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Despite all the abundance of izekai that has fallen on our heads, 2019 was a great year for anime. We saw the terrific second season of Mob Psycho 100, which probably made you cry, the sweet comedy Lady Kaguya: Love Is War, and the zesty Domekano. Among all the titles released this year, we have chosen the best anime of 2020. We wrote about many of them separately, so to some extent the favorites are obvious.

Promised Neverland

This anime has a strong foundation. The manga debuted in 2016 and immediately became one of the most popular and well-known in the country. She has gained a lot of fans thanks to her suspense, whipping, and terrifying imagery. The story tells about children from the orphanage. Their house is not at all the rainbow place that it looks at first glance. When the children leave him [this is what the whole plot is based on] they understand why they shouldn't have done it. After all, behind its chapels there are demons who control their whole lives [the description of the plot is slightly changed to avoid spoilers].


Naturally, when it became known about the adaptation, the fans felt uneasy: "can they transfer the spirit of the manga to the series?" The fan was lucky, however, and Clower Works handled the adaptation. She was able to perfectly transfer all the horror of the manga to the screens. We discussed in detail why you should watch The Promised Neverland separately.


A very spicy and hot story that borrows hentai narrative paths. The beginning of the anime is just brilliant, and I will not stop repeating it. A guy named Natsuo is in love with his young teacher.


He had sex with a girl he met on a group date, but that's about it. One day, his father informs him that he is marrying a woman for the second time, who has two daughters. They are the same teacher and girl with whom he slept. And they will all live together now.

History is an intriguing love triangle, where all parties to the conflict cannot be happy, anyway there will be a loser. Anime is literally capable of pulling you out of your comfort zone, when in one episode that starts out lightheartedly, a whole mountain of depressive or hot moments can fall on you, making you look further.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2

Mob is one of the most powerful psychics. He works for Reagan, a pseudo-psychic who runs a psychic services office and uses Mob to run his business. The mob in no way wants to use his powers to harm someone. However, if his mental balance reaches the limit, he may fall into an uncontrollable state.


In the second season, he faced even stronger rivals who are trying with all their might to destroy him morally. However, they could not break his spirit. And this is what makes us empathize with Moba, who inherently has difficulty understanding human emotions, and is only learning to cognize them. In addition, Bones has done amazing animation while doing web manga adaptations. Also read separately the material dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Bones studio, as well as our material dedicated to the creative path of One - the creator of the original web manga about Moba.

Demon Slayer


The name of this anime perfectly captures its essence. It's about how a guy whose family was killed by demons, destroys them so that no one else dies. He also tries to heal his sister, who has become a half demon. This anime has just amazing animation, so beautiful and good at conveying all the action that it will take your breath away. This title from Ufotable certainly deserves to be one of the best this year.

Fire Force

Ordinary fires are extinguished by firefighters. However, other people are already fighting the creatures that cause these very fires. The anime tells the story of a group of a special squad of pyroconectics firefighters who fight fire demons. The main character of the anime Shinra is a newcomer to the team. He is also trying to find the one who killed his family. Behind this murder lies the secret of how the demons came to be.


This is an interesting story with cool characters from the creator of Soul Eater, as seen in the anime style.

Kaguya Sama: Love is War

The warmest and soulful comedy among the best anime of 2020. Kaguya Shinomiya and Shirogane Miyuki are the best students of their elite school. Everyone admires their studies and the work they do as head and deputy student councilor. They always remain cool and smart, and have only professional feelings in relation to each other. Well, at least they pretend it is.


Actually, Shinomiya and Shirogane are madly in love with each other, but each of them is too proud to tell about it. After all, the one who is the first to talk about his feelings, in their opinion, in a relationship will obey the second. Therefore, everyone decides to follow the path of war and force the second to confess first. It's a hilarious anime with cute characters that you never get tired of watching.

Fruits Basket

A fantastic remake of an old anime that tells the story of an orphan named Tohru Honda. She settles to live with the Soma family. However, the family is cursed, and every time one of its members is hugged by a person of the opposite sex, he turns into one of the beasts of the Chinese zodiac sign. The Torah teaches Somu family members the kindness and compassion that are so lacking under the roof of their home.


The remake is not just a nice tribute to nostalgia, it follows the original manga 100% and, unlike the original 2001 anime, completes the story.


A strange anime by Konihiko Ikuhara that once again takes an insane concept and develops it. Three boys turn into kappas - mythological creatures similar to frogs. They must defeat the zombies by connecting together to pull out the Sirikodama, the human spiritual organ, through their ass.


Each time they connect, they all discover a new secret about one of the boys. This happens until the walls collapse between them, and they all do not recognize each other's true intentions. Read more about anime here

Dr. Stone

This adaptation of the incredibly successful manga by Riichiro Inagaki is about a mad young scientist who must save the world after everyone in it turned to stone almost four thousand years ago.


The two main characters come to their senses, and begin using the most primitive technologies to create a civilization from scratch. As new factions and technologies appear, intrigues a la Game of Thrones begin in the world.

The combination of pseudoscientific innovation, warring factions trying to rebuild the world, and gorgeous animation from TMS Entertainment make it one of the most worthy titles this year.

Carole and Tuesday

"Carol and Tuesday" tells the story of two girls living on a Martian colony. They are completely from different backgrounds, but the two of them are united by music.


This is Bones studio's second work this year and is incredibly touching. The songs that sound in this anime seem to add a bit of magic to it. The way girls learn to make music together in a world where artificial intelligence writes it is amazing.


The story tells about a guy whose father made an agreement with 12 demons, wishing power. In return, they took one body part from his unborn son. The boy was born without some organs, limbs, eyes and skin. The father refuses it and throws it away. However, the boy survives. He is found by an artificial limb master and saved by making prostheses for him.


A youngster can sense spiritual energy, including demons. When he grows up, he sets out on a journey to take revenge on the demons, and return his organs. He meets the thief Dororo, who goes with him. This anime is a real down-to-earth dark fantasy that talks about war and demons. Dororo is basically one of the best anime about samurai and ronin in the past few years.

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is an anime about Vikings. Literally. We follow a young Viking named Thorfinn, based on a real person. He travels through the harsh Scandinavian expanses and waters of the Atlantic, trying to grow stronger and avenge his father's death while working for his killer.


Anime's unique approach makes it very close to realism. The title reveals complex human feelings as characters go through violence and decline. This adaptation of Makoto Yakimura's manga is arguably the best anime of 2020.

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