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Review of the flagship smartphone HUAWEI P40 Pro +


Many electronics manufacturers have already realized that the quality of modern mobile photography depends not only on software algorithms, but also on the technical equipment of the device. HUAWEI has long been raising the level of technical capabilities of its devices in parallel with improving the functionality of smartphones cameras. A device from the P-line has recently been launched into a series, equipped with a periscope module with 10x optical zoom, optical stabilization and a Leica lens. It comes in two models. The more expensive one has a number of advantages, which we will discuss below.

Ceramic panel and cool screen

Smartphone HUAWEI P40 Pro + already at the first acquaintance attracts attention with the presence of a ceramic back panel and a solid weight of the structure. Another feature is the presence of slopes in the glass of the screen in the area of the edges and ends. This did not prevent the manufacturer from making the bezels thin and the margins from the edges of the OLED screen minimal.


The corners of the device are well rounded, which made it possible to obtain a large usable display area. It is equipped with HDR10 support, 90 Hz refresh rate, making any animation smooth. There is also a flicker reduction mode at low brightness. Therefore, fans of games and viewing video content will surely appreciate all the functionality.

For lovers of photography and ordinary users

The more expensive version of the HUAWEI P40 Pro + received a set of five main camera sensors. The main one has a resolution of 50 megapixels. The super wide-angle module is 40-megapixel here. There is also a TOF sensor designed to create a bokeh effect and two zoom units: with 3x optical zoom and 10x, based on the periscope system.


Using the first one, it is possible to get good quality photographs, for example, of a person from a distance of several meters, and the second one allows you to capture in detail a bridge located several kilometers away.

Here we are talking only about the "honest" optical zoom. Additionally, there is the possibility of shooting with 20x zoom and even 100x. However, this will be accompanied by digital noise and noticeable loss of detail.

A nice bonus is the ability to use the zoom even when shooting at night.

All HUAWEI P40 Pro + pentacamera modules work efficiently. Any lens allows you to get decent shots in a variety of conditions. Most of the photographs show the naturalness of colors, without exaggeration in the form of effects like "plasticine" or "watercolors".

As for video shooting, it is available in 4K at 60 fps with optical and digital stabilization working. Super slow motion with 7680 fps and much more is also supported.

Access security functions

In most middle-class smartphones equipped with face unlocking functionality, a warning about a low security level of the method pops up during initial setup. In the case of the HUAWEI P40 Pro +, things are different.

The device received an infrared sensor capable of high-quality scanning of all the nuances of the user's physiognomy. You cannot use a photo or anything else to unlock.

Another plus is the ability to use this method of gaining access to the device at night. The system does not need a light source, you can even cover the screen with your hand. A smart sensor in total darkness can do its job.

The fingerprint scanner also shows itself at its best. It works smartly, without misfires. It is better to use both functions for increased security. The program allows you to enable them at the same time.

Good communication skills

HUAWEI P40 Pro + supports fifth generation networks, but this ability is not yet in demand in our country. In addition, the device is equipped with an NFC module. You can pay for purchases quickly and without using cash or credit cards.

The device can work over Wi-Fi 6+ with a channel width of up to 160 MHz, through HUAWEI Share technology it can interface with new models of HUAWEI laptops. All you need to do is enable NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Performance and autonomy

The novelty of the Chinese company is equipped with a 7-nanometer Kirin 990 5G processor. After a series of tests, it became clear that it is more productive than the Snapdragon 855, but slightly inferior to its Plus version.

Experts have already made conclusions on this matter. They believe that even the available performance will not be needed by most users completely. Its reserves will last for another one and a half to two years.


This is due to the GPU Turbo feature, which helps prevent fps drops by optimizing graphics processing.

The first users have already appreciated the high-quality graphics of the HUAWEI P40 Pro +, which encourages you not to turn off your smartphone for a long time. He received a 4200 mAh battery. This is an average figure, but the presence of a number of special programs and an optimized processor allows you to use the device all day long.

It takes less than an hour to charge it (from 0 to 100%). It is also possible to use a wireless method of energy recovery.


The HUAWEI P40 Pro + smartphone is a flagship in every sense. In terms of shooting capabilities, there are few devices equal to it. The performance capabilities are also sufficient here, the interface is clear, the design is modern. Therefore, the new product will suit most of the target audience of Chinese developers.

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