. Actually, we will try to survive by fighting the victims of this very chemical weapon.

The game promises to be more hardcore than its progenitor, and also more terrifying.

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Restored Content

The first part of KOTOR has become cult. The second tried to keep up with her, but did it with severed legs. The fact is that a lot of content and even a whole planet of robots were removed from the game. The game came out incomplete and it was felt. The fans took matters into their own hands and restored all the cut content, giving us the very second KOTOR we were waiting for.


If you do not want to go through the game, running through half-empty levels, then installing this mod is required. No jokes or exaggeration.

Deus Ex: Revision

This is 100% encouraged by the publisher and mod developer for the original Deus Ex. You can download it from Steam for free, however you need the original version of the game to run.

Modification improves a little bit of everything. Textures, design, adds new weapons, new paths, additional parts of the map. They paid special attention to Hong Kong and Paris. Install it and the game won't get any worse.


When the teaser for Silent Hills, aka PT, came out, people were jubilant. Only 20 minutes of gameplay, and how much adrenaline and bricks it provided you. However, Konami, who were at odds with Kojima, took the project away and killed him. And it would seem that the end.

Only 4 weeks after the disappearance of the project from the PS Store, the Canadian Farhan Qureshi completely recreated an exact copy of the game and called it PuniTy.


It differs from the original in that it leads the player back and forth, and not around the ring, as it was in PT. Everything else is PT in its purest form. You can download the game online.

These were the best fan-made remakes and mods for old and not so games.

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