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10 great games that need remakes


We live in the era of remakes. Every year we see re-releases, remasters and remakes of cult projects that most gamers played in childhood or during the heyday of the industry. We talked about this in detail in our material about the era of remakes, where we also remembered a bunch of great games that were re-released. If earlier we could only dream of seeing, for example, a remake of the second Resident Evil, today anything is possible. Here is a list of 10 great games that just need remakes, or at least remastered.

Silent Hill 1 and 3

A opens our list of games that need remakes of two parts of Silent Hill 1 and 3 at once. It somehow turns out unfairly. Capcom churns out remasters and remakes of their first games that go viral for new gamers and orgasmic oldfags alike. Meanwhile, the second king of the survival horror genre is cooling off. Yes, we got a remaster of the second part and it was awesome. But heck, we're not enough.


In addition, the first and third part of Silent Hill are related stories, similar in atmosphere and would definitely be an excellent gift for fans of the series, which this year exceeded 20. Yes, one could say that the remaster of the third game was released exclusively on PS3, but this argument is too old to be meaningful. Next year a new generation of consoles will be released, and the return of the legendary series as a remake would personally be a reason for me to think about buying a new console.

Simpsons Hit and Run

In fact, this game from the list of "games that we played in childhood" and became the reason for writing this material, because not so long ago, one of the game's producers said in an interview with a magazine that he would gladly return to the development of the game ... He says he doesn't mind tweaking it, improving the graphics, and introducing elements that didn't make it into the original title.


Indeed, it would be great, because the game has justified itself financially both then and for sure now. We have frankly few good Simpsons games, and Simpsons Hit and Run is one of the few, if not the only ones, worth remaking.

Dino Crisis

A game called "Resident Evil with Dinosaurs". Despite the fact that Dino Crisis was developed by Capcom based on its project about zombies and the T-virus, it turned out to be quite original, and most importantly, cool and sometimes even scary. The second game is also good, and if we talk about a remake, I think many would like to see it. It's funny, but a group of enthusiasts are making their fan-made remake of the game right now, and as we know, this does not end well, because just give the publisher a reason and he will tear the modders. But we will not stop believing that the guys will succeed.


The Legacy of Kain

The iconic sequel to '96 Blood Omen, traces of which can be found today in Dark Souls. This is an action adventure game about an evil vampire, who will be our protagonist, revenge against the character from the previous game. The world of the game is saturated with darkness, and the plot is rather twisted and intriguing. There are also quite a few mechanics in the game, such as interacting with almost any object for attack or tactical battles where you need to adapt to your opponents - all of this would look great on modern consoles and PC.



For many of us, Gothic is also on the sacred list of childhood games, so it's no surprise that many would like the game to return as a remake. Though it wasn't meant for children's minds, what was happening in Gothic was its dark, decadent atmosphere. We found ourselves in an evil world where we were nothing, just another pitiful criminal, weak and worthless. The genre of dark fantasy, which is quite popular today, grew up in the video game environment from Gothic.


Now that we have Dark Souls, Bloodborne and The Witcher, I especially want to see how the spiritual master will look against their background, and what new things the genre itself can bring to the industry.

The Thing

We mentioned The Thing in the list of horror movies that we made games around. The Thing was a really high quality horror movie, too good for its time. We played as a squad of soldiers arriving at the polar station to deal with the problems that were shown in the film.


You controlled the group leader and had to bear a heavy burden of responsibility, since the psyche of your soldiers is in a precarious state because of the enemy among you. Your soldiers could break loose, start shooting at you if you suddenly mistreat them and, for example, give orders, pointing the barrel at them. But do not forget that some of them can also be a "Being". A remake would perfectly reveal the already cool ideas and develop them in a new direction. And although the game sometimes suffers from frail action, the atmosphere of tension is exactly what I would like to return to.

007: Goldeneye

Remake 007: Goldeneye is one of those games whose remake is likely to remain a dream, at least until a team of modders is found that will decide to recreate this cult game. The series is now, alas, dead, but it has become a fan favorite since its release on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997. What can I say, people cut into it at parties and often quarreled. Multiplayer, lots of weapons, secret levels and a storyline, no worse than the original James Bond movie - the game was praised for this.


Today she left her mark in the shooter genre, and I really wanted to see her reimagined.


EarthBound was included in the list of 1001 video games you must play before you die, and critics called it the perfect game at the time. Why? Probably because this is the most surreal and unusual JRPG that the world has ever seen. The story of 4 friends who eventually face the manifestation of pure evil and fight against it is fascinating, cannot but evoke a spiritual response and deforms your perception and boundaries. Without her, we would not have seen games such as Costume Quest, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Undertale, which already speaks of her cult status. Therefore, such a legend cannot remain without a remake.



One of the best Star Wars RPGs. I don’t know about you, but for me this is already a reason to want a remake of this game from Obsidian. Freedom of choice between sides of power, an open world, a bunch of characters and quests. I think if the studio wants to make a remake, then they certainly have the resources. In the end, according to their own words, Microsoft does not limit them in anything, so we have reason to hope that this is one of the games that will receive its remake in the future. Though. EA has rights to play….


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